"Welcome, gentle beings. It is but a short scenic ride to The Lucky Twi'lek... Where all your dreams may come true."
Duros taxi driver[src]

The Lucky Twi'lek was a casino located in the canyons of the Colonies planet Kestavel in 19 BBY. It was run by former Jedi Master Kai Hudorra. Large holograms of two scantily clad Twi'lek females were projected over the entrance. In order to attract potential customers, Aurebesh signage outside the club promised "free drinks". Other signs read "love" and "win". The casino also offered luxurious rooms as accommodation.

It was also the site of the attempted assassination of Darth Vader. As Darth Vader approached the building with a squad of stormtroopers, engine fuel was released and flooded the bridge, with a lighter being thrown down, causing a massive blaze that led Gregg to believe that Vader had been killed.