The Making of Star Wars Revenge of the Sith is a book written by Jonathan W. Rinzler that covers the creation of Revenge of the Sith. Its content is divided into three sections: preproduction, principal photography, and digital shot production.


Publisher's summary[]

"This is it–the climax of the greatest science fiction movie epic of all time, and Star Wars fans can venture behind the scenes for all the fascinating details. From the first story discussions to the final stages of post-production, The Making of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith is an exclusive, unprecedented look at the crafting of the most anticipated and perhaps the most important Star Wars film ever.

Packed with hundreds of never-before-seen photos and interviews with the visual-effects teams, cast, and crew–including writer/director George Lucas and producer Rick McCallum–this outstanding volume offers a rare insider's look at the complete creative process. Granted unprecedented access to all those involved at every stage of the film–from Skywalker Ranch to the sets at Fox Studios, Australia–author and Lucasfilm senior editor J. W. Rinzler captures in riveting detail the intense drama and cliffhangers that occurred as production worked day and night for three years to bring their monumental undertaking to conclusion. Readers will uncover

  • details on how the art and animatics departments teamed up with ILM to create the spectacular opening sequence, perhaps the greatest Star Wars space battle ever produced
  • revelations on the genesis of archvillain General Grievous within the Episode III art department
  • accounts of how George Lucas and Rick McCallum reached critical decisions in often pressure-laden situations
  • exclusive interviews with Hayden Christensen and Ewan McGregor on how they prepared for their thrilling lightsaber duel as Anakin and Obi-Wan
  • an eyewitness account of the reappearance of Darth Vader on the set in Sydney, Australia

Finally, there's the film editing–Lucas's favorite part of the moviemaking process. This portrait of the legendary director captures the down-to-the-wire tension encountered in getting to the final cut. Fueled by his imagination and his beginnings as a documentary filmmaker, Lucas makes films the way some painters create canvases, building layer upon layer in each frame of the film. And this book takes the reader along for the ride."


Part I: Preproduction[]

The Shadow Citadel of Creation

  • Chapter 1: Seven Planets for Seven Battles
  • Chapter 2: "Wouldn't It Be Cool If...?"
  • Chapter 3: The Rise and Fall of Darth Vader

Part II: Principal Photgraphy[]

The Moviemakers of Oz

  • Chapter 4: Shooting a Foundation
  • Chapter 5: Return of the Emperor
  • Chapter 6: The Last Setup

Part III: Digital Shot Production[]

A Symphony Is Born

  • Chapter 7: Directing on Three Fronts
  • Chapter 8: A Diamond in the Rough
  • Chapter 9: Revenge Rashomon-Style
  • Creating the Visual Script
  • Acknowledgments
  • Index

The Final Chapter[]

  • Chapter 10: The Saga Is Now Complete (eBook)



It has been speculated that R2-D2 may have related the tale of the Skywalkers to a Shaman of the Whills some one hundred years after the fall of the Empire, around 104 ABY. This theory is based on a single comment from George Lucas which is mentioned on page 72 of The Making of Star Wars Revenge of the Sith: "George remarks to Rob Coleman that the story of Star Wars is actually recounted by R2-D2... one hundred years after Return of the Jedi."


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