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"You need to drop your rifle."
"I'm a Mandalorian. Weapons are part of my religion."
―Kuiil and "the Mandalorian"[src]

"The Mandalorian," also known as "Mando" for short, was the alias of a human male Mandalorian bounty hunter during the New Republic Era. With his beskar armor and distinctive mask, the Mandalorian was both well-equipped and enigmatic—a stranger whose past was shrouded in mystery. He was a battle-hardened warrior, a man of few words, and a formidable mercenary in an increasingly dangerous galaxy.

After the fall of the Galactic Empire, the Mandalorian made a name for himself as a member of the Bounty Hunters' Guild, collecting bounties as he traveled across the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories—far from the authority of the New Republic—in his personal starship, the Razor Crest. Around 9 ABY, the Mandalorian was hired by a client who offered a substantial reward for the acquisition of an asset located on the planet Arvala-7.


Early lifeEdit

"This [beskar] is extremely generous. The excess will sponsor many Foundlings."
"That's good. I was once a Foundling."
"I know."
―A Mandalorian armorer and "the Mandalorian" — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]
The Mandalorian Child

As a child, "the Mandalorian" survived an attack by Separatist battle droids.

The child that was eventually known as "the Mandalorian" was caught in the crossfire of an attack by Separatist battle droids. His parents hid him under a hatch and were killed in an explosion shortly after. The hatch was then opened by a B2 super battle droid, which attempted to fire on the child.[3] The child ultimately survived the assault, and was taken in by the Mandalorians, who took care of him.[4] He eventually joined the Tribe as a Foundling and acquired Mandalorian armor.[1] Once he had received his helmet, he ceased to take it off in front of anyone else otherwise he could never put it back on.[4]

The Mandalorian worked as a mercenary and bounty hunter in the years following the fall of the Galactic Empire. The Razor Crest, a military patrol starship that predated the Imperial Era, served as his personal transport. During the rise of the New Republic, the Mandalorian traveled across the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories—beyond Republic authority—collecting bounties as a member of the Bounty Hunters' Guild. In that time, he developed a reputation for being an expensive,[1] yet formidable bounty hunter in an increasingly dangerous galaxy.[2]

At some point, the Mandalorian had worked alongside mercenaries Ranzar Malk, Xi'an, and Qin. One such mission was led on planet Alzoc III. At some point during his time working with this team, actions by the Mandalorian led to a falling out between the group, as well as the capture of Qin.[5]

Guild workEdit

Hunting a MythrolEdit

"There must be some mistake. I can get you more credits."
"I can bring you in warm…or I can bring you in cold."
―"The Mythrol" and "the Mandalorian"[src]

The Mandalorian, who was once a Foundling, grew up to become a bounty hunter.

By 9 ABY, the Mandalorian tracked one of his bounties, a Mythrol, to a bar on an ice planet. The Mythrol was being harassed by three trawlers when the Mandalorian entered the bar, drawing the their attention away from his target. The bartender attempted to defuse the situation, but the Mandalorian surprised the trio by attacking first, incapacitating one trawler and impaling another with his blade. When the third trawler, a Quarren, attempted to escape the bar, the Mandalorian used a grappling wire to pull him back towards him and shot the controls for the door, allowing it to close on the Quarren and cut him in half. The Mythrol, who was initially grateful for the intervention, soon realized he was the Mandalorian's target and surrendered himself.[1]

Mandalorian took the Mythrol back towards the Razor Crest. When approaching a Kubaz ferryman about transport, he refused to attempt transport driven by a droid and accepted a much less luxurious speeder with a human speeder pilot. The pilot drove the Mandalorian and the Mythrol to the Razor Crest. After it left them, though, it was attacked by a Ravinak that pulled the speeder under the ice. The Mandalorian pulled the Mythrol out of the way of the beast and they boarded the Razor Crest to take off. Although the Ravinak tried to keep the gunship from taking off, the Mandalorian stunned it to allow his ship to escape. He allowed the Mythrol to use the Razor Crest's vacc tube. When the Mythrol discovered several of the Mandalorian's bounties frozen in carbonite, he was grabbed by the bounty hunter and subsequently frozen in carbonite himself.[1]

The New JobEdit

"I have a camtono of Beskar waiting for you upon the delivery of the asset."
―"The Client," to "the Mandalorian" — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]
The Client standoff

Seeking a more substantial reward, the Mandalorian agreed to capture an "asset" for his Imperial client.

Upon returning from the Mythrol job, the Mandalorian returned to the Guild on Nevarro to receive his payment from Greef Karga, who was surprised at how quick he had captured all his bounties. When the Mandalorian refused Imperial credits, Karga offered Calamari Flan instead at half the value, which the Mandalorian accepted. When they discussed the Mandalorian's next job, the bounty hunter was unsatisfied at the value of the bounties, but Karga then offered him an "off the books" job, giving only the chain code.[1]

The Mandalorian proceeded to the location of the client, arriving at a facility guarded at the door by a TT-8L/Y7 gatekeeper droid. After entering, he was led by a GNK power droid into a room with "the Client," who was part of a remnant of the Old Empire, and four weathered stormtroopers. The Client told the Mandalorian that Karga had called him the best in the parsec. As he said this, his scientist, Doctor Pershing, entered the room, startling the Mandalorian and prompting him to draw his weapons. The stormtroopers aimed their own blaster rifles at him until the Client ended the standoff by signalling them to put the blasters down.[1]

The client wished the Mandalorian to acquire the "asset" in exchange for a camtono of Beskar, giving the bounty hunter an ingot of Beskar as a down payment. While the Client did not care for the asset's fate, Pershing wished for it to be returned alive. The only information that the Client could share with the Mandalorian was the age of the asset (fifty years old), and last known location, along with a tracking fob.[1]

Before departing to Arvala-7, the Mandalorian visited an armorer at the Mandalorian enclave, paying her to make him a pauldron from Beskar steel he provided. She told him it was gathered during the Great Purge and that it was good it was back with the Tribe. When the armorer said that the excess would sponsor many foundlings, the Mandalorian recounted that he had been one. As she made the pauldron, he was reminded of his experience of the Separatist attack from his childhood.[1]

Finding the ChildEdit

"Wait. They said fifty years old."
"Some species age differently to others. Perhaps it could live many centuries."
―"The Mandalorian" and IG-11[src]
The Mandalorian and the Asset

The Mandalorian chose to spare the asset's life after realizing it was a child.

The Mandalorian traveled to Arvala-7 to find the asset. There, he was attacked by a pair of Blurrgs. The Ugnaught moisture farmer Kuiil rescued him from them and took him back to his moisture farm. There they discussed the Mandalorian's job. Kuiil offered to guide him to the mercenary compound where the asset was being kept in return for one of the two Blurrgs the bounty hunter had fought. He told the Mandalorian he would need the other Blurrg to reach the asset. Kuiil taught him to tame it and guided the bounty hunter to the asset's location in the hope that the ensuing battle would lead to the deaths of the mercenaries whose presence disrupted the peace on Arvala-7.[1]

After Kuiil departed, the Mandalorian spied on the mercenary compound from afar. He spotted the assassin droid IG-11, who was also from the Guild, approaching the compound. After trying to negotiate with the company of Nikto mercenaries, stating a paragraph from the Bondsman Guild Protocol, he began to dispatch them one by one. The Mandalorian, arrived and tried to partner with IG-11. Although the droid shot him at first, thinking he was an enemy, he agreed to split the pay for the asset. However, they were both attacked by more Nikto mercenaries, who soon pinned them down. The Mandalorian repeatedly tried to stop IG-11 from initiating his self-destruct mechanism and used him as a distraction to hijack a blaster cannon, utilizing this to kill the rest of the mercenaries.[1]

After the Mandalorian and IG-11 used the cannon to break through a door, they entered the building with the asset inside, shooting a Nikto as they walked in. Upon finding the asset, unbeknownst to him at the time that he accepted the bounty, the pair discovered that it was, in fact, an infant and a member of the same species as the former Jedi Grand Master Yoda, which aged differently than other species. IG-11 said the commission was quite specific and that the Child was to be terminated. However, the Mandalorian destroyed IG-11 as he raised his gun, shooting the droid before he was able to fulfill its mission, protecting the young creature.[1]

Conflict with JawasEdit

"I could use a crew member of your ability."
―"The Mandalorian," to Kuiil[src]

Kuiil provided invaluable aid to the Mandalorian, earning the bounty hunter's respect and gratitude.

Following the skirmish, the Mandalorian escorted the Child until he was attacked by a trio of Trandoshans. After knocking one to the ground unconscious, he stunned the second before disintegrating the third with his amban sniper rifle as it ran towards the Child. He noticed that it had been carrying a tracking fob, indicating that it was from the Guild as well. That night, while the Mandalorian sat by a fire, the Child climbed from his crib and attempted to use the Force to heal one of the bounty hunter's wounds. The Mandalorian, unaware of what the Child was doing, put him back into his crib.[6]

As the Mandalorian approached the Razor Crest the next day, he discovered from afar that a group of Jawas had scavenged his ship for parts. He quickly pulled out his rifle and disintegrated a number of Jawas as the rest fled inside their sandcrawler. He then chased the sandcrawler, scaling the transport and fighting through several Jawas before being stunned by them, falling back onto the ground. After returning to his half-ship, he decided to reach out to Kuiil for help. The Ugnaught suggested that they trade with the Jawas for the parts. After approaching them, the Jawas requested his Beskar armor, to which the Mandalorian refused in Jawaese. His usage of the language was mocked, which angered him. He then used his flamethrower to scare the Jawas, before being stopped by Kuiil. He also refused when they requested the Child for trade.[6]

After exhausting all other options, the Jawas requested the egg of a Mudhorn. The Mandalorian was then transported to its lair alongside the Child. He entered the cave and battled the Mudhorn but was brutally battered. The Child then lifted it with the Force, and the Mandalorian killed it when it dropped to the ground. Claiming the Mudhorn egg, he returned to the Jawas, who began feasting on the inner contents of it. After successfully trading for the parts, the Mandalorian returned to the Razor Crest with Kuiil, struggling to understand the Mandalorian's explanation of the Child's Force powers on the way. He and Kuiil repaired the ship with Kuiil's and he thanked the Ugnaught, offering him to join his crew. Kuiil refused, wishing to keep a life away from servitude, and stayed behind. With the Child in hand, the Mandalorian set off to complete the bounty he was given.[6]

The winner's spoilsEdit

"What are your plans for it?"
"How uncharacteristic of one of your reputation. You have taken both commission and payment. Is it not the code of the Guild that these events are now forgotten?"
―"The Mandalorian" and "the Client"[src]
Armorer Tribe The Mandalorian

Paz Vizla, a member of the Tribe, disapproved of the Mandalorian's dealings with the former Galactic Empire.

Upon returning to Nevarro to turn in the bounty, he contacted Karga, who told him to take the child directly to The Client. Thus the Mandalorian returned to the Imperial remnant facility, with the Child. When he told the remnant stormtroopers to be easy with the Child, they told him to take it easy. The Client and Pershing were very excited upon the Child's arrival, and the Mandalorian received the camtono of beskar as promised. When he asked what the plans were for the child, the Client questioned his inquiry and the Mandalorian could only watch as Pershing led it away.[3]

Taking his reward to the enclave, the Mandalorian caught the attention of the other members of the Tribe. When asking the armorer for a full set of beskar armor several other Mandalorians arrived. One of them, named Paz Vizla inspected one of the beskar bricks, calling it blood money and accusing the Mandalorian of being a coward for taking a job for Imperials. He then tried to take the bounty hunter's helmet off, causing him to fight back. The two fought and drew blades on each other. The armorer, though, denounced the possibility of the Mandalorian being a coward and asked if he or someone else had removed his helmet. When the bounty hunter denied this, she said "This is the way", being echoed by the other Mandalorians. The Mandalorian asked her to reserve some beskar for the foundlings, and she used the rest to create nearly a full set of armor for him. As she did this, he was once again reminded of the Separatist attack. When the armorer asked if the Mandalorian wanted a mudhorn as his signet, he declined, claiming he had help from "the enemy." She instead gave him some whistling birds.[3]

The Mandalorian went to Karga to receive his next job. The rest of the Guild looked at him in jealousy as he approached Karga, who was very happy to have received some beskar of his own from the Client thanks to the Mandalorian's job. When he asked the Mandalorian how he could show his gratitude, the bounty hunter asked for another job. Karga gave him some bounty pucks, the most valuable showing the son of a Mon Calamari nobleman. When the Mandalorian asked of the fate of the Child, Karga reminded him that it was against the Bounty Hunter Code to ask that and told him to enjoy himself.[3]

A change of heartEdit

"Welcome back, Mando. You put the bounty down and perhaps I'll let you pass."
"The kid's coming with me."
"If you truly care about the kid then you'll put it on the speeder."
―Greef Karga and "the Mandalorian"[src]
Bounty Hunters Surround The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian was confronted by the Bounty Hunters' Guild while attempting to save the Child.

The Mandalorian returned to the Razor Crest to begin hunting his next targets. However, when he attempted to take off, he was reminded of the Child and decided to instead take him back from the Imperial remnant. Returning to the facility, he ripped off the gatekeeper droid and killed the two stormtroopers that came out to find out what had happened. Entering the building, he proceeded to kill another pair of stormtroopers which were surveying a hallway, and a third that came out to aid the unlucky pair. After using a knife and a grappling wire to kill an additional trooper, the Mandalorian entered the room with the Child, killed the guard and destroyed the IT-O Interrogation Unit that loomed above the sedated Child. Pershing tried to protect the Child claiming that he would be dead if it was not for him, and pleaded to let the Child live. The Mandalorian left him alive and took the Child away.[3]

Making his way out of the facility, the Mandalorian killed more stormtroopers that attempted to stop him, burning one to death with his flamethrower. When four more surrounded him, he used whistling birds to kill them. Leaving the facility, the Mandalorian began to make his way back to the Razor Crest. The bounty hunters, however, had realized their tracking fobs were tracing the Child again and surrounded the Mandalorian in the street. Karga told him to put down the Child on a speeder and offered to negotiate, but the bounty hunter insisted that "the kid" was coming with him. The Mandalorian shot one of the other bounty hunters and jumped into the speeder with the Child. The Mandalorian threatened the droid in the speeder into driving them away from the bounty hunters, shooting some of them down in the process.[3]

Karga shot the droid, causing the speeder to stop. Using his Amban rifle, the Mandalorian began disintegrating several bounty hunters. However, their numbers overwhelmed him, and he was pinned inside the speeder, trying to shield the Child with his body from oncoming fire. To the bounty hunters' surprise, they were suddenly attacked by Mandalorians from the Tribe, who forced them back from the speeder as more of them were killed. Paz Vizla told the Mandalorian to get out of there. The bounty hunter told Vizla the Tribe would now need to relocate, to which he replied "This is the way," which the Mandalorian iterated back. Retreating to the Razor Crest with the Child, he was confronted by Karga. The Mandalorian, though, used carbonite gas to blind his adversary and he shot him off the boarding ramp. Flying away from the fight, the Mandalorian saw Vizla follow beside the Razor Crest and salute him before returning to the others.[3]

On the runEdit

Searching for sanctuaryEdit

"Sorgan. Looks like there's no star port, no industrial centers, no population density. Real backwater skug hole."
―The Mandalorian[src]

Following his escape with the Child, the Mandalorian had deemed the planet Sorgan a suitable place to hide while the search for him and the Child wore down. After arriving on the planet, he attempted to leave the Child on the Razor Crest while he searched for lodging. Seemingly unable to understand the Mandalorian, the Child had followed regardless. The duo soon reached a small settlement where the Mandalorian intended to search for information on where the two could possibly lay low. Having noticed former rebel shock trooper Cara Dune, the Mandalorian began to inquire to the proprietor of the common house regarding Dune's past and intentions.[4]

Sorgan Bar The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian speaks to Cara Dune at the common house with the Child.

After the proprietor responded with little information, the Mandalorian soon began to trail Dune after she left. Dune soon ambushed him, believing him to have been hunting for her, and the ensuing fight led to a draw, which was soon after interrupted by the curious Child. Following this, the two sat to speak to each other regarding their respective intentions; during this time Dune revealed she was attempting to find sanctuary from a bounty placed on her. Shortly after, Dune left, asking the Mandalorian to leave as she had arrived to Sorgan first. The Mandalorian remarked to the Child that the planet had already been "taken" as a result.[4]

As the Mandalorian prepared to leave Sorgan, villagers Caben and Stoke encountered him. They pleaded that he help defend their village from a group of Klatooinian raiders, offering funds that the entirety of their village had accumulated. The Mandalorian initially refused, though later accepted upon learning the village was remote and had available lodging. He still accepted the credits, and gave them to Dune in return for her aid in protecting the village.[4]

Upon arriving to the village, the Mandalorian was shown to his lodging by villager Omera. Later that same day, Omera provided food to the Mandalorian, who reluctantly allowed Omera's daughter, Winta, to feed and play with the Child. Omera proceeded to ask the Mandalorian when someone had last seen his face; he remarked that he had been not much older than the village children. After Omera departed, the Mandalorian watched the village children play with the Child as he ate.[4]

Defending the villageEdit

"Take the bait you hunk of junk!"
―The Mandalorian[src]

While scouting to find the Klatooinian tribe, the Mandalorian and Dune encountered tracks that revealed the tribe had possession of an AT-ST. The two soon after returned to the village, demanding that the villagers leave and find somewhere safer to live, believing the AT-ST Raider too dangerous to fight against. After the villagers met with outcry, as well as refusal, the Mandalorian and Dune eventually agreed to train the villagers to fight against the tribe. As both Dune and the Mandalorian helped to train the villagers, they also instructed them to create traps and barricades meant to hinder and destroy the AT-ST.[4]

Later, at nightfall, the Mandalorian and Dune departed to the Klatooinian encampment in an attempt to draw the AT-ST to the village. The two escaped after detonating a tent within the encampment, the AT-ST in pursuit. Shortly afterwards, they arrived to the village, and ordered the villagers to prepare their defenses. As the Klatooinian raiders assaulted the village, the Mandalorian helped to hold the defenses. He later allowed Dune to use his rifle to draw the AT-ST into the intended trap. After the walker's collapse, he destroyed its remains with a thermal detonator. The remaining Klatooinian raiders retreated soon after.[4]

Cara Dune Village The Mandalorian

Cara Dune suggested to the Mandalorian that he could stay at the village.

Having now been at the village for a few weeks, the Mandalorian prepared to depart. He expressed to Dune his intent to leave the Child in the village, believing that life with a bounty hunter would be too dangerous for the infant. Dune facetiously expressed that the Mandalorian could instead choose to remain in the village, and settle with Omera to raise the Child.[4]

As the Mandalorian was about to leave, a bounty hunter reached the outskirts of the village, and began to aim his sights on the Mandalorian. During a conversation with Omera, who tried to remove the Mandalorian's helmet but was stopped, the unidentified hunter changed his sights to the Child instead. The hunter was killed by Dune before pulling the trigger, alerting the Mandalorian to his presence as well. The Mandalorian concluded that the bounty hunter had been tracking the Child, not the Mandalorian himself, and more hunters would come for it. He later departed Sorgan alongside the Child, also parting ways with Dune.[4]

Hunted by Riot MarEdit

"Hand over the child, Mando."
―Riot Mar, to the Mandalorian[src]
Riot Mar Ship

Riot Mar pursued the Razor Crest in his starship.

After leaving the village with the Child, the Mandalorian was attacked by Riot Mar, who demanded the Mandalorian give the child to him. After Mar told the Mandalorian he could "bring him in warm" or he could "bring him in cold", the Mandalorian flew behind the fighter and destroyed it, annoyed that the bounty hunter had used his line.[7]

Landing on TatooineEdit

"You damage one of my droids, you'll pay for it."
"Just keep them away from my ship."
Peli Motto and the Mandalorian[src]

Needing to repair his ship, the Mandalorian sought out repairs on Tatooine, where he received a transmission from the Mos Eisley tower telling him to head to bay three-five. After landing, the Mandalorian let the Child to sleep in a compartment of his ship. A trio of pit droids attempted to repair the ship, to which the Mandalorian shot at one. This action was met with frustration by Peli Motto, the engineer who managed the bay and owned the droids. The Mandalorian paid a reluctant Motto five hundred credits to repair the Razor Crest, without droid assistance, as he left to search for work.[7]

The Mandalorian later went into a local cantina, where he requested work from a droid bartender maintaining the cantina. The droid stated that the Guild no longer operated from Tatooine, and even after the Mandalorian clarified that he was no longer with the Guild, the droid still replied that no work was available. The Mandalorian was then greeted by rookie bounty hunter Toro Calican, who stated that he had a job the Mandalorian could help him with. The Mandalorian initially refused due to the bounty, Fennec Shand's, dangerous reputation. The Mandalorian later accepted the job when offered all credits, as well as further pleading from Calican.[7]

During a brief return to bay three-five, the Mandalorian was scolded by Motto for leaving the Child on the Razor Crest. Afterwards, he departed to hunt for Shand with Calican.[7]

The hunt for Fennec ShandEdit

"Fennec Shand is an elite mercenary. She made her name killing for all the top crime syndicates, including the Hutts. If you go after her, you won't make it past sunrise."
―The Mandalorian warns Toro Calican of Fennec Shand's reputation[src]
Calican Bike The Mandalorian

Toro Calican and the Mandalorian hunted down Fennec Shand.

As the Mandalorian passed through the Dune Sea with Calican, the trip was halted by an encounter with a group of Tusken Raiders. The Mandalorian negotiated with the Tusken Raiders utilizing sign language, and gave them Calican's binoculars as payment for passage through their land.[7]

As they continued the hunt, Calican and the Mandalorian came across a stray Dewback carrying its dead rider. As the Mandalorian inspected it closer, he discovered via the tracking fob on the corpse that Shand was nearby. While retreating to cover, he was shot in the chest by Shand, though he survived due to his Beskar armor. Upon returning to Calican's position, he suggested that they wait until nightfall to capture Shand.[7]

Upon nightfall, the two hunters began travelling towards Shand's position, launching flash grenade charges to blind her scopes. When Calican accidentally misfired a charge, Shand targeted the nose of the Mandalorian's speeder bike, causing him to be launched forward onto the ground. As Shand attempted to target the Mandalorian directly, she was caught by Calican, who soon began to fight with her. The Mandalorian interrupted the fight, demanding Shand to put a pair of stuncuffs on herself. As both he and Calican escorted Shand to the remaining speeder, the Mandalorian left to look for the stray dewback while Calican kept watch over Shand.[7]

Calican's betrayalEdit

"Bringing you in won't just make me a member of the Guild, it'll make me legendary."
―Calican to the Mandalorian[src]

During the Mandalorian's absence, Calican learned from Shand that the Mandalorian had been responsible for betraying the Hunter's Guild on Nevarro. Calican, out of motivation to gain notoriety from the Hunter's Guild, then murdered Shand and left to kidnap both Motto and the Child. Upon the Mandalorian's return to Calican's former position, he discovered Shand's corpse, with Calican and the speeder bike both absent. The Mandalorian returned to bay three-five to face Calican.[7]

Calican Death The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian killed Calican after his betrayal.

Upon his return to bay three-five, Calican demanded that the Mandalorian surrender himself. As the Mandalorian feigned concession, holding a flash charge in his hand, Calican ordered Motto to place a pair of stuncuffs on the Mandalorian. The Mandalorian activated the charge, and in the frenzy, shot and killed Calican. He then paid Motto more credits acquired from the rookie's body to cover the repairs, and left Tatooine with the Child in tow.[7]

Finding workEdit

Some time after the hunt on Tatooine, the Mandalorian landed the Razor Crest in the hangar of a space station owned by Ranzar Malk. The Mandalorian exited the Razor Crest, and was greeted by Malk, who expressed surprise about the Mandalorian's actions as of late. While conversing, Malk explained that the Mandalorian was hired to assist four other crew members in rescuing another of their associates from prison. The Mandalorian initially protested upon learning he was only hired for use of his ship.[5]

After this discussion, the Mandalorian was introduced to the human male, Mayfeld, who would be in charge of the operation. The others on the misson were Devaronian male, Burg; Twi'lek female, Xi'an - the latter of whom the Mandalorian had worked with in the past - and droid Q9-0 - also known as "Zero". The Mandalorian grew frustrated with the crew, a frustration that only increased upon his learning that Zero would be piloting the Razor Crest.[5]

During a briefing on the mission, the Mandalorian learned that the prison ship they would be infiltrating was of New Republic allegiance, which he met with protest. Xi'an attempted to appeal to his droidophobia, stating that all the guards on-ship were droids. Upon learning that the Razor Crest would be piloted into a near-impossible maneuver in order to avoid scanners, the Mandalorian expressed his distrust of Zero, to which Malk replied that he "doesn't trust anyone."[5]

While in hyperspace, the Mandalorian confronted the other crew members, who had been running through the things on his ship. After a brief standoff with Burg, quelled by Mayfeld, the Mandalorian was made more uncomfortable when Xi'an brought up the mission from Alzoc III. The Mandalorian became standoffish when the group speculated what the Mandalorian looked like under his helmet. Before exiting hyperspace, the group discovered the Child inside a nearby compartment, at which Mayfeld held the Child to the Mandalorian's protest.[5]

Infiltrating the prison shipEdit

The exit from hyperspace was harsh, as Zero provided no warning to the exit. This caused the crew members to fall, as well as Mayfeld to drop the Child. The Mandalorian quickly picked up the child and let him rest inside his compartment, closing it. The group entered the prison ship through a hatch on the Razor Crest, and began to search for the prisoner.[5]

While in the ship, the group encountered a squad of security droids, and while in combat with them, they assumed the Mandalorian had abandoned them. In actuality, the Mandalorian had flanked the security droids, and began to destroy them in a surprise attack. During the fight, none of the other crew members assisted the Mandalorian, and they further frustrated him with rhetorical remarks after the fight.[5]

Upon reaching the control room, the group encounters a New Republic soldier, Davan. The Mandalorian, opposed to the other crew members' intent to kill Davan, soon entered a standoff with the others, which was cut short by Xi'an throwing a knife into the soldier's body, killing him. The group then became rushed upon learning that the soldier had still managed to activate a New Republic tracking beacon.[5]

The group encounters the prisoner's cell, discovering that the individual inside is Qin, a Twi'lek male and Xi'an's brother, with whom the Mandalorian had also worked with in the past. Qin briefly chastised the Mandalorian for abandoning him, before Burg shoves the Mandalorian into the cell, with the group abandoning him.[5]

Taking down mercenariesEdit

While trapped in the cell, the Mandalorian captured a security droid, tearing off its arm and using it to open the cell door. The Mandalorian then returned to the control room, and began locking several blast doors in the prison ship, splitting up the crew. The hunter also picked up the homing beacon that Davan had activated.[5]

The Mandalorian soon ambushed Burg, who had entered the control room. After a brief scuffle, the Mandalorian shut the control room doors on Burg, incapacitating him. He soon left the control room, and came across Xi'an, who he fought and incapacitated as well. He finally ambushed and defeated Mayfeld. At some point, the trio was forced into a cell. Upon encountering Qin, the Mandalorian was offered more money than Malk had offered him - the Mandalorian refused, and forced Qin to come with him.[5]

On the Razor Crest, the Mandalorian destroyed Zero, who was about to shoot the Child. He returned to Malk's station, with Qin in tow, and dropped Qin off. When Ranzar asked where the other crew members were, the Mandalorian responded, "No questions asked." After being paid, the Mandalorian departed, triggering the New Republic tracking beacon, which he had planted on Qin. This caused a trio of New Republic X-wings to arrive, attacking Ranzar's station.[5]

Personality and traitsEdit

"Greef Karga said you were coming."
"What else did he say?"
"He said you were the best in the parsec. […] He also said you were expensive. Very expensive."
―"The Client" and "the Mandalorian" — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]
The Mandalorian First Look

Mysterious, battle-worn and tight-lipped, the Mandalorian was a lone gunfighter and a formidable bounty hunter.

The Mandalorian was a loner of questionable although polite character, as well as a bit sarcastic.[1] His past and identity were wrapped in mystery, and he remained battle-worn and laconic as a formidable bounty hunter.[2] Despite his callous and ruthless tendencies, remaining strung-up and mostly quiet while on the job, he could be somewhat talkative around people he was at least comfortable with, even showing that he could be caring: although his client allowed for the Child to be killed, The Mandalorian refused to kill the infant and instead destroyed IG-11, the assassin droid who had been hired only for the purpose to kill the Child rather than capture it.[1] Later on, he showed his care for the Child, in searching for a place where the small alien could grow up happily.[4] Furthermore, he was close with his tribe, and had a special interest in the foundlings of the tribe, as he had been one, and so ensured they received any of his excess beskar.[1] He had a notable dislike and distrust of droids, going so far as to make clear of his 'no droids' policy to the various people he ran into.[7]

The Mandalorian was a human male with dark hair, brown eyes, and tan skin.[1]


«Is that real beskar steel?»
―A trawler, in Huttese, to "the Mandalorian"Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]

The Mandalorian was a warrior who wore a set of patchwork armor utilizing pieces from various sources. These included some traditional Mandalorian armor, likely a mix of Beskar[2] and the lighter durasteel variant used by Jango Fett, as well as various other pieces, most notably several from Imperial Shoretroopers, including a shoulder pauldron and his gauntlets. The bounty hunter was able to begin replacing some of the non-traditional armor pieces with his payment of beskar from The Client, such as the Shoretrooper shoulder pauldron he had utilized.[3]

Following the second payment of beskar by The Client for the retrieval of The Child, The Mandalorian was left with his Shoretrooper gauntlets and durasteel greaves as his only non-beskar armor pieces. The Mandalorian also used bandoliers and a cape. He wielded a blaster pistol, a long modified Amban sniper rifle and a vibro-knife in his right boot, as well as having an assortment of weapons on his ship Razor Crest. Along with his armor, the Mandalorian also wore Mandalorian vambraces that contained a whipcord launcher in the right vambrace, whistling birds in the left as well as dual flamethrowers in his left and right vambrace. His helmet was capable of tracking heat signatures, long-range audio[3] and could detect recent footprints left on the ground by using his left vambrace.[4]

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"A mysterious lone gunfighter... with a questionable moral character... and he's a badass."
―Pedro Pascal, on "the Mandalorian"[src]
The Mandalorian DF sketch

Dave Filoni's sketches of the Mandalorian

The Mandalorian is the protagonist of the Star Wars television series The Mandalorian, created by Jon Favreau. The first picture of the Mandalorian warrior was revealed on October 4, 2018.[8]

On November 13, 2018, Pedro Pascal was reported to be in negotiations to play the lead role in the series.[9] On December 12, 2018, it was officially announced that Pascal would portray the titular character of the series, "The Mandalorian".[10] To prepare for the role, Pascal watched classic Clint Eastwood Westerns and Akira Kurosawa's Samurai films. In an interview with USA Today, he said "Any time I had a question or a physical doubt about a moment, I was always like, 'What would Clint do? How would he shrug this off? How would he walk away from this?'"[11]

The name of "The Mandalorian" was revealed by Pedro Pascal in an interview conducted by ScreenSlam released on the same day as Chapter 1 of the first season, with the website spelling the name as "Dyn Jarren", although no official source has confirmed this spelling.[12]



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