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"The Mines of Graballa" is the second episode of the first season of the animated television series LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures. It is the second episode of the series overall. The episode premiered on Disney XD on June 21, 2016.[1]

Official description[]

While attempting to retrieve the Kyber Saber Crystal from an asteroid field, Rowan is captured by Graballa the Hutt[1]

Plot summary[]

Escaping the Freemaker Garage[]

Rowan and Naare look at a holo map

At the Freemaker Garage in the Wheel, Rowan is taught by Naare how to levitate a brick using the Force. He instantly uses the force to snatch her lightsaber and starts playing around with it until she takes it back and reminds him to focus. She shows him a holo map to further explain their purpose, and Rowan thinks he senses a Kyber crystal in the Belgaroth asteroid field. Kordi catches them leaving and she tells Naare that she is not taking her little brother away.

While Zander is working in the garage, Naare tries to reason with Kordi that Rowan is linked to the fate of the galaxy. Rowan attempts to reason with Naare. Naare then tries to play a mind trick on Kordi, which does not work because Kordi is not "weak-minded." An argument breaks out between the two women. While the adults are arguing, Rowan encounters Roger who asks him to taste a broth that he has just made. Rowan finds it repulsive and then convinces Roger they have to leave because of a reactor leak. While Naare reminds Kordi to remember what the Jedi have done to the galaxy, Rowan and Roger take one of Zander's Z-wings into space.

Roger apologizes for leaving Rowan's brother and sister behind but adds that as the last of the battle droids, he must be preserved at all costs. Rowan then breaks the news that the reactor leak was a lie before taking the Z-wing into hyperspace. Back at the Wheel, Kordi angrily tells Naare not to pull her Force tricks onto her. Enraged, Naare smashes a container box, prompting Zander to end his repairs. When Zander asks Rowan what he broke, Kordi corrects him that Naare had a little tantrum. Naare apologizes for her "unJedi"-like behavior and then discovers that Rowan has gone. Zander then realizes that Rowan has taken one of his Z-wings. Kordi also discovers that Roger has gone.

Zander and Kordi travel to the Belgaroth asteroid field in the StarScavenger with Naare accompanying them in the Eclipse Fighter. When Kordi loudly rants on the intercom that a "crackpot" has filled her younger brother's head with nonsense, Naare reminds her that her comlink is active. The two ships then jump into hyperspace. Meanwhile, Rowan and Roger fly their Z-wing through the asteroid field. Roger suffers a panic attack and accuses Rowan of hating him. Rowan tells him to call down before suddenly entering a trance. He senses that the Kyber Saber crystal is calling out to him.

Finding the Kyber crystal[]

Rowan and Roger thank a mining droid

Rowan flies the Z-wing into a Hutt mining facility on an asteroid. Roger tells him that they are not the only ones there and that they should go. Rowan lands the Z-wing inside the mine and tells a reluctant Roger to follow him. Rowan tells him that his plan is to go into the mine, steal the crystal, and then leap into hyperspace. Rowan enters into a trance and navigates his way through a large crushing machine with Roger following behind. In his trance, Rowan lets a large mining droid carry him with Roger hitching a ride on the droid and imploring the boy to snap out of it.

Rowan then travels onto a conveyor belt which leads to a vat of lava. Rowan finds the crystal locked in a rock over the vat. Upon finding the crystal, he awakes and tries to hold onto the crystal and rock. Rowan loses his grip but is saved from a fiery death by a mining droid that Roger has befriend. The mining droid then flies them back to the entrance of the mining facility with Roger thanking the droid DLC-13 for his ride. As they enter the tunnel, Rowan tells Roger that he found the second Kyber Saber crystal. Before they can return to their ship, they run into a pair of Iktotchi bounty hunters, Baash and Raam.

Meanwhile, Zander and Kordi use the StarScavenger's laser cannons to blast their way into the Belgaroth asteroid field. Zander says that he likes a challenge until an asteroid dents the ship's hull. Kordi reassures her old brother that they have a "logical" Jedi with them who will use the Force to find Rowan. Responding to Kordi's taunt, Naare replies that there are nuances to how the Force works. With Naare unable to sense Rowan, they decide to look for him the "old-fashioned way."

Bounty hunters for hire[]

Baash and Raam bring Rowan and R0-GR before Graballa

Back at the mining facility, Baash and Raam ask Rowan and Roger what they are doing down here. Baash asks Rowan if they are hear to watch the mining droids blow stuff up while Raam adds that he enjoys watching stuff blow up. The two then argue about butting horns and lock horns before reconciling. Baash and Raam then ask Rowan and Roger what they were doing again. By that time, Rowan has found an Ubese helmet and claims that he and his droid are bounty hunters. Rowan claims that he is 'Grunt Boar', the most dangerous Ugnaught bounty hunter in the galaxy and that Roger is "IG-89". Despite Roger's protests, Rowan takes the opportunity to flatter the two Iktotchi about "IG-89"'s abilities. Rowan and "IG-89" are about to depart to collect some bounties when Baash and Raam convince them to come and meet their boss. Roger laments that things are going horribly wrong.

Baash and Raam take Rowan and Roger to the Hutt crime lord Graballa's starship Rancor's Fist, which lies inside the asteroid field. Aboard the ship, Graballa corresponds with his cousin Jabba via hologram. Graballa has been mining ore in the middle of a desolate asteroid field on behalf of Jabba for the past two centuries. Already 462 years old, Graballa is still at the prime of his life. He is tired of his work and suggests that it is time for him to move on to new frontiers and challenges. With the Toydarian Yeppau presenting a poster, Graballa tells Jabba about his plan to start a beachside resort and buffet. Graballa appeals to Jabba's love for buffets but Jabba is unmoved and tells him he is wasting his time.

While Graballa expresses his frustration, Baash and Raam, who form his "think tank", enter the room with Rowan and Roger. Baash tells Graballa that they have found new bounty hunters but Graballa tells them that he already has a bounty hunter, Dengar; who is pretending to nap. While Dengar is not as good as Boba Fett, Graballa insists that he is still a bounty hunter. Baash tells Graballa that Rowan is the galaxy's most dangerous Ugnaught while Raam tells Graballa that "IG-89" is better than IG-88. He asks Baash to tell Graballa about the maths. Graballa reluctantly agrees to offer Rowan and "IG-89" Dengar's job if they can prove that they are tougher and faster than him.

Captives of Graballa[]

Graballa's pet Nexu Smiley

Roger wants a moment to confirm with his associate, which Graballa allows. In private, Roger confronts Rowan about his plan and reminds the boy they are not bounty hunters. Rowan responds that he found a Kyber Saber crystal on his own and tells the battle droid to trust him. Rowan returns to tell Graballa they are "in" when Dengar awakes from his nap and hurl an object at Rowan, knocking him to the ground. Dengar then grabs "IG-89" by his feet and uses him to try and wack Rowan. Rowan managed to avoid Dengar's blow but the bounty hunter hurls Roger against a pot.

Dengar then challenges Rowan. Roger grabs Rowan by his legs and uses the boy's Ugnaught helmet to hit Dengar but misses. Dengar then lifts a large box and uses it to knock Rowan and Roger to the ground. Rowan hits a pillar and loses his helmet and the second kyber crystal in the process. The crystal rolls to the bottom of Graballa's throne room and Graballa takes an interest in the object. Yeppau fetches the kyber crystal and agrees with his master that it is something valuable. Rowan and Roger, who's head has been turned on the wrong side, can only watch as Graballa inspects the kyber crystal.

Meanwhile, the StarScavenger and the Eclipse Fighter use their laser cannons to blast through the asteroid field. Despite their efforts, Zander is unhappy they still haven't found any sign of Rowan. At that point, Zander and Kordi see a piece of Rowan's Z-wing. The two ships then follow Rowan's trail. Back at the Rancor's Fist, Graballa asks Rowan about the Kyber Saber crystal. Rowan tries to downplay the crystal's value and claims that it is a worthless pebble. However, Graballa points out that Rowan risked all the trouble to travel to the Belgaroth asteroid field and tells him he was not born yesterday.

Despite his head being the wrong way, Roger tells Rowan to let him handle it. He then approaches Graballa and tells the Hutt that the Emperor is looking for the Kyber Saber crystals. At that point, Graballa realizes that there are more crystals and that they are valuable. Not caring about the Emperor, Graballa demands that Rowan and Roger tell him how to get more Kyber Saber crystals. Rowan claims that he doesn't know and that he and Roger got lucky finding this one. When they refuse to talk, Graballa decides to show them Smiley. Rowan and Roger mistake the Toydarian Yeppau for Smiley until Graballa reveals that it is a nexu kept in a chamber beneath his throne.

Kordi's salesmanship[]

Kordi tries to sell a Z-wing to Graballa

With the two refusing to talk, Graballa decides to lower Rowan and Roger upside down into Smiley's chamber. Rowan admits to Roger that he was wrong and that he went over his head. Meanwhile, Zander, Kordi, and Naare land their ships inside the Hutt mining facility. They find Rowan's damaged Z-wing, which he labels an "Ugly" due to the damage caused by the asteroid field. When Kordi asks where is Rowan, Naare points to Graballa's floating starship above the asteroid. Back at the Rancor's Fist, Graballa offers Rowan and Roger the chance to tell him how he could get more Kyber Saber crystals and threatens to feed them to Smiley for lunch if they don't comply. When Roger remarks that he is a droid, Baash responds that Graballa eats anything and shows him a stormtrooper helmet he plucked from Smiley's litter boxy.

Roger pleads for mercy as he and Rowan are lowered into Smiley's pit. Before Graballa can finish off his prisoners, he are visited by Kordi and Zander who pose as salesmen trying to sell a Z-wing. Kordi flatters Graballa by telling him that the ship is equipped with laser cannons made from repurposed parts. Zander displays the cannon's firepower by firing a bolt which knocks a pillar into Yeppau. While Graballa is mesmerized by the cannon, Naare sneaks into the room. Kordi warns him that after one shot the cannon dissipates in value. She then asks him why pay inflated dealer prices and then leads Graballa away from the throne towards the ship.

Meanwhile, Naare runs into Baash and Raam but uses a mind trick to convince them to take a nap; remarking that minds don't come weaker than that. She then uses the Force to nudge Rowan and Roger away from the maw of the pit before slicing through their chains with her lightsaber. While Zander tries to repair the ship, Kordi tries to convince Graballa to buy the Z-wing for a mere twenty credits a month. However, Graballa realizes that Kordi is trying to rip him off and deduces that it was a good distraction while her friend freed the kid. Naare, Rowan, and Roger quickly realize that they have been discovered. The Freemakers and Naare then escape in the Z-wing with Roger clinging onto the ship's fin.

Rediscovering the Kyber crystal[]

The Freemakers flee into the Belgaroth asteroid field

The fleeing Z-wing smashes through the space station's walls, causing the crystal to float out into space. Only Graballa's huge mass saves everyone from being exposed to zero gravity space. Graballa sends Dengar and his henchmen to pursue them in a swarm of starfighters. While escaping, the Z-wing's shield couplings are knocked out and Kordi struggles to repair them. The Freemakers' ship narrowly avoids a large asteroid. Naare then uses the Force to clear a path through the asteroid field and hurl asteroids at Graballa's starfighters, destroying many of them. Dengar's starfighter is hit but narrowly avoids destruction. Naare's actions win over Kordi, who was previously suspicious of the Force while Zander admits feelings for the "Jedi."

After returning to the StarScavenger, Rowan apologizes to his siblings for causing them trouble. While Zander is annoyed with his little brother for getting them in trouble, Kordi defends Rowan and asserts it "was worth all that trouble to get him back." Still, she warns him not to run off again. Rowan admits that the person he should apologize to is Master Naare, who is following their ship in the Eclipse Fighter. Overhearing the conversation, Naare is enraged and is about to destroy the Freemakers' ship when Rowan suddenly senses that the kyber saber crystal is at front of them.

Taking the ship's controls, Rowan leads his siblings and Naare to the kyber crystal. Still in a fit of rage, Naare fires on the Star Scavenger but her laser bolts bounce off. A jubilant Rowan celebrates his victory while Naare remarks that all is forgiven. Meanwhile, back at the Rancors's Fist, Graballa confers with the bounty hunters and remarks that the kyber saber crystals are so valuable that they would make them richer than his cousin. He then orders Dengar and his henchmen to find "the boy" and shows a holographic display of Rowan.



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