"The Missing Kibbin" is the second part of the seventh episode of the animated series Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures. It was released on Disney+ on May 4, 2023.[1]

Official description[]

Lys teams with a bounty hunter.

Plot summary[]

The missing kibbin[]

The story opens with Kai Brightstar, Lys Solay, and Nubs waiting to be served at Hap's Sap Tap in Kublop Springs. The younglings decide to try out one of Hap's snacks. Hap offers them several choices including the Tenooan channelfish dumplings, and the spicy vegetable and riverweed dumplings. Solay and Nubs are impressed with their snacks. Before Brightstar can try his snacks, he is distracted by a commotion outside the cafe.


The younglings meet a bounty hunter.

A female blue-skinned Twi'lek bumps into a Dowutin man, causing him to drop objects from a box. Brightstar tells his friends that somebody is going around the Kublop Springs marketplace creating a mess and convinces them to investigate. The three Jedi Initiates find the Dowutin rummaging through the trash cans searching for something. After asking each other what they are doing, Brightstar introduces himself and his friends. He asks the Dowutin why he was rummaging through the trash. The Dowutin introduces himself as Ansen Strung and tells them that he is a bounty hunter. When Nubs expresses puzzlement in Poobian, Strung explains that bounty hunters are hired to search for things and people. Strung has fallen on hard times and says that he has been tasked with finding a pet kibbin named Figgles.

Solay consults her datapad and recalls that a kibbin is a small, furry animal. Strung thinks that search for a kibbin is beneath his work as a bounty hunter but accepts the job since he is not getting much work these days. Strung says that his customer offered him a big reward if he finds the kibbin before the evening but fears that he is running out of time. Brightstar offers to help since Jedi are supposed to help people. Strung is initially reluctant to accept outsiders' help and says he has enough equipment including jet boots, detonators, and binocs.

Working together[]

Solay touches a button on his gauntlet, which releases an energy net that traps Nubs. Strung quickly frees Nubs. Brightstar and Solay tell Strung that they may not be bounty hunters but suggest that if they work together, they could find the kibbin before evening. Strung is reluctant to accept help but concedes that he really needs to get the reward being offered. Strung says that he won't stop the younglings from helping to look for the missing kibbin. Brightstar and his friends agree to help Strung find the missing kibbin. Strung accepts their help but warns them that they are not a team and that he will not be sharing the reward. Nubs and others accept his terms.

Solay recalls that kibbins are easily scared and good at hiding in small spaces. Brightstar suggests talking to people, saying that the Kublop Springs people are friendly. Strung angrily confronts two Mon Calamari children but his aggressive questioning scares them. Solay intervenes and asks if they have seen a kibbin, showing a hologram image of the creature. The first Mon Calamari child recalls that his sister saw something snatch the Channelfish they had recently caught from the boat. Brightstar thinks it is a clue. When Strung demands that the Mon Calamari hand over their metal bucket, Solay suggests that he could ask his question more politely.

Strung says please and the children hand him the bucket. Nubs spots some kibbin tracks on the wooden dock nearby. Though Solay is unable to tell which way the tracks are going, Strung switches his Macrobinoculars to infrared mode and is able to determine where the kibbin went. Strung boasts of his bounty hunting skills before remembering the younglings. The Jedi younglings and Strung track the kibbin tracks to Nash Durango's home. Durango says she hasn't seen a kibbin and expresses surprise at a bounty hunter looking for cute animals. Strung says that the animal is worth a lot of credits while Brightstar asks for permission to look around. He thinks that the kibbin may be hiding somewhere. Strung reluctantly thanks the children while Durango walks away, allowing them to commence their search.

The younglings and Strung search through Durango's house including a cupboard storing things. When Strung sees Nubs struggling to climb a cupboard, he allows the Poobian child to climb his back. Strung activates his jet boots and the two search the upper shelves of the towering cupboard. Nubs finds no sign of the kibbib in the top shelves. Brightstar finds a half-eaten channelfish sandwich on a plate. Durango grumbles that someone has eaten her sandwich, which she has been saving. Solay spots kibbin teeth marks on the sandwich, which leads Strung to cheer that they have found another clue. The Dowutin catches Nubs after he falls from the cupboard.

The first attempt[]

Brightstar spots a trail of bread crumbs and leads the pursuit. He hands the sandwich back to Durango, who chomps on them. The breadcrumbs lead to the Chadra-Fan Marlaa Jinara's junkyard. Jinara says that he has not sent a kibbin. When Brightstar provides a description, Jinara realizes that he saw the kibbin rummaging through a pile of channelfish cans. Strung wants to capture the animal but Solay warns him not to scare it. Realizing that Figgles is surrounded by piles of junk, Brightstar proposes that they work together to surround it before the kibbin runs away. Strung decides that he doesn't need the younglings' help anymore and attempts to capture Figgles on his own.

Despite Solay's warning, Strung charges and attempts to trap Figgles with his energy net. However, the kibbin is able to escape and jumps on top of his head. Figgles then runs circles around the younglings before fleeing the junkyard. The younglings don't know where Figgles went. Strung expresses frustration about his bounty hunting skills and being unable to find a pet. Strung thinks that he is getting too old and wants to give up bounty hunting. Solay and Brightstar encourages him not to give up. Brightstar reminds him that they found the kibbing by working together as a team and says they can do it again. Nubs strokes him on the head.

Strung accepts that Figgles escaped due to him trying to catch the creature on his own. Strung recognizes the merits of team work and asks the younglings if they genuinely want to help him. While holding a can of channelfish, Solay decides that they could make the kibbin come to them. Based on Figgles' earlier movements, Solay realizes that the kibbin likes to eat channelfish and suggests that they can use Hap's channelfish dumplings to lure it out of hiding and capture it.


Working together, the Jedi younglings use a bowl of channelfish dumplings to lure Figgles out of hiding. They then use their Force powers to encircle it with cargo boxes. At Brightstar's signal, Strung traps Figgles inside an energy net. After deactivating the net, Solay soothes the animal by offering it a channelfish dumpling. She tells Figgles that they just want to bring it back home. Strung allows the kibbin to climb on it and quips that the animal was his hardest job.

Later at Hap's Sap Tap, the younglings and Strung are socializing with Figgles. They are joined by Raena Zess, who thanks Mr. Ansen for finding her pet. She cuddles and strokes Figgles. Zess says that her uncle was right that he is the best bounty hunter in the Outer Rim Territories. Brightstar agrees and compliments Strung. Strung admits that he has never been hired to find a lost pet before and credits the Jedi younglings for helping him. Brightstar tells Zess that they are happy she got her pet back. While Figgles head-strokes Strung, Zess pays him and takes Figgles home.

Following his successful hunt, Strung decides to spend more time in Kublop Springs, saying that he has learned the importance of teamwork and finds the locals friendly. Hap serves Strung and the younglings a fresh plate of channelfish dumplings. Strung decides to treat the children to more dumplings and some sap beverages in lieu of not sharing his reward with them. He quips that they worked like a team but tells them not to get used to it.


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