The Most Dangerous Foe is a short story written by Angela Phillips that was originally published in Star Wars Adventure Journal 11 by West End Games in November 1996. It was later archived online at Hyperspace on September 20, 2006.

Plot summary[]

As the Rebels evacuate Yavin Base, Deen Voorson was telling a story to the brothers Mavis and Tarn, a story that takes place in the days long before the Empire.

Vici Ramunee has just completed the construction of her first lightsaber and, if she can finish the final test given to her by her master Mistress Tannis, she will be a Jedi. The next morning, Vici met her master and was given the test, to make it to the Cave of Truth without any supplies.

Vici started towards the cave, walking along a river and into a forest. As she drank some water from the stream, she felt the presence of another in the forest watching her. It was her brother Veni Ramunee, who brought Vici's lightsaber. Vici wanted him to go back, but by saying he didn't know how to get back, she allowed him to come with her up to the entrance of the cave. Her brother's complaining was irritating her, but she used the Force to keep calm.

Veni and Vici exited the forest and walked through a canyon. In this canyon they heard a thumping; it was something alive and huge. Vici decided the best course of action would be to fight it. As the creature came around a corner and into view, the siblings could see it was a large 20-legged reptile. Vici struck out with her lightsaber, and the dragon avoided the blow and began to talk. He introduced himself as Willm Lywin, a Duinuogwuin Jedi Master and guardian of the Cave of Truth, with his lesson here being not to be hasty.

After telling Willm Lywin about her family and her home, they reached a dead end, which Willm said was the Cave of Truth. Vici found an opening in the wall and started to move the boulders from the entrance by using the Force. After clearing the way Master Lywin told her she had until dawn to face the challenge of the cave. Using the Force, she made her way through the pitch black maze of tunnels until she got to a room that was lit up.

The room reminded her of home, and in this room was a table with food on it. She fought the urge to eat it, and as she got close, the food looked rotten. She turned around to see a skeleton in the chair, wearing her clothes. When she calmed herself down, everything vanished. She moved on to the next room, which was just a big pit. She jumped in and was floated to a platform. Here she could take the door sloping up or the one sloping down. Vici chose the one sloping down. She had to crawl her way through the next tunnel until it opened up into another chamber.

In this room she found a very valuable Corusca gem. She thought this to be a test of her willpower. She tried to walk out the exit of the room, but threads of light stung her as she tried. Using the Force, she moved the gem into the web of light, which allowed her to cross through.

The next room was full of mirrors. Here she saw illusions of people and places from her life. The room closed behind her and she had to find her way out, but then water began to enter the chamber. She let her anger get to her trying to fight a foe who was not there, but when she saw herself in the mirror she let herself calm down. She reached towards her reflection and pushed through the wall. Here she was met with her master, Tannis. Master Tannis told her she passed the test, facing her fear, impatience, anger and physical limits.

Deen ended his story. A man standing in the doorway said he enjoyed the story. He was coming to thank Deen for repairing his droid. Deen was going to erase his memory, but decided not to. Deen asked the man if they had anything to worry about, and he told Deen that they didn't if they remained open to the Force.


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