"The Mutiny" is the fourteenth episode of the second season of Star Wars Resistance. It premiered on television January 5, 2020 on Disney Channel.

Official description[]

Pirate leader Kragan Gorr hatches a plot to take over the Colossus – with super battle droids from the Clone Wars![3]

Plot summary[]

The Crimson Corsair[]

The episode opens with the sail barge Galleon landing on an asteroid in space. Drell asks Captain Kragan Gorr who they are meeting up with again. Gorr replies that they are meeting with the best weapons dealer in this part of the galaxy and that with what he has planned, they are going to need everything he has got. Valik spots a ship which turns out to be the CSS-1 Corellian Star Shuttle Meson Martinet.

They are greeted by Sidon Ithano. Kragan asks the Crimson Corsair how he has been of late but Sidon insists on getting straight to business. Kragan is impressed with Sidon's cargo, remarking that they do not make them like that anymore. Sidon asks if they have a deal. Kragan remarks that the merchandise looks a bit worn out and suggests lowering the price. However, Sidon gestures with his blaster rifle, prompting Kragan to back down.

Kragan tells Drell to give the Corsair his money. Drell passes a suitcase stuffed with credits while Kragan marvels at the B2-series super battle droids, saying that they will be perfect to take over the Colossus.

Growing tensions[]

As the Colossus travels through space, Captain Imanuel Doza tells Synara San that he has no choice but to keep an eye on the Warbird gang due to their past transgressions. Synara says that he is keeping the pirates like prisoners and warns him that the more that he has them under his thumb, the more likely they are to rebel. Doza says he can't let them out there doing who knows what and insists that the pirates respect his orders before entering his office. Synara sighs and leaves.

Inside his office, Captain Doza contacts 4D-M1N, telling her he is going to need a security escort. The Galleon approaches the Colossus. Kragan disembarks with Valik hauling a large crate. He orders the other pirates including Snarl, Leoz, and Skreek to help him unload the cargo. Synara watches as the pirates unload the boxes and asks where he has been. He replies nothing for her to worry about and tells her it is just business as usual.

She warns Kragan that Captain Doza will not be happy with him leaving the Colossus without permission and bringing illegal goods. Kragan replies that the so-called Captain is no longer a concern of his. At that point, Captain Doza enters with 4D and several security droids, demanding to know the meaning of this. Kragan mockingly asks about the unscheduled visit. Doza replies that he knows that the Colossus is on lockdown and that he knows what Kragan is doing is less than legal. He orders the security droids to search the Galleon for any stolen contraband.

Kragan claims that they have brought back food and supplies as a gratitude to him and his crew for taking them in. Drell claims they are trying it pitch in. Doza is suspicious and says that their ship is on lock down and that nobody is allowed to leave the hangar without his permission. Kragan claims they are only here to help. Doza replies that he only tolerates his presence because he and his band defended the station but that the solidarity will change if he does not obey his laws, calling Kragan a pirate. As Doza and the security droids exit the hangar, 4D warns that they will be watching them.

Kragan orders his Warbirds to unload their cargo, which consists of several boxes of B2 super battle droids tied to the Colossus. Kragan warns them not to damage the goods because he wants them fully operational. A frowning Synara watches with her arms folded.

Neeku's secret mission[]

Later, Kazuda Xiono attends a meeting in Doza's office with Neeku Vozo and Jarek Yeager. Doza is pleased to hear that Neeku is willing to do the job. Kaz asks what is going on and Yeager tasks him with doing some work on the Fireball's thrusters. Kaz accepts task but asks what Neeku is doing. Captain Doza claims that Neeku will be dealing with some more important things including fixing some problems around the station. Neeku says he will not be long but says it depends on his relative definition of time.

Kaz complies and leaves. In private, Captain Doza tells Yeager that he is certain their plan would confirm his suspicions. Yeager agrees but says they have to prepare for every contingency. Yeager waves Kaz goodbye before departing down the corridor. Kaz decides to tail him.

Back at the Warbirds' hangar, Kragan sends Synara to the Colossus marketplace to make sure that Captain Doza has distributed the food they have so "graciously" given him. When Synara questions when he has become so altruistic, he replies that he will tell her once she has done her errand. Kragan orders Gork to accompany Synara to the marketplace. Synara grumpily complies but warns Kragan that she wants no part in whatever he has planned.

After she has left, Kragan approaches Valik, who has activated three B2 super battle droids. However, the droids quickly topple. Kragan asks what is wrong with them. Valik says that he has been sold some faulty merchandise. Kragan grumbles that he was ripped off by the Corsair.

Finding a mechanic[]

Meanwhile, Kaz follows Neeku but is quickly spotted by the Nikto, who asks what his friend is doing down here. Kaz says that he was going to ask him the same thing. Neeku is soon spotted by Skreek and another pirate, who asks the Nikto what he is doing. Neeku claims he is here to run a diagnostic check but Skreek asks what system.

Kragan intervenes and tells his mates to back off. Kragan recognizes Neeku as the Nikto from the "Dreadnaught raid." Neeku confirms this is the case and introduces himself. Kragan employs Neeku's services as the chief engineer. Neeku quips about his species not being able to blush due to their green pigments. Kragan says he could use Neeku to fix something that could greatly benefit this station. Neeku says that is what he is here for. As Kragan leads him into the hangar, Neeku is about to tell them how he wanted to become a pirate. Kaz watches as the hangar doors close.

The pirates serve Neeku a rancid drink from a blue milk container. Neeku wonders what they served him but Kragan says it will be alright and asks what he knows about droids. Neeku says he has expertise with a range of droids including astromech, security, and protocol droids. Kragan introduces him to his newly acquired B2 super battle droids, which he recognizes as extremely rare. When Neeku asks what he wants to do with them, Kragan claims that they are a gift for the Colossus to reassure Doza that they are on the same side. Kragan adds that the super battle droids can serve as extra security.

Kragan explains that the super battle droids are old and need updating. They are joined by a B1-series battle droid, who is elated that he is finally free because there was not a lot of space inside the container. He says he is going to need a deep core adjustment but Skreek knocks him on the head. Neeku tells him to be careful not to damage the "B1" because he is a delicate find. The droid remarks that he has delicate circuits. Kragan realizes that "B1" must have been thrown in for free when they got the lot.

Kragan tasks Neeku with getting the droids fully operational, claiming that they can protect the Colossus from the First Order. Unaware of Kragan's true plans, Neeku is grateful to Kragan for giving him the opportunity to work on this rare technology. Kragan cheers that they have gotten themselves a mechanic. The other pirates cheer and Neeku also celebrates. Kragan tasks Drell and Valik with helping Neeku fix the droids and warns him not to let any interference from Captain Doza. Even the B1 volunteers to help. Valik reassures Kragan that they know what to do.

Piecing together a conspiracy[]

Meanwhile, Kaz meets up with Synara at Aunt Z's Tavern. Synara asks Kaz what brings him here. Kaz notices that Neeku, Doza and Yeager have been acting "weird" lately. Synara confides that Kragan has been acting weird lately and that everybody seems to be keeping secrets from her these days. Kaz tells her that Neeku is with the pirates, fixing something for them.

Synara realizes that Neeku is in the hangar with Kragan while Kaz recalls that Kragan needed a mechanic. Kaz also mentions that the hangar has been locked up tightly. Synara tells him not to worry because she can get them inside.

Back at the pirates' hangar, the B1 asks Neeku if this is a designated repair facility. He remarks that most of this junk is useless. Neeku disagrees, pointing out that there are tools, space, and a table. Drell brings a B2 super battle droid which Neeku proceeds to repair. When Neeku asks Drell where Captain Kragan found the droids, the pirate feigns ignorance and says he doesn't know and tells Neeku to fix the droids. Neeku is curious but Drell reiterates his order and adds no questions.

Neeku complies with Drell's orders and schools B1 on what a hydrospanner is. B1 responds that he is not an engineering droid but a battle droid. Neeku reassures B1 that he will be something more once they are ready.

In the corridor, Synara tells Kaz that she hopes that the situation is not that bad. Kaz believes that Neeku won't let things get awry. However, Synara reminds him of the "Bibo incident," which Neeku had a hand in.

Kragan's plot[]

Meanwhile, Neeku completes the repairs to B1, having repaired the B2 battle droids. He tells B1 that he has repaired his processing core. When Kragan asks what is taking so long, Neeku explains that the super battle droids are operational. When he insists on fixing B1's circuits, the pirate leader claims that he will be fine and drags Neeku away. B1 tells "Captain" Neeku that his servomotors still need to be fixed while clutching his datapad.

Kragan thanks Neeku for his services but hands him to Skreek, who hauls him into a makeshift cell. Kragan apologizes that he cannot have Neeku informing Captain Doza about this. Kragan plans to make Neeku his chief engineer once he has taken over the Colossus.

Kaz and Synara sneak into the hangar and hide behind some crates. Kragan addresses his cheerful pirates and tells them that the droids are ready and that it is time for a little fight. He tasks them with capturing Doza Tower and securing the corridors and turbolifts. Kragan orders them to leave Captain Doza to him. Kaz and Synara hide as the super battle droids file out. Kaz decides to contact Captain Doza but the two are cornered by a super battle droid and two pirates. Kaz and Synara are thrown into the makeshift cell with Neeku.

The mutiny[]

In the corridors of the Colossus, the local residents scatter as Captain Kragan and his pirates march up with B2 battle droids. The super battle droids destroy one of Doza's security droids. Garma and some residents seal themselves in their apartment as the pirates and droids march past. Skreek and Snarl gun down two more security droids at Aunt Z's Tavern while an oblivious Al has a drink.

Other pirates and droids storm the engineering deck, taking the Chelidae by surprise. The Aces are surprised by two super battle droids with Freya Fenris remarking that this has spoiled her whole evening. Kragan along with Snarl and Leoz charge through the corridors.

Meanwhile, Kaz tells his fellow prisoners that they have to do something to stop Kragan from taking over the Colossus. Neeku reassures them he has a plan and tells them to step away from the door. The lock flows as B1 shoots it open. Neeku thanks B1 for his help. B1 thanks "Commander" Neeku for his plan. Kaz is perplexed that Neeku has befriended a battle droid.

Neeku tells Kaz and Synara that he suspected Kragan was up to no good when he purchased a lot of battle droids and thus programmed B1 to help them out. Synara hands Kaz a blaster before taking one herself. Neeku tells B1 that his programming is complete. Synara says they have got to get to Doza before Kragan does.

Meanwhile, the Warbirds lay siege to Captain Doza's office. Captain Doza and his security droids exchange fire. Kragan has captured Doza's test and says that victory will be his. Doza is in corner with 4D-M1N. Yeager manages to gun down a battle droid and a pirate but 4D is hit by two bullets. As Doza is surrounded by pirates, he vows that Kragan will pay for his crimes. Kragan laughs and disagrees, claiming that the Colossus is his.

Fighting back[]

Meanwhile, Kaz and Synara ambush Skreek and a super battle droid. After several attempts, Kaz manages to stun Skreek. Kaz says he is getting better but Synara replies those were very big stun rings. Neeku and B1 are held at gunpoint by Drell and Valik, who order Kaz and Synara to drop their weapons and turn around slowly.

Kaz and Synara comply, dropping their guns. Synara confronts Valik, asking if this is how she treats her. Valik orders her to keep her distance and points her blaster at her. Synara says that they have known each other since they were kids. Valik tells her to keep her distance but Synara grabs her blaster and the two fight.

Kaz strikes Drell in the head but fails to knock him out. However, Drell is knocked unconscious by Neeku with a wrench. Kaz compliments Neeku, who remarks that the Weequay's head was very thick and took a lot of exertion on his party. Synara leads them to the tower only to find that the lifts are not working. Kaz decides that they should climb to the top. B1 grumbles that he was not programmed for this. Kaz reaches a manhole and enters a lift with Synara and Neeku. They storm the lounge only to find that it is only littered with fallen security droids. Kaz says he knows where they went.

Neeku's trick[]

Later, Kragan, the B2 battle droids, and several pirates including Skreek, Gork, Snarl, Leoz, Valik and Drell surround Doza, 4D-M1N and Yeager in the hangar bay at gunpoint. Kragan tells his prisoners this is the end and that it is time to take the "long walk" into space. Kragan toys with sparing Doza's life if he addresses him as Captain. Doza refuses while Yeager chastises them for their ingratitude and asks what is going to happen to the rest of the Colossus.

Kragan says he will let the residents remain as long as they stay in line. However, the three of them are too much trouble and he tells his super battle droids to make them walk. Synara arrives with Neeku, B1 and Kaz tells him to stand down. Kragan asks if Synara is trying to "mutiny his mutiny" and orders his battle droids to surround them.

Neeku disagrees. Kragan orders his super battle droids to blast them but Neeku tells B1 to issue the stand down order to the super battle droids. The super battle droids comply and cease hostilities. They withdraw from the places they have occupied on the Colossus. When Kragan asks what he did, Neeku explains that he upgraded B1 to become the commander of the battle droids. B1 agrees and orders the B2s to imprison all pirates except Synara. The super battle droids comply and disarm Kragan and his followers.

Breaking with Kragan[]

Kragan grumbles that Captain Doza and Neeku planned this from the start. Doza orders the battle droids to escort the pirates to the brig while he decides their punishment. Synara speaks with Captain Doza and advises him not to keep them locked up on the Colossus, saying that they will be a waste of manpower, space, and precious resources. She tells him to allow them to leave ask, confiscate his weapons, disable the Galleon's hyperdrive and allow him a deal: his freedom in return for never returning to the Colossus. Doza accepts Synara's idea.

The Warbirds are marched aboard the Galleon's ramp. Before leaving, Kragan reminds Synara that he took her off the streets of Vanqor and raised her like a daughter. He is angry that Synara has shown a perceived ingratitude. Synara replies that the Colossus could be doing far worse and tells him to consider her debt to him paid. Captain Doza warns Kragan that if ever returns to the Colossus to seek revenge on him or the station that it will be the end of him and his pirates. B1 complies and says "Roger, Roger."

Kragan turns away and joins his pirates aboard the Galleon, which flies away from the Colossus. Back in the hangar, Captain Doza tells Synara that he understands how hard it must be to go against family. Synara says that it is fine because she has found a better one.

Neeku the spy[]

Yeager tells Neeku he did great and that he is one of the best spies he has ever seen. Neeku thanks Yeager. Kaz is shocked that Yeager enlisted Neeku to spy on Kragan and says that he is the spy. He asks why didn't they use him. Yeager explains that the pirates liked Neeku and that this was a very delicate plan.

Neeku tries to console Kaz by tell him that everything he learnt about being a spy came from him. Kaz thanks Neeku, who says that he learnt that as long as you look naive and clumsy, no one will ever guess his true motivations. Kaz says he can stop complimenting him now. Neeku says you have to look inept and uncertain but Kaz tells him to keep quiet.


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Notes and references[]

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