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"No, I won't tell you who hired me. No, I won't carry a blaster. But I can show you every weak link in your organization and chink in your armor. Shall we begin?"
―The Mysterious Advisor[2]

The Mysterious Advisor was the title used by a female human[1] who resided in the Anoat sector of the galaxy.[2] She had a diplomatic background, preferring defense over offense, and at the time of the Galactic Empire's Iron Blockade,[2] the advisor joined the crew of a young smuggler. She refused to wield a blaster, although she carried a sword.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Mysterious Advisor was created for the 2015 mobile game Star Wars: Uprising, which was created by Kabam for iOS and Android operating systems.[2] In Star Wars: Uprising, the Mysterious Advisor is a Tier II Crew Member available through the Premium Crane, Daily Opportunities, or other Missions.[1]


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