"The Need for Speed" is an animated short that is part of the first season of Star Wars Resistance. It was released on the Disney Channel's YouTube channel on December 24, 2018, and is the ninth of twelve shorts.[1]

Official description[]

The Aces race to compete for Hype's top spot![1]

Plot summary[]

The Ace Squadron is preparing to race, with announcer Jak Sivrak proclaiming that this race will determine whether or not Hype Fazon will stay the number one-ranked Ace. As the countdown begins, Hype and Torra Doza exchange snipes at each other, with Torra determined to win. The Aces launch, cheered on by observers on the Colossus, and Torra takes an early lead as they whip through the sky rings. Torra uses the Blue Ace's boosters to increase her lead, but Hype remains unconcerned by her challenge. As the race enters its final stretch, Torra is confident she's going to win, but at the last second, Hype takes the lead, pointing out that she burned all of her booster fuel too early. After he wins the race, Hype decides to thank the racer who always pushes him to win, which Torra thinks is her – it's Hype himself, as always.



Notes and references[]

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