The ninth book in Del Rey's Essential Guide series, The New Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels features an in-depth look at one hundred ships, fighters, and other flying machines from the original trilogy, The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, as well as the Expanded Universe, including the New Jedi Order series, each with its own one- to two-page spread including detailed schematics. There were, however, some glaring errors throughout the book.

It was reprinted as part of The New Essential Guide to Characters, Weapons and Technology, and Vehicles and Vessels in 2005.



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  • An MTT is referred to as an AAT.
  • Home One's illustration is the incorrect type of Mon Cal cruiser.
  • On the Home One schematics, "Turbolaser Pod" is "2" whilst "Sensor Array" is "3," but the schematics show "Turbolaser Pod" as being "3" instead of "2."
  • AT-ATs are listed at 15 meters tall.
  • The Executor is listed at 12,800 meters long.
  • Because the book was published prior to the release of Revenge of the Sith, fighter acceleration is scaled without consideration of Revenge of the Sith–era fighters such as the Eta 2 Actis, V-wing or ARC-170 that they were designed to replace and have inexplicably lower performance statistics in spite of sources such as Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader stating that TIE Fighters could outperform V-wings and Eta 2s, as well as Vader flying the TIE Advanced x1 in A New Hope rather than an Eta 2.
  • The affiliation for the A-wing is listed as Galactic Empire instead of Rebel Alliance.
  • Guri is claimed to be a cyborg when she is a human replica droid.
  • The Battle of Endor is called the "final battle" of the Galactic Civil War, but the war actually ended 15 years after Endor upon the conclusion of the Battle of Yaga Minor.
  • Captain Tarpals' "ouch time" line is used as the quote for the AAT, despite the line actually being in response to the activation of the battle droid ranks.


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