The tenth book in Del Rey's Essential Guide series, The New Essential Guide to Weapons and Technology is the updated version of The Essential Guide to Weapons and Technology. This book featured new full color and three-dimensional illustrations of over two hundred different devices, ranging from thermal detonators and Wookiee bowcasters to Lobot's cyborg implant and the Empire's superweapon devices. The book added many devices from The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, and The New Jedi Order series of books.

Table of contents[]

  • Introduction
    • Timeline
    • Vital Statistics
    • Historical Perspective

A Guide to Major Manufacturers

A Guide to Minor Manufacturers

Ranged weapons

Additional ranged weapons

Melee weapons

Additional melee weapons

Starship and planetary weapons

Additional starship and planetary weapons


Defenses and armor

Additional defenses

Sensor, communication, and security devices

Additional sensor, communications, and security devices

Other equipment

Additional equipment

Appendix: ID charts[]

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  • Blaster pistol ID chart
  • Blaster rifle ID chart
  • Additional grenades and explosives
  • Lightsabers
  • Stormtrooper and clone trooper armor


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Behind the scenes[]

  • The Aurebesh writing on the page about Darth Vader's armor translates as "Sith Trooper Armor". Similarly on the page about Vonduun crab armor, the Aurebesh at the bottom of the page translates to "A Vonduun Crab Shell-Plated Armor Sith Speeder".
  • The Sun Crusher affiliation is said to be Admiral Natasi Daala. This is an error, as the Empire never used it in battle. The Aurebesh writing on the page about fusion cutters misspells the word as 'fuscioncutter'.
  • "Missile" is misspelled as "Missle" on page 26.


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