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The New Jedi Order: Knightfall I: Jedi Storm was the first book in the canceled Knightfall Trilogy of the Star Wars: The New Jedi Order series. It was to be written by Michael Jan Friedman, with the cover art by Terese Nielsen.

Publisher's summary[]

A string of military defeats has left the New Republic reeling. Playing on the terror their cruelty has instigated, the Yuuzhan Vong have offered to spare as-yet-unconquered worlds the full impact of their wrath for a price: the Jedi Knights. The Yuuzhan Vong warmaster's proposal finds eager takers among the desperate of the New Republic. And the warmaster isn't the only one who wants the Jedi: a Yuuzhan Vong High Priestess has her own nefarious plans for those who have Force talent, and she's already managed to capture her first test subjects. Danni Quee, scientist and ex- Yuuzhan Vong prisoner, wants only to avoid the horrific alien invaders. But when she meets Jorallen, a Jedi shrouded by mystery, her suspicions lead her into a search for missing Jedi - and whatever secrets Jorallen himself might be hiding. Now, as Luke, Han, and Leia work to help the Jedi hide from their betrayers, Danni and Jorallen move ever closer to the heart of enemy territory. The future of all the Jedi may be at stake...

Artist's thoughts[]

  • c. November 2, 2000
    • Terese Nielsen issues a statement to Unofficial New Jedi Order Homepage regarding the cancellation of Knightfall:
"My other favorite is the first one I did for Del Rey, called Knightfall. This was going to be the first of a 3-part series for the "New Jedi Order." Lucas said they weren't happy with the way the story was going, so rather than salvaging what had been done, they canned it. This painting has marbled paper in the background. I enjoyed playing with the colors and fluidity of textures within the illustration.
Currently, I'm finishing up another Star Wars cover for Del Rey that is being written by Gregory Keyes. This duology fills in for the one they canned. It's been interesting to observe how Lucas will commission a painting before a manuscript is even started. It's up to the writer to make sure the painting is incorporated into the story."
  • c. September 13, 2001
    • Terese Nielsen issues a statement to UNJOH regarding her feelings about Knightfall:
"Knightfall was one of my favorite covers that I've done for Star Wars. It was one of those pieces where I felt like all the elements came together nicely. I was happy with the look of the characters, I liked the composition, the textures and the color. Often times there is a little area on a piece that bothers me when I look at the piece later. This one doesn't seem to have any "bother me" elements that get in the way of my viewing pleasure. I was bummed that the project was canceled. The story I was told is that Lucas didn't like the way the story was headed so after the first cover was done and the second one was ready to paint they canceled it and went a different direction. I am happy to say that I got to do the covers for the duology that replaced the Knightfall books and this piece will still be printed in some form as it was selected to be included in the upcoming publication entitled Spectrum 8: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art."


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