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"The New World" is the fifteenth episode of the second season of Star Wars Resistance. It premiered on television January 12, 2020 on Disney Channel.[1]

Official description[]

The Colossus arrives at a beautiful planet that Captain Doza hopes will be its new home. But the world's inhabitants may not be so welcoming...[3]

Plot summary[]

Making landfall[]

The episode opens with a landscape shot of the Colossus traveling through space. CB-23 and Bucket engaged in a conversation in the corridors. Bucket hears Kazuda Xiono from inside the hangar. She finds him repairing the Fireball. Kaz says that he needs a new stabilizer. Just then, the two sense the Colossus shaking.

CB-23 asks what is going on and Kaz says good question. The two rush through the corridors to investigate. Kaz asks Neeku Vozo if they are under attack. Neeku responds that it is merely turbulence from their atmospheric entry and leads Xiono to the Colossus marketplace where the overhead shutters have open to reveal clear blue skies. A speagull flies overhead.

Captain Imanuel Doza announces on the intercom that the Colossus has reached Aeos Prime after scouting the Outer Rim Territories. The Colossus residents cheer while Kaz bows his head. Aeos Prime is a blue planet with a ring around it. The Colossus orbits the blue oceans.

A new frontier[]

Kaz visits Captain Doza and Jarek Yeager in Doza's office and asks what is going on. Doza explains that the planet is a safe haven for the Colossus because it is not on the First Order's scanners. Yeager adds that docking on the planet is what the people want. Kaz questions the idea of settling on an uncharted planet but Doza counters it is equally risky traveling through space. Doza says their supplies are running critical and that it is time to stop running and to think about their future.

Later, Yeager briefs Kaz and the rest of Ace Squadron and their astromech droids about their scouting mission. He instructs them to report back if the planet is safe and secure. Bucket is tasked with dispensing emergency supplies including medicine and water to the Aces. When Yeager asks if they have any questions, Torra Doza quips that she can't wait to race Xiono on the race course.

Xiono replies that she has to beat him to get him. Hype Fazon responds that things will go back to the way they used to be and vows to beat them both. Hype asks R4-G77 if he is right. Bucket and CB-23 bark a disagreement in Binary. Hype boasts that they know he is right. Griff Halloran tells Kaz to buckle up because they have a job to do.

The scouting expedition[]

The Aces fly out of the Colossus into the skies over the oceans of Aeos Prime. Kaz flies the Fireball with Griff's Black Ace and asks if he has made a mistake. Griff tells him to trust the Captain because he has seen "a thing or two." Kaz says that they have done their part and asks if people have noticed that the war is still raging. Kaz says he wants to fight. Griff interjects that the young man has now seen war all close and is different because of it. The two fly over some rocky beaches where they spot the ruins of a village. Griff thinks it is a fresh water source and that they should check it out.

While Kaz is walking on the beach with Griff, CB-23 and and R5-G9, he asks Griff why he left the Galactic Empire. Griff explains that Captain Doza was a commanding officer that he respected and gave him the choice to either stay and fight for a corrupt Empire and leave with him and start anew. Kaz now understands that Griff is loyal to Doza because he gave him a choice. Griff adds that the Empire was not worth fighting for and knew when to walk away.

Kaz asks how walking away will solve anything. Griff responds that walking away kept him alive and that the Empire ultimately fell. He surmises that things worked out very well in his book. The two walk past several corals and Kaz senses something up ahead. A pair of blue feet walk past them.

When Kaz asked what happened to the ruined village, Griff responds that somebody tried to wipe out what was here recently. Kaz wonders if it was local trouble or warring tribes. He rushes up a flight of stairs and finds a First Order TIE Fighter Pilot's helmet and realizes that the First Order knows about this place. Kaz calls out to Griff but finds that he and his droid have disappeared, leaving only CB-23 behind. Kaz walks down the stairs and follows CB-24 down a pathway into a cave.

Captured by the natives[]

Kaz and CB-23 venture into the cave, which leads to a series of tunnels up by strange blue lights. They find an abandoned Rebellion control center in the cave. Kaz reasons that the First Order came to make sure that nobody could use this base against them. Kaz tells CB-23 that they have to get back to the Colossus. The two find their path blocked by two blue skinned Aeosian aliens brandishing vibroblades. Kaz finds two more aliens behind him. Kaz sighs and says oh no.

Back aboard the Colossus, Yeager asks Captain Doza if he has heard anything from the Aces. Yeager reports that they have all reported their sectors clear except for Griff and Kazuda. Yeager tries contacting the pilots but only hears static. Doza explains that he has been examining the recon scans and that there is a fresh water aquifer and signs of food. He believes they can thrive on the planet for years. Yeager understands Doza's sentiments but says that they should be vigilant until They have heard from Griff and Xiono.

The Aeosians imprison Kaz and CB-23 in a cell behind a Force field. Kaz soon finds Griff and R5-G9 imprisoned in the neighboring cell. Kaz is relieved to see Griff but Griff is not grateful to him for trying to rescue him and asks if he managed to tell the Colossus where they are before getting captured. Kaz regrets not doing so and tells CB to contact the Colossus. However, Griff says that he and R5 tried that and found the cave too deep to transmit signals.

He says they are on their own. Kaz tries to be optimistic and asks what are some of the ways that he escaped in the past. Griff replies that he has never been captured by fish before and is open to anything. On the surface, one of the Aeosians spots the Colossus and growls before retreating.

First contact[]

Aboard the Colossus command bridge, 4D-M1N reports that several lifeforms are approaching the Colossus. When Doza asks if she can make out what they are, the security droid replies negative but that they are coming from the ocean. Doza gazes our the viewport and says let's hope they are friendly. Several Aeosian warriors burst out of the ocean riding winged beasts, which turn out to be Krakavora.

Meanwhile, Torra tells Yeager that they approached Griff and Kaz's sector on their way back but did not have a visual with them. Yeager confirms they have lost contact with them. Hype quips about Kaz being on some deserted island but Torra is not amused by his joke. Torra wants to look for Kaz but Neeku responds that the Aeosian visitors might know where Kaz and Griff are. Three armed aliens leap from their Krakavora steeds onto the deck of the Colossus. When Torra asks who are they, Yeager surmises that they are the locals.

Yeager tells the Aces not to move. Neeku disagrees and introduces himself to the aliens. One of the Aeosians issues a curse and brandishes his vibroblade which comes to life. Neeku remakes that is a very interesting name and backs away. "B1" soon arrives with several B2-series super battle droids to confront the Aeosians. Neeku tries to advise caution but B1 responds to "Commander" Neeku that they have gotten the situation under control.

Yeager tells Neeku to order B1 to stand down. B1 confronts the lead Aeosian, telling him that intruders are not allowed and demanding that he state his business. The B2 super battle droids raise their arm blasters. Before Neeku can warn B1, the lead Aeosian impales B1 with his staff. As he falls to the ground and loses power, B1 remarks that it is not fair. The B2s engage the Aeosians as Yeager laments the deterioration of the situation.

Meanwhile, Freya Fenris and Bo Keevil fly over the ocean in their racers. Freya thinks the planet is beautiful but the Red Ace is attacked by a Krakavora. Bo asks what was that thing and Freya thinks that it was looking for its next meal. Bo reports there are more up ahead. As they approach the Colossus, Yeager orders the super battle droids to stand down but his calls fall on deaf ears.

Freya contacts him by comlink and asks if everything is okay and that she reported some not so friendly fish circling the station. Yeager orders her to hold her position and not to engage since the locals think they are a threat. Yeager orders everyone to fall back. The organics and astromech droids retreat behind blast doors while aliens take down the super battle droids. Hype asks what they should do. Torra says that the aliens clearly don't want them here as one forces his way inside with his vibroblade.

Meeting with the Queen[]

Back in their cave prison, Kaz tells Griff that he found an old Rebellion outpost and figures that the First Order must be targeting rebel bases across the galaxy. He asks that if they took this one out, does it mean that they would probably move on. Griff tells Kaz not to count on it and says that they cannot be sure that the First Order left a probe or beacon behind. He reasons that if they stay on Aeos Prime, they will always have to be looking over their shoulder.

The Aeosians arrive and lead Griff, R5, Kaz and CB out of their cells. Kaz asks where they are taking them but the aliens refuse to answer. As they are led through the tunnels, Kaz tells Griff that they have to figure out how to tell the aliens that they are the "good guys." Griff doubts the Aeosians will listen given the hostile encounter above.

The Aeosians lead their captives into a large throne room full of armed warriors. The sentries in front of the throne bang their spears until a blue female figure arrives. Kaz guesses that she is the one in charge. He introduces himself and Griff to the Aeosian Queen, saying that they mean no harm. The Queen, who can speak fluent Galactic Basic Standard, asks why he speaks so strangely. She asks if there is something wrong with Kaz. Griff laughs while Kaz apologizes, explaining that he did not realize she could understand them.

The Aeosian Queen tells Kazuda and Griff that they are intruders on her people's home and that they lost many people during their attack including their healer. She wants to punish them. Kaz tells the Queen that the Colossus did not attack them but that it was the First Order who did so. Kaz offers to provide medics and supplies as compensation for the loss of their healer.

The Queen orders Kaz to be silent and tells him that the Colossus hovers over their planet like a vast pyramid "just as before." Kaz says that he can explain that it was a Star Destroyer and not them. Two guards block his pathway while another guard tells the Queen that they found Griff's TIE fighter helmet. The Queen notices that this helmet bears the markings of those that destroyed their village.

Convincing the Queen[]

Kaz tries to explain but the Aeosian Queen orders that the prisoners be fed to the Krakavora. As the humans and their droids are led by the guards down the tunnel, Kaz tells Griff that they have to come up with a plan. R5-G9 mutters that he votes for Kaz to be eaten first. As they walk past, Kaz sees two wounded Aeosians in a chamber. Kaz says they can help them but Griff says they don't want their help. Kaz is determined and tries to reason with the Queen but she flashes her vibroblade and warns him to be silent. Griff says that went well.

Kaz tells CB-23 that it is time for "Plan B" and the droid releases foam. Kaz runs through the tunnels to the chamber where the injured Aeosians are treating. He gives some medicine to a patient but is thrown aside by a guard. Kaz tells the Queen that they only want to help but she orders him to be silent. She says that she will not let him wreak more havoc and lifts her vibroblade. However, Griff challenges her to a fight.

Before the fight can break out, one of the guards finds that the patient that Kaz touched is healed. Realizing that Kaz and his party are not a threat, the Queen asks if Kaz is a healer. Kaz says he is not a healer but that they have plenty of medicine back on the Colossus. Kaz tells the Queen that if she lets them go, he promises that they will help her people. The Queen orders her guards to take them to the Krakavora.

Brokering peace[]

Kaz panics only to discover that the Krakavora are winged beasts. The Queen leads a swarm of Krakavora to the Colossus. Meanwhile, Hype, Torra, and Yeager are under siege. Captain Doza informs Yeager that he is sending more security droids as backup. Yeager says that the plan was not to engage and that they are trespassing on the Aeosians' planet. As the Aeosians break through the blast door, Hype yells that they are going to die.

Before the security droids can engage the Aeosians, everyone hears a horn blowing. The Aeosians stand down and retreat. Just then, the Queen and her followers arrive on the deck of the Colossus with Griff, Kaz, and their droids. Kaz bumps into several crates. Yeager and the others are relieved to see Kaz and the others. Kaz explains that everything is alright and that there was just a misunderstanding. He says that the Queen has agreed to let the Colossus residents help her people.

Yeager is pleased to welcome the Queen to the Colossus and says that he can provide everything that she needs. The Queen thanks Yeager for his kindness as the warriors bow before her and her guards. Griff admits that he likes the aliens.


Later, Kaz passes the Queen and her followers a crate of medicine. He tells the Queen that he has no hard feelings about her almost feeding him to the Krakavora. Captain Doza apologizes for trespassing on her planet and says that they will leave at once. Kaz explains to the Queen and her followers that Captain Doza was trying to keep them safe and that the First Order, who attacked their village, stole their home from them. He adds that this is why they came to her planet.

The Queen says that she allowed a small group of their kind to find shelter here in the past. She recalls that they were most helpful and honorable. Resting her hand on Kaz's shoulder, she remarks that Kaz and his tribe are similar. As a result, she allows Kaz and his people to stay on Aeos Prime. The Queen invites Captain Doza to enter into further talks.

After she has left, Yeager asks Kaz if he has something on his mind. Kaz says that he shares Captain Doza's desire to resettle on Aeos Prime and start anew. However, having seen the bombed out village and the wounded people, Kaz surmises that they will not be able to walk away. He says that they have to fight to win. Kaz senses that the war is coming to their peaceful place and will eventually find them. Yeager agrees that Kaz May be right but promises that they will face whatever comes together. Kaz gazes out the viewport as the sun sets over the ocean and the Colossus.


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  • Created by – Dave Filoni
  • Based on Star Wars created by – George Lucas
  • Developed by – Dave Filoni, Kiri Hart, Carrie Beck
  • Executive Produced by – Brandon Auman, Athena Yvette Portillo, Justin Ridge
  • Executive Producer – Dave Filoni
  • Supervising Director – Justin Ridge
  • Directed by – Steward Lee
  • Written by – Jennifer Corbett
  • Additional Writing by – Kiri Hart
  • Story Consultant – Steven Melching
  • Star Wars Resistance Theme & Score by – Michael Tavera
  • Original Star Wars Themes & Score by – John Williams
  • Co-producer – Josh Rimes
  • Voice Director – Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
  • Art Director – Amy Beth Christenson
  • Digital Asset Supervisor – Paul Zinnes
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  • Rights and clearances by – Entertainment Clearances, Inc., Cassandra Barbour, Laura Sevier


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Notes and references[]

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