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The Nightsister's Revenge is the fifth expansion for the Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game, released on December 15, 2009. It adds more than 200 new playable cards and more than 20 new loot cards to the game. The new loot cards include pet modifying dewback armor, a highly coveted HK-47 jetpack, and two new massive house structures, the Emperor's Spire and the Rebel Spire. The new playable cards feature unit cards labeled with the new "Beast" trait, with cards such as Beast Attack, a tactic that deals heavy damage using units labeled with the new Beast trait. Other new game mechanics include new keywords like Agility, automatically readying a chosen unit on the field of battle and an ability to spend Level Tokens for additional battle bonuses to cards in play. This set introduces Aqualish and Chiss as two new playable avatar species.

The story mode of this set, represented in scenarios, requires the player to join forces with Sith Lord Namman Cha or Jedi Knight Rachi Sitra in the race to learn the secrets of controlling beasts with the Force from the exiled Nightsister Kyrisa. Following a fierce battle for leadership, the Nightsister clan of witches on Dathomir has banished one of their own, an extremely powerful Force sensitive named Kyrisa, who has developed the ability to control the minds of beasts with the Force. At the orders of Clan Mother Gethzerion, Kyrisa was exiled from Dathomir and crash-landed on the planet Hoth. Enraged at her banishment, Kyrisa vowed revenge against Clan Mother Gethzerion and the Nightsisters. Taking refuge deep within the icy caverns on Hoth, she quickly took control of wampas, creating a new pack of minions that she used to wreak havoc on both the Rebel and Imperial military forces on the surface of Hoth, stealing supplies necessary to help her return home to enact her revenge. Her abilities to manipulate the beasts is so complete that both Jedi and Sith want this knowledge, or at the very least to remove the Force-user as a threat to their objectives on the surface.

Card List[]

  1. Attunement
  2. Compassion
  3. Defend the Weak
  4. Farsight
  5. Focused Strike
  6. Force Enlightenment
  7. Force Concealment
  8. Force Generation
  9. Force Seeing
  10. Lightsaber Mastery
  11. Mystical Energies
  12. CorSec CDEF Carbine
  13. Delta-7 Light Interceptor
  14. Fifth Generation Lightsaber
  15. Meditation Bracelet
  16. Ryyk Blade
  17. Art of Movement
  18. Force Absorb
  19. Force Empathy
  20. Force Flash
  21. Force Sense
  22. Augwynne Djo
  23. Corran Horn
  24. Ewok Forest Scout
  25. Gungan Councilor
  26. Jawa Merchant
  27. Jedi Initiate
  28. R2-D2
  29. Singing Mountain Champion
  30. Singing Mountain Defender
  31. Singing Mountain Rancor
  32. Singing Mountain Sister
  33. Wookiee Warrior
  34. Affliction Duration
  35. Bacta Corruption
  36. Courage Under Fire
  37. Drive for Victory
  38. Enhancement Specialist
  39. Kinetic Armor
  40. Mysterious Crate
  41. Pistol Burn
  42. Sabotage Run
  43. Target Selection
  44. Unmarked Speeder
  45. A-wing
  46. A280 Blaster Rifle
  47. Concussion Grenade
  48. Personal Comlink Wrist-P4
  49. Vibrodagger
  50. Lethal Strikes
  51. Marksman Training
  52. Melee Accuracy
  53. On the Watch
  54. Rheumatic Calamity
  55. Bren Derlin
  56. Carlist Rieekan
  57. FX-7
  58. Gun Runner
  59. Heavy Weapon Specialist
  60. Rebel Captain
  61. Rebel Major General
  62. Snowspeeder
  63. SpecForce Guerrilla
  64. SpecForce Infiltrator
  65. SpecForce Marine
  66. SpecForce Technician
  67. Blizzard Force
  68. Cloaked Recovery
  69. Cloaking Armor
  70. Custom Armor
  71. Diagnostic Armor
  72. Emperor's Favor
  73. Expose Shadows
  74. Gunpoint
  75. Hidden Assault
  76. Pinpoint Shielding
  77. Shadow Operation
  78. Converted Laser Carbine
  79. Covert Ops Gloves
  80. E-Web Heavy Repeating Blaster
  81. TIE Advanced
  82. Vibrodagger
  83. Avoid Damage
  84. Battle Plan
  85. Getaway
  86. Overwhelm
  87. Smoke Screen
  88. Admiral Ozzel
  89. Andal Sait
  90. AT-PT
  91. Imperial Admiral
  92. Imperial Commander
  93. Imperial Lieutenant Commander
  94. Imperial Major
  95. Imperial Moff
  96. Snowtrooper
  97. Snowtrooper Captain
  98. Snowtrooper Lieutenant
  99. Stormtrooper Commando
  100. Broken Chains
  101. Dominate Mind
  102. Force Body
  103. Force Crush
  104. Force Destruction
  105. Force Stealth
  106. Force Stun
  107. Fueled by Passion
  108. Honed by Conflict
  109. Sever Force
  110. Thought Bomb
  111. DXR6 Heavy Carbine
  112. Holocron of Heresies
  113. Nightsister Lightwhip
  114. Lightsaber shoto
  115. Sith Infiltrator
  116. Battle Precognition
  117. Feel the Power
  118. Fires of Hate
  119. Force Assault
  120. Force Scream
  121. Axkva Min
  122. Blackscale Slave Transport
  123. Blackscale Warden
  124. Cavern Spider
  125. Chirq Council Adjutant
  126. Chirq Council Guard
  127. Chirq Council Mechanized Guardian
  128. Jerec
  129. Silri
  130. Spiderclan Acolyte
  131. Spiderclan Protector
  132. Spiderclan Stalker
  133. Allure
  134. Beast Empathy
  135. Beast Loyalty
  136. Easy Money
  137. Exceptional Nutrition
  138. Harmonious Understanding
  139. Stupid Pet Tricks
  140. DNA Core
  141. Incubator
  142. M-22T Krayt Gunship
  143. Pet Food
  144. Stun Baton
  145. White Thranta Rifle
  146. Fateful Encounter
  147. Gone Forever
  148. A New Home
  149. The Weak Mind Is Controlled
  150. Beast Attack
  151. Creature Knowledge
  152. Savagery
  153. Soothing Comfort
  154. Swift Ambush
  155. Swift Recovery
  156. Dewback
  157. Dune Bantha
  158. Dune Lizard
  159. Fierce Wampa
  160. Hoth Hog
  161. Krayt Dragon Ancient
  162. Kyrisa
  163. Mutant Rancor
  164. Tauntaun
  165. Worrt

Fixed Cards[]

Rachi Sitra promoted to the rank of Jedi Knight

  1. Becoming a Jedi Knight - Jedi Knight Training (Secondary)
  2. Explosive Ending
  3. Hamstring
  4. Wampa Fight
  5. Building the Base
  6. Outpost Guardians
  7. Plan for the Future - Rebel Battle Plan (Secondary)
  8. Rebel Patrol
  9. Costly Defeat
  10. Snowtrooper Attack
  11. Soldier Reborn - I Am Reborn {Secondary}
  12. Walker Assault
  13. Double Bladed
  14. Final Clash
  15. Reptomammal Battle
  16. Watching the Witches - Favor of the Witches (Secondary)
  17. Permafrost Crystal
  18. Alliance Cold Weather Gloves
  19. Alliance Cold Weather Headgear
  20. Snowtrooper Chestplate
  21. Snowtrooper Helmet
  22. Lava Crystal
  23. Hoth Geode
  24. Hoth Hog Tusk
  25. Missile Crate
  26. Tusken Rucksack
  27. Hoth Transmitter

Promo Cards[]

  1. Kyle Katarn
  2. Wampa
  3. Captain Piett
  4. R2-D2
  5. Chewbacca
  6. Emperor Palpatine
  7. Hoth Chocolate
  8. Life Day Incense Burner
  9. Wookiee-ookiees
  10. Lurrexu
  11. Wedge Antilles
  12. Kath Scarlet
  13. Gorvo
  14. Morathax
  15. Cybernetic Arm
  16. Kir Kanos
  17. Minstyngar Deathcaller
  18. ARC-170
  19. The Nightsister's Revenge Choose a Loot
  20. The Nightsister's Revenge Choose a Promo

Loot Cards[]

  1. A1 Deluxe Floater
  2. Baby Colo Claw Fish and Tank
  3. Battle Droid Statuette
  4. Circus Horrificus Auto Beast Feeder
  5. Cloud City Hologram
  6. Dewback Armor
  7. Emperor's Spire
  8. Greedo's Outfit
  9. Gualaar
  10. Guise of Fire
  11. Guise of Ice
  12. Han and Greedo Diorama
  13. HK Droid Series poster
  14. HK-47 Mustafar Diorama
  15. HK-47 Statuette
  16. Jedi Council Diorama
  17. Kashyyykian Beast Muzzle
  18. Nightsister Instigator Painting
  19. Ord Mantell Travel Advertisement
  20. Rebel Spire
  21. RIC-920 Rickshaw
  22. Twin Cloud Car
  23. Snow Jacket
  24. Senate Guard Greeter
  25. Coruscant Travel Advertisement
  26. Jabba's Bed
  27. Spined Rancor Poster
  28. Lando Statuette
  29. Otoh Gunga House Lamp
  30. Winged Quenker Poster


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