The Official Star Wars Fact File 3 was the third issue of The Official Star Wars Fact File, released on January 16, 2002. The issue was authored by Darren Allanson, David Bailey, Chris Gardner, Jim Swallow and Iain Lowson. It also contained original illustrations by Carl Lyons.


  • The Naboo Blockade (NAB 1-4)
    • The Blockade of the peaceful planet by the Trade Federation.
  • Darth Vader (VAD 1-6)
    • Dark Lord of the Sith who acted as right-hand man to the Emperor.
  • Admiral Ackbar (ACK 1-4)
    • Master strategist from Mon Calamari, fleet leader at the battle of Endor.
  • Tatooine (TAT 1-4)
    • The inhospitable desert planet that was home to Luke Skywalker.
  • Imperial Mark IV sentry droid (SEN 1-2)
    • Ubiquitous Imperial robot snooper.
  • Jedi detection devices (JED 1-2)
    • Equipment used by the Jedi to assess potential recruits to their order.
  • All-Terrain Armored Transport (ATA 1-2)
    • Feared battlewagon of the Imperial forces.


Behind the scenes[]

The admiral Ackbar article includes original artwork by Carl Lyons.[1]

Notes and references[]

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