"Live Band Every Night"
―An advertisement for the lounge[src]

The Pilot's Lounge was a destination for pilots in the galaxy. During the Clone Wars, the lounge featured a live band every night and advertised at a Bith-owned fueling station on the planet Orondia.[3] Years later, during the reign of the Galactic Empire, The Pilot's Lounge advertised at Havoc Outpost, a shipping site,[1] and Horizon Base, an Imperial outpost. Advertisements for The Pilot's Lounge were written in Aurebesh and featured illustrations of two Bith musicians and beverages.[2]

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"Signage at the fueling station includes: Eat at Koe's, Bounty Emporium: Always Open, Bounty Never Sleeps; Security Services; Speeder Sales; The Pilot's Lounge (Live Band Every Night); Craft Repair and Maintenance; Repair Rack Droid Services; Orondia Tours; and Meteor Cafe."
― "Friends and Enemies" Episode Guide[src]

The Pilot's Lounge was first mentioned in "Friends and Enemies," the sixteenth episode in the fourth season of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series.[4] The episode aired on January 27, 2012,[5] and depicted an advertisement for The Pilot's Lounge, along with signs for Koe's, Bounty Emporium, Orondia Tours, and Meteor Cafe, among others.[6] These advertisements also briefly appeared in "Blood Sisters" and "The Forgotten Droid,"[1][7] episodes from the second season of the animated series Star Wars Rebels.[8][9]



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