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"The Pit and the Pinnacle" is the eighth episode of the second season of LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures. It was released on Disney XD on August 8, 2017.[1]

Official description[]

Using his unique powers, Rowan leads the Freemakers to a planet rich in Kyber crystals... and danger...[1]

Plot summary[]

Rowan's meditation and escaping M-OC[]

The episode opens with the StarScavenger departing from the planet Qalydon. Rowan Freemaker is meditating but notices his siblings are silent. When he asks them what they are doing, they reply that they are being quiet so that he can lead them to the kyber crystal so that they can finish building the Arrowhead. Rowan says that he is unable to concentrate because it is too quiet and they are watching him. Roger then plays some loud cantina music, which Rowan objects. When Roger asks Rowan what he wants because he doesn't want quiet or noise, Rowan tells everyone to do what they usually do.

However, Rowan soon gets frustrated that they are acting normal. Zander counters that there is no such thing as normal for the Freemakers. He says that this is the right amount of tension they can work with. Rowan senses that the crystal is far away but thinks they can still reach it. At that point, they are attacked by M-OC's starship Tracker I. Rowan remarks that this is too much tension. Zander wonders how M-OC rebuilt himself so fast.

Roger says that M-OC has got blasters, pulse cannons, and jets, and adds that the Emperor clearly knows how to build a droid unlike some people. Kordi Freemaker tells Roger to shoot at M-OC instead of taking pot shots at them. During the chase, Rowan tells his siblings to buy him time while he tries to meditate. M-OC contacts him by hologram and tells him that time is not in his favor. He taunts Rowan that he is relentless and does not tire unlike Rowan. However, Zander terminates the transmission.

With Zander's encouragement, Rowan focuses and tells them to jump to Outer Rim Territories, twelve parsecs past Terminus. The StarScavenger jumps into hyperspace. M-OC is about to calculate their jump trajectory but he is interrupted by the Emperor, who queries about the weather on Qalydon before demanding the whereabouts of Rowan and the Kyber Saber. M-OC replies that he has neither Rowan nor the Kyber Saber. The Emperor accuses M-OC of not understanding what is at stake and suggests he come to Coruscant for a little "re-education."


While the StarScavenger travels through hyperspace, Rowan is worried. Kordi reassures her younger brother that they are save from M-OC while Roger makes some repairs. A weary Rowan says they are safe for now. Zander hopes that they get to go to somewhere nice because the StarScavenger has taken a beating. Roger hopes for a rest, relaxation, and repair. The StarScavenger is pulled into the atmosphere of an unidentified terrestrial world, covered in ruins, mountains, and grass. Zander is about to joke about a smooth landing but Kordi stops him in his tracks.

Upon disembarking, Kordi asks Rowan if this is the planet. He says he can sense the kyber crystals. The Freemakers subsequently discover that the planet is littered with tiny kyber crystals. However, Rowan finds that these crystals are smaller than those in his vision and thinks that none of them would work on the Arrowhead. Zander says he can repair the StarScavenger but notes that they have lost their stabilizer fin. Kordi assigns Zander and Roger to put the ship back together while she and Rowan search for the stabilizer fin and crystals.

Roger complains that Rowan and Kordi get to explore a dangerous, uncharted world while they get to stay with the ship. While walking, Rowan confides with Kordi that M-OC is getting to him and fears that he can't defeat the droid. Kordi reassures her little brother they can just like they defeated Naare in the past. Rowan is worried that the Emperor will only send someone else and that the dark side never stops. Rowan soon finds the stabilizer fin and tells Kordi that he senses something calling to him.

Separate journeys[]

Back at the StarScavenger, Roger helps Zander to fit a fallen panel back on the ship. Roger can hear some faint screeching but Zander does not until a mynock attacks Roger. Zander drives the creature away. Rowan thanks Zander for saving him but recalls that he brought them to this dangerous world. Roger says that his emotional processors have mixed feelings about Zander. Zander points to an approaching flock of mynocks and the two retreat back to the StarScavenger.

Rowan and Kordi explore a cave with murals. Rowan thinks that it is a temple and tells Kordi that the crystal might be inside. He tells her that something drew him to the planet, leading Kordi to wonder what it could be. As Rowan and Kordi continue their journey, she asks why the original Force Builders built stairs that went nowhere. She then finds a writing on the wall that says that "the key to unlocking the mysteries before you is to turn to the Force."

Rowan uses the Force to raise the circular floor beneath them. Rowan remarks that it is "child-lock" but can only be open with the Force. The floor they are standing is inscribed with the symbol of the Jedi Order. Rowan realizes that the Jedi built this place and that they want him to use the Force. Rowan believes that the kyber crystal has got to be in here. Kordi says that hopefully they can find a way out as well. Rowan tells her to hurry up.

Back at the StarScavenger, Roger and Zander are overwhelmed by a flock of mynocks. A mynock has latched onto Roger's head, intending to suck his "sweet juicy powers." Zander yells at Roger to get onto the ship. Zander uses a welding torch to drive the mynock away. Roger thanks the Maker. Zander and Roger man the ship's guns to prevent the mynocks from sucking all the ship's power away. Zander warns Roger there is a mynock on his barrel.

Roger manages to shake the mynock off. Roger blasts at the surrounding ground, causing the tiny kyber crystals to explode and tilt the StarScavenger's position. Roger is still delighted to learn that kyber crystals are explosive but Zander says they need to rethink their mynock strategy.

Audience with the Emperor[]

Meanwhile, at the Imperial Palace on Coruscant, the Emperor, Darth Vader, and M-OC are watching a hologram recording of Jedi Master Baird Kantoo using the Kyber Saber to destroy a moon. The Emperor uses this to explain why he wants the Kyber Saber and demands to know why M-OC hasn't delivered it yet. The droid confirms that he has not yet delivered Rowan or the crystals to him.

He adds that he thought it would be clear to him. The Emperor describes talking to M-OC like the "backside of a bantha", which Vader agrees. The Emperor also complains about M-OC's failures. Feeling generous, he asks the droid to give him one reason why he shouldn't throw him on the scrap pile. M-OC replies that he needs an XX-23 S-thread tracker. The Emperor is pleased.

M-OC explains that the XX-23 S-thread tracker would allow him to track the Freemakers more precisely. When the Emperor asks him why he doesn't have one, the droid explains that Darth Vader has blocked his requests for the technology. The Emperor is furious with Lord Vader and approves M-OC's request. He orders him to get the Freemaker boy and the Kyber Saber.

The Emperor then questions Lord Vader about Luke Skywalker and the progress with the second Death Star. Vader replies that these are complicated questions as the Emperor's hands begin to radiate with Force lightning. An Imperial officer then brings Lord Vader news about a rebel fleet over Rodia. Vader takes the opportunity to take leave, leading the Emperor to remark that it is ironic that Vader was saved by the Rebellion.

Challenges on each front[]

Meanwhile, Rowan and Kordi reach a chamber. Rowan sees another writing saying "that the Force builds and lifts us all." Looking at the hole at the top, Kordi assumes that is the exit and suggests that they could use a Force Builder. With Kordi's encouragement, Rowan uses the Force to levitate the blocks so that they can almost reach the top. Kordi allows Rowan to climb on her shoulders but the blocks collapse under their weight. Rowan and Kordi make a second attempt but also fail. This leads Rowan to realize they are clearly missing something.

Back aboard the StarScavenger, Zander has finished his check of the major-minor ship systems. With the exception of the power coupling, the StarScavenger is a dead ship. Roger panics that the mynocks will rip through the hull and feed on his circuits. Zander wishes for a break so that they can piece the ship back together and get her airborne. Roger says that they need something to lure them away but fears they will be used as bait.

Inside the cave, Kordi is unable to find hidden levers. Taking stock of the situation, she deduces that they will dive in the cave if they don't reach the exit. Rowan says that the riddle must mean something. Kordi recalls the writing "The Force builds and lifts us all." After the failed ladders, Rowan realizes that he was building the wrong thing. He instead uses the Force to assemble a platform for them to stand on. Using the kyber crystals below, he generates enough force to bring them to the surface.

The two reach the summit only to see a tall tower in the distance, which is separated by a deep chasm. Believing that the kyber crystal is at the top of the tower, Rowan is excited and thinks that they are going to complete the Arrowhead, save the Rebellion, stop the Empire, and free the galaxy. Kordi reminds Rowan to deal with reality by asking him to consider how they will get over there. Rowan agrees that Kordi has raised a good point.

Ascending to great heights[]

Meanwhile, Roger questions Zander's plan to outfit him with a rocket and send him as a decoy to draw away the mynocks. Zander asks Roger if he wants a chance like M-OC. The B1-series battle droid obliges and jets away into the sky. He goads the mynocks into following him with the offer of "yummy, delicious" power cells. After some struggling, Roger manages to draw the flock of mynocks away from the StarScavenger, allowing Zander to pick up the ship's scattered parts.

Back inside the cave, Rowan reads an inscription saying "that each lesson of the Force is a step that builds upon itself." When Kordi asks what happened to the rest of the stairs, Rowan says that he realizes he knows what he needs to do. He uses the Force to levitate three stony treads and reassembles them systematically to reach the top of the tower. Rowan tells Kordi to stay behind. Despite almost tripping and losing one of the treads, Rowan manages to use the two remaining treads to reach the summit of the tower where he discovers a holocron belong to Master Kantoo.

A hologram projection of Master Kantoo tells him that if he has come this far, he is worthy of learning the secret of building with Kyber crystals. Meanwhile, Kordi discovers many kyber crystals in the pit facing the tower. Rowan realizes that the kyber crystal he is looking for isn't here because he has to build it. Master Kantoo warns Rowan that kyber crystals are extremely powerful and dangerous and that one misstep can lead to terrible consequences. He sees the asteroid field resulting from the ruined moon.

Forging the Kyber crystal[]

After descending from the tower, Rowan tells Kordi that he did not find their crystal but that he has to learn how to make it. Rowan is discouraged and tells Kordi that the Kyber Saber was an amazing weapon but that it led to the cataclysm above. He worries that the Arrowhead will be no different and that the Emperor will get hold of it. Kordi says that doing nothing would mean the Emperor would win.

Kordi warns Rowan that the dark side would overrun the galaxy unless people like them stand in its way. She tells him that the galaxy nees them to be brave because when they give into fear, the dark side wins. Kordi asks Rowan if he remembers the last thing that Jek-14 said to him. Rowan recalls that he said be a Builder. With Kordi's encouragement, Rowan uses the Force to combine the smaller kyber crystals into a larger one.

Roger's adventure and homeward bound[]

Meanwhile, Roger leads the flock of mynocks on a chase while Zander frantically finishes his repairs to the StarScavenger. Rowan and Kordi soon return with the giant kyber crystal and the ship's stabilizer fin. Zander is amazed that Kordi and Rowan have recovered a big Kyber crystal. Rowan says they have got some stories to tell.

Above, Roger runs out of fuel and thinks that it is the end as the mynocks converge around him. However, he is rescued by the now repaired StarScavenger. Zander tells him that it is not the end but that they appreciate him anyway. Aboard the StarScavenger, Zander asks if they have got every part for the Arrowhead. Kordi confirms that is the case. Zander asks if they can now finish the Arrowhead, win the war, and save the galaxy. Zander also quips about racing Chewbacca and the Millennium Falcon.

Rowan replies two out of three of those. Zander jokes that he doesn't need to save the galaxy. Kordi tells Roger to set a course for the rebel fleet. She adds "let's show them what our little brother has got." Roger says "Roger, Roger" and the StarScavenger jumps into hyperspace.


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Notes and references[]

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