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"The Platform Classic" is the ninth episode of the first season of the animated television series Star Wars Resistance. The episode premiered on November 25, 2018.

Official description[]

When hotshot racer Marcus Speedstar arrives on the Colossus, Yeager is confronted by a painful past he's kept hidden.[3]

Plot summary[]


The episode opens with a wide landscape shot of the Colossus platform. On the Colossus, there are several holo-advertisements of the members of Ace Squadron. At Jarek Yeager's repair shop, Team Fireball are working on the Fireball racer. BB-8 and R1-J5 ("Bucket") argue and bang into each other.

Tam Ryvora tells the other crew including Kazuda Xiono and Neeku Vozo that the Platform Classic is tomorrow and that they need to hurry up and finish their repairs if Yeager is going to let them watch it. When Kaz smiles, she asks him what he is smiling about. Kaz claims he is smiling for no reason but Tam tells him to spit it out. Kaz says he has heard a rumor that will make the Platform Classic the biggest race in the galaxy and Yeager happy.

Neeku thinks that Kaz is proposing another joke and laughs. BB-8 shakes his head. Yeager enters the garage and tells his gang to keep working on the repairs and says that Captain Imanuel Doza wants to see him about something important. Kaz begs to go along. Jarek asks Kaz why he wants to go so badly and what he is smiling about. Tam adds that is what she wants to know. Kaz claims nothing at all, and says they should go and see what Doza wants.

Captain Doza's business opportunity[]

A frowning Yeager, a grinning Kaz, Tam, Neeku, and BB-8 travel up to Doza Tower to meet Captain Doza at his office. Doza is pleased to see Yeager and thanks him for coming quickly. Yeager asks if he needs more last minute repairs. Doza acknowledges that he has been calling on Yeager and his team a lot recently. When Yeager asks if he wants them to deal with pirates and saboteurs, Doza smiles and tells them the Platform Classic is a chance to bring much needed money to their economy. He says that the price is 100,000 credits.

Kaz nudges Tam in the elbow. Doza says that the Aces will be in it but this time he wants to make it bigger than ever so he is calling on him. Yeager replies that his racing days are long over. Doza says he knew that he would say that but that he knew that Yeager could not resist competing with a champion.

Just then, a voice says that "it's been a long time." Doza introduces the famous sky racer Marcus Speedstar, who walks down the stairs. Doza describes him as the three-time winner of the Five Sabers. Tam, Kaz, and Neeku are visibly happy and exhilarated. Neeku says he can't believe it. Only Jarek is unhappy and refuses to look at the racing champion.

Marcus says that he can't believe that it is almost five years and extends his hand to Yeager, who refuses to shake it. Tam realizes that Yeager knows Marcus Speedstar. Yeager stands up and faces Speedstar, telling everyone that he is his brother. Kaz and the other Team Fireball members are shocked at this revelation.

As Jarek and Speedstar stare each other down, Captain Doza says that this will be the greatest Platform Classic that the Galaxy has ever seen: Jarek Yeager versus Marcus Speedstar, brother versus brother. Yeager rejects the racing offer and says that his racing days and ties to his brother are over. Marcus says they need to talk but Yeager cuts him off and says that he is surprised that he even agreed to it. Jarek walks away and tells Speedstar that he will see him again in another decade.

Speedstar's visit[]

Kaz wants to meet Speedstar but Tam drags him away. The other members of Team Fireball leave. Back at Yeager's repair shop, Neeku asks Yeager why his brother has a different last name. Yeager is incredulous that Neeku thought that Speedstar was a proper surname. Yeager asks how Kaz knew about it. Kaz replies that he heard rumors that Marcus Speedstar was going to be here but that he did not know he was his brother.

Speedstar remarks that he is the more handsome one and enters the garage with the Esral'sa'Nikto Oplock and the black astromech droid R4-D12. Speedstar says that it's been a long time since he has seen his big brother and tells his crew that he was the one who taught him how to fly when they were kids. Yeager refuses to greet his estranged brother and says that he is busy and that Speedstar has a race to prepare for.

Speedstar says that he didn't come all this way to race his own brother but to see him. Yeager replies that he wasted his trip. Yeager walks deeper into the garage as Speedstar follows. Oplock greets his fellow Nikto Neeku with a howl. Tam and Kaz are startled but Neeku reassures them that he likes them. Neeku explains that is a traditional Esral'sa'Nikto greeting of friendship. Neeku introduces himself, Kaz, and Tam to Oplock. Oplock puts his arm around Neeku, who introduces Oplock and the astromech R4-D12. The droids greet the astromech.

Estranged brothers[]

Inside the repair shop, Yeager tells his younger brother he is surprised to see him here and asks about their agreement not to race again. Speedstar says that Doza doesn't know that and admits that he didn't come here to race. He says that he came here to talk but Yeager says that he knows that he doesn't want to talk with him and that hasn't changed.

Speedstar counters that what hasn't changed is that Yeager is the only family he has. He says that he doesn't want us not speaking to each other. Yeager counters that Oplock doesn't speak to him. Speedstar says that Oplock forgave him and judges him by the person I am. He adds that unlike Yeager, Oplock helped him. Yeager retorts that Speedstar has Oplock and his fame. Yeager says that Speedstar was obsessed with fame and did whatever he had to get it.

Speedstar responds that it was easier to win after he dropped out and gambles that he will win before telling his brother that he will see him around. Yeager counters that Speedstar knows that he will never beat him. Speedstar says that the two of them are the only ones that know that. Speedstar tells Oplock and D12 they are going.

After Speedstar and his crew and left, Yeager warns Kaz that if he goes behind his back again he is out of here. Kaz says that he didn't realize that he was afraid to race again with Neeku adding that it his own brother. Yeager says he taught Marcus everything he knows and that he couldn't touch him. He explains that they have an agreement not to race one another.

When Tam remarks that it is probably because Marcus is regarded as one of the greatest racers in the galaxy, Yeager counters that they don't know what they are talking about. Kaz and Tam says that if he is not going to race, they would have to assume that Marcus is the better pilot. This rankles Yeager and says that he will go and challenge Marcus so that he will back down.

Guavian debts and Yeager's gaffe[]

At Aunt Z's Tavern, several patrons including Egdir, Al, Narb, Nod, and Jooks offer to buy Marcus some drinks but he says that he can afford them himself. Al says that is nonsense and that it is an honor to have a celebrity racer like him here. Shortly later, two Guavian Death Gang enforcers enter the cantina. While his crew hide, Speedstar tries to maintain a low profile.

The two Guavians approach Speedstar, who tries to flatter them. When one of the Guavians confronts him about a ship on Rishi, Marcus says that he didn't realize that it was their ship and that he wouldn't have stood around if he realized it was them. The Guavian knocks his cup down with his blaster. Marcus promises to pay back his 20,000 credits debt by winning the Platform Classic. However, the Guavians take Oplock hostage as collateral. Marcus tells Oplock to go with the "nice red guys" and claims there is no pilot here who can beat him.

At that point, Yeager enters the cantina with his crew and BB-8. Jarek says that he has changed his mind and is racing Speedstar in the Platform Classic. He adds that he hopes that Speedstar doesn't mind the competition. Speedstar replies that Jarek knows that he doesn't want to do that. Yeager derides Marcus as a quitter and walks away. Speedstar tells his brother that he will see him tomorrow at the big race. When Yeager asks what he is doing, Speedstar says that he came here hoping things have changed. But since Yeager is not willing to forgive him, he asks what is the point. Speedstar says he needs that money.

Overhearing their conversation, Aunt Z tells patrons that bets for the Platform Classic are now open. She tells them to put their credits down right here. Yeager says that he is not going to race but Kaz reminds him that he can't back out of it. As the bets pile up, D12 beeps and Speedstar looks nervous.

Old wounds[]

While leaving the cantina, Kaz asks if he was trying to prove that Marcus wouldn't race him. Speedstar comes up and explains that the Guavian Death Gang have taken his mechanic hostage. Jarek says that he doesn't want to know and loans Kaz as his "best" mechanic. As they walk away, Tam expresses surprise but Yeager quips that he didn't say what Kaz was best as.

While Kaz is working on Marcus's ship Galaxy's Glory, Speedstar tells Kaz to reorient that "camslate." Kaz, who isn't a real mechanic, is unfamiliar with the technology. BB-8 watches from under the fighter. When Marcus asks Kaz if he is Yeager's best mechanic, he says that he is the top three. Kaz tells him that he is mainly a pilot and expresses admiration that the racing celebrity is Yeager's brother.

Marcus corrects him that Jarek was the amazing one and that he could have become one of the greatest racers in the galaxy. Kaz says that he knew that Yeager was at the Battle of Jakku and asks why Yeager left the New Republic Defense Fleet. Speedstar is surprised that Yeager never told him. Kaz says that Yeager is not exactly open.

Speedstar explains that after the war with the Galactic Empire, the New Republic downsized its military. He and Yeager raced for a living. Speedstar says that he raced for fame and glory but that Yeager was racing for his family. Kaz confirms that he knows that Yeager once had a wife and daughter but that he never talks about them.

Speedstar explains that they competed in some big races together but that he could never beat him. He yearned to be the best to the point where he juiced up his racer with some hyperfuel. Kaz says how dangerous that fuel is. Speedstar explains that they were neck in neck approaching the last hoop when he opened up the throttle but underestimated the power of the ship. He clipped his brother's racer, sending the racer out of control. He remarks that he thought that the hyperfuel would give him victory but laments that it ruined everything.

Back at Yeager's repair ship, Tam and Neeku find him repairing his own racer with the help of Bucket. Tam is in awe of the ship. Yeager says the ship will need a little fine tuning and asks Tam to bring him a fresh generator ring from his office. While Tam is away, Neeku asks why Yeager stopped speaking with Marcus. He explains that his people would offer their own hearts or multiple internal organs if requested. Yeager understands that brothers are supposed to be there when you need them most. He says that mine wasn't.

Meanwhile, Kaz asks Speedstar how he got into trouble with the Guavian Death Gang. He says he had to borrow a few Credits after he fell into some hard times when he lost a couple of races. When Kaz asks Marcus if he came to the Colossus just for the money, Speedstar responds that there are plenty of races across the galaxy but that he wanted to see his brother again and couldn't pass it up.

Sibling issues[]

The following day, Bucket beeps in the cockpit of Yeager's racer. Yeager says that he knows it has been a while and asks the droid if he knows how to co-pilot the ship. Just then, Kaz enters the garage and tells Yeager that he should forgive his brother for whatever he did. Yeager tells him that he doesn't know what he is asking of him.

Kaz points out that Speedstar is Yeager's brother. Yeager asks if Speedstar told him that he once had a family, a wife, and a kid. Kaz says that Speedstar loves Yeager as a brother and just wanted to be like him. Yeager responds that Marcus doesn't care about anyone but himself. Kaz replies that is not true and that his mechanic is in trouble with Guavian Death Gang and that he needs that prize money to pay them off. Yeager climbs into the cockpit of his racer.

Yeager responds that is not my concern just as the race announcer Jak Sivrak announces that the Platform Classic about to begin. Yeager, Speedstar, Torra Doza, and Griff Halloran don their helmets and close their cockpits. The racers are lowered below the Colossus. Neeku waves to Kaz on the platform and points at the horizon.

As Yeager prepares for the race, he tells Speedstar over the intercom that his droid looks a little worried. R4-D12 waves his head. Speedstar is cocky and boasts that D12 will come out fine unlike Bucket out there. He jokes that Bucket will blow a fuse before the race even starts, prompting a beeped protest from Bucket. Speedstar tells Yeager that he has to win this race. Yeager says that Speedstar has been singing that song since they were kids and says that is never going happen.

Speedstar replies that he didn't come here just to race. Yeager retorts that his brother is here to lose and that he lost him a long time ago. Speedstar bows his head and starts the engine. Yeager also fires up his engine. When the lights turn green, the racers race over the ocean and fly through the hoops.

The Platform Classic[]

Jak Sivrak announces that the racers have entered phase one as a holoprojector displays images of Speedstar, Yeager, Torra Doza, Hype Fazon, and Bo Keevil. As the fighters enter the obstacle course, Speedstar tells D12 to give it his best shot. Speedstar flies through three hoops. Flying beside Speedstar's racer, Yeager tells him that he always had respect for D12 and says he can't believe that the old droid stood by him, showing that droids are not different from their pilots. Speedstar asks what that is supposed to mean as the two fighters race through the obstacle-course hoops.

As Sivrak reports that Jarek Yeager and his brother are racing neck to neck, Kaz accidentally knocks a pit droid sitting in the balcony off the platform into the ocean below. Lower down the deck, a few Chelidae are also watching the race. During the race, Griff Halloran fires stun bolts at Bo Keevil's fighter, causing it to crash into the sea. Halloran moves up to the top five. Sivrak then announces phase two which involves the racers doing an atmospheric climb to the very edge of space.

Over the intercom, Yeager tells Speedstar that he can never forgive him for what he did. Speedstar responds that he tried to talk to him many times but that he disappeared. Over the holovideo, Sivrak announces that the racers are reaching phase three of the race, which involves doing a powerless plummet. The ring is equipped with an ion charge that temporarily disables the ships. A nervous Oplock and his Guavian captors watch the race.

In the high atmosphere, Yeager says that he left because he lost everything, which he blames on Speedstar. As Speedstar and Yeager race to the ring, Speedstar says that he has been trying to tell him all this time. Just then, Yeager's racer enters the ring and the ion charge fries his ship's engines. Yeager adjusts the steering vanes into descent mode.

As the ships re-enter Castilon's atmosphere with Yeager in the lead, Neeku says he cannot bear to watch the plummeting. Kaz points out they are just gliding but Neeku says that if the miss the reigniting hoop, their engines won't come back on and that they will crash. Yeager, Speedstar, and Griff's racers glide together. D12 beeps and Speedstar says that he sees him. Just then, Griff Halloran tries to ram Speedstar's racer. Yeager's racer drops through the hood and the ship's engines reignite.

Meanwhile, Griff ties to ram Speedstar's ship but he also makes it through the hoop and fires up his engines. A frustrated Griff then ejects from his fighter into the sea. The departure of Griff allows Freya Fenris to move up the ranks into the top five. Torra and the other racers clear through the reactivating hoop.

Making peace with the past[]

As the race continues, Yeager boasts that Speedstar can't beat him and asks why his younger brother even tries. Speedstar says that this time it matters and that he has to win. Yeager retorts that Speedstar only wants fame and glory. As the two race neck in neck, Speedstar admits that he cheated in the past but that is not him anymore. He says he has people that depend on him and that if he doesn't win this race, they are going to die.

Yeager counters that his family died during the crash caused by Speedstar's race years ago. When Yeager accuses Speedstar of only caring for himself, Speedstar says not anymore and says that he has been hunting him down to say how sorry he is and how he loves his brother. Speedstar admits he was initially too ashamed to apologize and says that he regrets the deaths of Yeager's family.

Speedstar pleads for Jarek to believe him when he says that he is racing for more than himself this time. This causes Yeager to think. Meanwhile, a nervous Oplock watches the final leg of the race with his Guavian captors. Speedstar says Yeager deserves to win but Yeager accepts his brother's apology and tells him he deserves to win.

Yeager flies his ship away from the hoop, allowing Speedstar to fly through the final hoop first. Speedstar's racer is followed by the remaining racers. The crowd cheers as Sivrak announces that the winner is Marcus Speedstar.

Settling debts[]

Following the race, Speedstar pays the 100,000 credit price money to the Guavian enforcers at Aunt Z's Cantina while Yeager watches. The other Guavian brings out Oplock and pushes him into Speedstar's arms. Speedstar is delighted to see Oplock and tells him that it is good to have him back. He asks if they treated him okay. After a brief exchange between Oplock and the Guavians, Speedstar tells Oplock that they got a bit of extra money thanks to Yeager. Yeager then walks away.

Brotherly reconciliation[]

Later, Team Fireball are gathered around Speedstar's racer. There, Speedstar extends a hand and Yeager reluctantly shakes his hand. The two brothers then embrace and hug each other. Yeager says it is good to have him back. Speedstar says that he was just about to say the same thing. He asks if they are good. Yeager says no but we will be one day. Speedstar says that it is better than where we were. Neeku, Kaz, and Tam watch as Speedstar and Oplock depart on their racer for space. Yeager and his crew watch as Speedstar's racer flies out of the hangar.

Kaz tells Yeager he was amazing out there and says that he would have had an incredible racing career. Yeager says maybe and maybe not. Yeager tells Kaz that he was right when he said it was important to forgive people. When you don't, nobody wins. When Kaz asks if he said there, Yeager said not in so many ways. Kaz tells BB-8 that he and Yeager are becoming friends. BB-8 disagrees and takes offense at Kaz's perceived slight. Kaz asks if they can be allies or help, but BB-8 rolls away.


The episode was originally scripted as including Han Solo, but it was decided to focus on Jarek Yeager's character, so Marcus Speedstar was scripted instead.[4]


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  • Created by – Dave Filoni
  • Based on Star Wars created by – George Lucas
  • Developed by – Dave Filoni, Kiri Hart, Carrie Beck
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  • Executive Producer – Dave Filoni
  • Supervising Director – Justin Ridge
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  • Star Wars Resistance Theme & Score by – Michael Tavera
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  • Rights and clearances by – Entertainment Clearances, Inc., Cassandra Barbour, Laura Sevier


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