This article is about the comic strip. You may be looking for the titular object that appeared both in the strip and in Star Wars Galaxies.

The Power Gem is a comic strip written by Archie Goodwin and illustrated by Al Williamson. Originally published by the Los Angeles Times Syndicate from July to October 1982, it was republished on StarWars.com's webstrips section of Hyperspace.

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Plot summary[]

At the Yavin 4 rebel base, the rebels are trying to find a weakness in Dartrh Vader's new ship, The Executor. Princess Leia remembers that her father used to speak of a Power gem when she was a child. The Power gem was a tool used by the space pirates of Iridium that could supposedly turn off the shields of any ship. Leia asks Han Solo to go find it. Solo initially refuses, but after Leia threatens to send Luke instead, he accepts the mission. The first place Han and Chewie go to is Junkfort station. At the station, Han and Chewie are told that the gem is on the planet Antipose. When they arrive, they find out that the only way to get the gem is to pay a large sum for the right to fight for it and eliminate all the other contestants. Han and Chewie tell Raskar, the man running the whole operation, that they don't have enough money to participate in the tournament. Raskar agrees to let them fight for free, on the condition that if they lose, he will collect the bounty on Han's head. Han agrees on the condition that Chewie fights instead of him. Han tells Chewie to go fight the largest contestant to create a distraction. While everyone is busy watching Chewie fight the creature, Han sneaks into Raskar's villa to steal the gem. At the villa, Han is attacked by a duelist droid, but he lures it into a destruct beam, letting him pass through the doorway guarded by the beams. When Raskar arrives at the villa, Han tells him he knows that the Power gem's power is deteriorating and that he will tell that to all the contestants. Raskar agrees to let him leave with the gem.


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