The Prisoner of Tatooine! is the fourth episode in the LEGO Star Wars: All-Stars television series. It debuted on November 1, 2018. This episode's flashback scene takes place during the events of the LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures Season One episode "Race on Tatooine."

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The episode begins with the Rebel Alliance fleet including the Home One under attack from the Imperial Navy. Admiral Ackbar orders the X-wings to engage, and the weapons team to open fire on the TIE fighters. Roger, who was sweeping the floors, interjects to tell Admiral Ackbar that the way he orders people around reminds him of Chapter 129 of his autobiography From Trenches to Wrenches: The Roger Story: "The Prisoner of Tatooine."

While the Freemakers were on Tatooine servicing Ben Quadinaross podracer, Zander Freemaker sends Roger to find a podracer compressor. Before Roger can finish saying "that someone will roll by", a gang of Jawas arrive on a sandcrawler. Roger exclaims "Jawas" but Zander thinks he is being sarcastic. Roger walks up to the Jawas and tells them he is looking for a compressor. The Jawas instead point ion blasters at him and force him up a magnetic suction tube.

Inside the sandcrawler's storage compartment, Roger finds a compressor and encounters a GNK-series power droid. Roger tries to exit the sandcrawler through a rear hatch only to find that it has left Mos Espa. Roger decides on an escape plan which involves stuffing its engine room with pieces of scrap metal in order to sabotage the engines. Roger is dragged into the grinder and is hurtled out into a village of Tusken Raiders.

Roger's fall destroys a tent and the droid reassembles himself. Roger is confronted by several Tusken Raiders. The Jawas arrive to reclaim him and a fight breaks out with the Tusken Raiders. Roger takes advantage of the chaos to escape back to Ben Quadinaros' garage. Zander chides Roger for taking too long but the droid responds that was "sarcasm by the way."

Back in the present, Admiral Ackbar asks how Roger's story is relevant. Roger responds that when somebody does their best, a thank you is nice. When the TIEs launch another attack, Admiral Ackbar orders that the aft deflector shields be raised. Taking Roger's message aboard, he thanks everyone for their services.


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