The Queen's Amulet is a young reader book released in 1999 written by Julianne Balmain and illustrated by Matilda Harrison. The book came with a plastic amulet.

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On the morning of the Trade Federation's invasion of Naboo, Queen Amidala discovered that an important amulet, a gift from her father, is missing. With the help of Sabé, the amulet is recovered in a nearby meadow. Sabé and Amidala then switch places, with Sabé wearing the amulet to complete the decoy.

Publisher's summaryEdit

The planet of Naboo is surrounded by dark and powerful forces, and it is up to the young, strong, and beautiful Queen Amidala to save it. Readers will thrill to this epic tale of adventure set in the faraway, long-ago galaxy of Star Wars: Episode I. Colorfully illuminated with detailed illustrations and featuring a replica of Amidala's treasured amulet, this keepsake jewelry box, hardcover book, and necklace is a fun gift for Star Wars fans of all ages.

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