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The Rebel Four is a 4-page comic story that appeared in Star Wars Tales 9 and was collected in the TPB collection Star Wars Tales Volume 3. Both the script and art is provided by Jay Stephens. The story is a parody of the Fantastic Four comic series.

Plot summary[]

The Rebel Four spring into action.

On Vatleria, a team of rebels, Falaem Onn, Grimgrim, F4-MF and Soo Rcharrz, known collectively as the "Rebel Four" attempt to infiltrate the heavily guarded stone ruins.

One by one they fall into traps prepared by Darth Vader. F4-MF is stretched to pieces, Onn is burnt to a crisp, Grimgrim is crushed by rocks and Rcharrz is blasted into nothingness.

Vader however is disappointed at the ease of the victory. When an Imperial officer questions this, Vader force chokes him.

Behind the scenes[]

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The eliminations of the Rebel Four mimic the superpowers held by their comic book counterparts, the Fantastic Four.

This story may have been inspired by the similarities that have been noted between Darth Vader and Fantastic Four supervillain Doctor Doom.

The name of the planet Vatleria is an anagram of Doctor Doom's fictional home country, Latveria.


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