"The Recruit" is the two-part pilot episode of Star Wars Resistance, an animated television series created by Dave Filoni. The episode was directed by Steward Lee and Saul Ruiz, and written by Brandon Auman.

Official description[]

X-wing pilot Kazuda Xiono is recruited for the Resistance, but finds himself in over his head when Poe Dameron assigns him to a remote fueling station to spy on the First Order. Then, after Kaz boasts about being the best pilot around, he is forced to compete in a dangerous sky race.[3]

Plot summary[]

Dogfight in space[]

The episode opens with three New Republic T-85 X-wings being pursued by First Order Major Elrik Vonreg's crimson TIE/ba Baron Space Superiority Interceptor. R2-C4 squeals in fright as Kazuda Xiono's X-wing races through space. Kazuda argues with C4, telling him that this mission would be dangerous. Kazuda doesn't know where Resistance Commander Poe Dameron is. His fellow squadron mate Hugh Sion says that he's sure that Poe will get through and that they'll be here long enough to see him. The third pilot Mia Gabon tells them to lock it up and to get out of here.

As the TIE Interceptor closes in, Kazuda says they can't retreat since New Republic Command gave clear orders for them to deliver the intelligence to the Resistance. Hugh says they don't know what the intelligence is about. Kazuda thinks that it is pretty important for them to be getting shot at. When Mia says they can't even touch the enemy fighter, Kazuda orders them to report back to base while he delivers the intel. Mia exacts a promise from Kazuda to have their back. Kazuda also vows to make the TIE Interceptor pilot wish that he never met him.

Kazuda turns his X-wing around to face the TIE Interceptor and opens his fighter's S-foils. While the other X-wings retreat into hyperspace, Kazuda launches a frontal attack on the TIE Interceptor. Major Vonreg shoots the top left S-foil of Kazuda's fighter, knocking out the ship. Kazuda asks C4 if his comrades managed to escape into hyperspace. C4 tells Kazuda that their power is down. Kazuda asks how long it will take for them to get it back just as Major Vonreg returns for a second run. C4 squeals that he is too young to die, and Kazuda adds that he is also too young to die.

Poe to the rescue[]

Major Vonreg fires two warheads at Kazuda's X-wing. Before they can hit their target, they are neutralized by lasers fired by Poe Dameron's T-70 X-wing starfighter. Poe tells Kazuda to hold on tight cause he's got him and confronts the TIE Interceptor. Both Poe and BB-8 are amazed that the kid is still in one piece. Poe describes the TIE pilot as a real ace and vows to take care of him. Poe's X-wing leaders the TIE Interceptor on a chase. C4 and Kazuda argue with the latter saying that he can't sit back and tells C4 to power up the engines.

While Poe is leading the enemy TIE Interceptor on a chase, Kazuda contacts him via comlink and tells him that he has an idea. Working together, Poe lures Major Vonreg's TIE Interceptor into the firing range of Kazuda's X-wing. At Kazuda's signal, Poe pulls his X-wing up. A laser blast from Kazuda's X-wing hist the back of the TIE Interceptor, inflicting some damage. With the tables turned, Poe pursues the red TIE Interceptor but Major Vonreg takes his fighter into hyperspace. Poe tells BB-8 next time we'll get him. He asks Kazuda what's his name. Kazuda introduces himself to Poe, who invites him aboard his ship for a "patch-up". When Kazuda asks "what", a CR90 corvette exits hyperspace above his X-wing.

Poe's guest[]

An Abednedo Resistance pilot walks past Kazuda and C4 aboard the CR90 corvette's corridors. Kazuda is amazed that he's aboard a vintage Rebellion ship. Poe tells him that this "old girl" is a classic which saw action from the Battle of Scarif right up to the Battle of Jakku. Kazuda is excited to meet Poe, whom his peers talk about.

Poe tells Kazuda that he's a pretty good pilot since he scored a hit on the red TIE, a feat that nobody else but Poe has accomplished. Kaz says that it's a lot easier when you're got good teamwork, earning a nod from C4. Poe says that Kazuda's improvisation skills would be useful for the Resistance and invites him to sign up. Kazuda is keen to sign up but says his father, whose a New Republic senator, wouldn't approve. Kaz explains that his father has a "whole plan" for him.

Poe tells him that he's got an eye for talent and tells Kaz's he's got it. Just then, a voice on the intercom tells Poe that General Leia Organa requests his presence immediately. Kazuda is amazed to hear that Poe answers to General Organa, the Rebellion hero. Poe confirms it's her and then asks Kazuda for the intelligence. After handing Poe the datacard, Kazuda asks Poe to tell General Organa that she's the bravest person in the whole galaxy. Poe says she is and adds that he will also give her Kaz's greetings.

Poe then exits the room to confer with Leia. As BB-8 and C4 chat, Kaz tells them to cut the commentary and to show him where the refresher is. When Kaz exits the refresher, he finds C4 waiting outside but no sign of BB-8. Kazuda learns that BB-8 went with Poe. C4 doesn't know where Poe went. Kazuda decides to go for a walk and eavesdrops on the doors of the corvette. C4 follows and whistles but Kazuda tells him to keep quiet.

Joining the Resistance[]

Kazuda hears General Organa's voice and barges into a cabin. He finds Poe and BB-8 conferring with General Organa via a holoprojector. Kazuda blushes at the sight of the Rebellion hero. Poe and General Organa are visibly annoyed with his interruption. Poe pushes Kazuda out and chides him for eavesdropping. Kazuda denies being a spy. Poe reluctantly tells him that the intelligence he gave them was a message from a secret source indicating that the First Order is planning a massive attack on the New Republic.

When Kazuda says they have to stop them, Poe explains that his orders were to find out where that attack is going to come from and when. Kazuda volunteers to help by taking an ace pilot's job. Poe is astounded by Kaz's naivety and enthusiasm and tells BB-8 he can't believe what the kid is saying. BB-8 mumbles in response in Binary. Kazuda replies that BB-8 knows that the Resistance needs him and pleads for Poe to take him because Poe said he had talent.

Kazuda also vows to defend his home, the New Republic, adding that he wants the chance to fight for the New Republic. Poe decids to give Kazuda a mission. Kazuda is excited, but realizes he has to contact someone. After scrambling the hologram's signals, Poe allows Kaz to contact his father Hamato Xiono, who is a Senator in the New Republic. When Hamato asks Kaz why he can't see his form, Kaz explains that he had to scramble his signal because he is with the Resistance.

Hamato is displeased and asks his son how he has gotten mixed up with the Resistance, whom he regards as a bunch of extremists. Kaz says that he did not get mixed up but was on a mission and got attacked by the First Order. Kaz says he needs his dad's help. Hamato says that he has helped his son get into the Academy and the New Republic Navy and everything that he's ever wanted. When Hamato asks what his son wants, Kaz claims that he doesn't need anything before terminating the transmission. Kaz then tells Poe that he's in and asks what the mission is.

Landing on Castilon[]

While traveling through hyperspace in a Star Commuter 2000, Poe briefs Kazuda that the First Order has got a secret base in Wild Space and that they're building up their military. He adds that they need fuel and supplies. Poe tells Kaz that sources tell the Resistance that someone on Castilon is helping the First Order. The shuttle exits hyperspace above Castilon, an oceanic world on the edge of nowhere. Poe tells Kaz that he will blend in, get to know everyone out there, earn their trust, and find out whose loyal to the "good guys" and who isn't.

Kaz realizes that he's a spy but insists that he's a pilot. Poe reassures Kaz that he will be both. The Star Commuter descends into Castilon's cloudy atmosphere and approaches the Colossus, one of the few supertanker fuel depots left from the "old days". Kaz is familiar with the Colossus as a haunt for pilots, with Kaz mentioning they can be ex-Rebellion, ex-Imperial, or pirates, who seek "to go fast." Poe says that some of the best pilots in the galaxy come to Colossus to race, gamble, and drink. Poe tasks Kaz with ferreting out the First Order's spy.

The Star Commuter lands on a docking pad. BB-8 rolls down the gangplank, followed by Poe and Kazuda. Kaz catches sight of an alien throwing another alien overboard. Kaz is startled but Poe tells him not to think about it. Kaz notices that the Colossus is a rough place with unsavory elements. As they approach a counter, Poe tells Kaz that he has to find his contact. If anybody asks, Poe tells Kaz to pose as a pilot looking for a job.

Enter Neeku and Yeager[]

In the background, a blue skinned alien manhandles two pit droids. Kaz catches sight of three starfighters racing above. He tells Poe about his childhood dream of becoming the best starfighter pilot in the galaxy. Kaz is overheard by the Nikto Neeku Vozo, who is acquainted with Poe and greets them. Neeku tells Poe that it's been a lengthy amount of time since he's encountered him. Poe tells Kaz that Neeku will be hanging around for a while.

When Neeku asks about Kaz's business, Poe is hesitant to speak and tells him they are heading towards Aunt Z's Tavern. Neeku is impressed by Poe's young friend Kaz and tells the other alien residents that Kazuda is the best starfighter pilot around and better than the racers here. Word of Kaz's arrival soon spreads throughout the refueling station including Aunt Z's Tavern. Aunt Z greets Poe and Kaz, complimenting the latter as the greatest pilot in the galaxy. Poe is modest but Aunt Z says that she was referring to Kazuda.

Neeku introduces Aunt Z as the proprietor of this business and asks about his boss Jarek Yeager. Aunt Z passes a mug to Yeager, who greets Poe Dameron. Yeager tells Poe that him showing up always means trouble and says that he's not interested in his affairs. Poe introduces Kaz. Yeager quips about Kaz being the best starfighter pilot in the galaxy. Kaz says hello. Poe tells Kaz to stay here and to keep out of trouble while he talks to Yeager.

Chaos at Aunt Z's Tavern[]

Kaz sits down only to discover that his "stool" is a cantankerous serving droid, who kicks him in the shin. He decides to play a game of holo-darts to pass the time. He offers to play with Neeku for a bet of 100 credits. However, an Aleena named Grevel offers to compete for a bet of 500 credits in a match.

Kaz accepts the challenge and hurls three holo-darts at a bulls-eye. This alarms Grevel, who triples the bet to 1,500 credits. Kaz says that it's too bad because he's out of darts. The Aleena offers him his own holo-dart, which has been tampered with. Kaz hurls the dart but it misses and hits the back of an enraged Klatooinian named Bolza Grool, who corners Kaz at Aunt Z's counter.

Meanwhile, Yeager tells Poe that they go a long way back but refuses to get involved with the Resistance. Yeager adds that he doesn't want to get involved in his spy mission. Poe says that he brought Kaz so that Yeager doesn't have to spy for the Resistance. Yeager grumbles that Poe is always fighting for a cause and thinks that he is stuck in the past. Poe counters that the First Order is real and are a threat to the galaxy. When Poe argues that he is fighting for the future, Jarek says he is done fighting.

Back at Z's Tavern, Grevel demands that Kaz pay 1,500 credits. Kaz says that he doesn't have that much on him. Bolza Grool demands that Kaz compensate him for this damaged jacket and shoves Grevel aside. Kaz offers to pay for Bolza's jacket, but Grevel demands that he pay up the 1,500 credits first. Bolza grabs Grevel by the collar and hurls him into the arms of the Snivvian Nod. Grevel throws a cup at Bolza, who in response throws Kaz into the path of a serving droid. A brawl breaks out in the bar. Bolza tries to settle scores with Kaz but the pilot shields himself with a tray. BB-8 challenges Bolza but the Klatooinian kicks him aside.

Meanwhile, Poe pleads with Yeager to give Kaz a place to stay and promises that Kaz won't be trouble. Yeager sees Grevel hurled against the window and is not impressed. The two men re-enter the tavern to discover a brawl. When Yeager asks who started this, Poe deduces that Kaz was involved. Bolza has Kaz pinned against a table until Yeager orders a halt to hostilities. Yeager chides Aunt Z for not breaking up the fight. She admits that she was too busy taking bets on Kaz.

When Yeager asks Bolza what happened, the Klatooinian complains that Kaz threw a dart at his jacket. Kaz explains that this brawl started when Neeku told everyone that he was the best pilot in the galaxy. Neeku asks if Kaz was telling the truth. Kaz points out that Neeku was taking his words at face value. Neeku is hurt and says that he's pondering the weight of his deception and takes leave. Kaz feels bad for hurting Neeku's feelings and follows him out. Yeager questions Poe's promise that Kaz wouldn't cause any trouble.

Another sticky situation[]

Outside the tavern, Kaz seeks to make amends with Neeku. He tells Neeku that he's not the best starfighter pilot on this particular platform. Kaz offers to race at the Castilon to prove that he's the best. This pleases Neeku who says that Kaz deserves a chance to prove his claim that he's the best starfighter pilot in the galaxy. Despite Kaz's objection, Neeku races back into the tavern and tells the patrons that Kaz wants to challenge the Ace Squadron at tomorrow's race.

Aunt Z gloats at the news of a new challenger. Neeku says he can fix Kaz's problem by proving he's the best pilot in the galaxy. Poe, BB-8, and Yeager are visibly uncomfortable, with BB-8 shaking his head. Kaz tries to back out of the rack but Neeku says that he believes in him and hopes that everyone will now know what he knows: that Kaz is the best. Kaz walks away in embarrassment.

Aunt Z asks the patrons who will bet against the kid. Several raise their hands. Kaz asks Poe and Yeager how to back out of it. Yeager says there is no backing out of the race. When Kaz asks if there is a way he could explain his way out of it Yeager explains that Aunt Z makes a living betting on racers. Poe tells Kaz he has a weird way of blending in and quips that making a crazy spectacle of himself is probably the best way to get to know people around here.

Poe tells a shocked Kaz that he is leaving him now and to provide intelligence reports. As they are walking out, Poe tells Kaz that he meant what he said when he said that the boy had something special. He tells Kaz that this might be the opportunity to prove himself among these pilots. Poe advises Kaz not to "crash and die." Kaz says he'll do his best. As a reassurance, Poe tells BB-8 to keep an eye on Kaz because he thinks that he's capable of greater things.

The challenge[]

As starfighters fly through a series of rings, Kaz asks Neeku why he signed him up for the race. Neeku reiterates that he is trying to help Kaz prove his claim that he's the best pilot on the platform. Kaz says it was just a dream but Neeku tells him that this is the opportunity to make his dream come true. Neeku adds that Kaz is going to change their lives for the better. Kaz says that he can barely keep his life on track and asks how he can hep them.

Neeku tells him that the two of them have a common dream. He adds that he wants to be on a team with the best pilot in the galaxy. Neeku explains that the best pilots and their team get to live in Doza Tower, where the food and hallways are better. Neeku hopes that Kaz's presence will lead to change. Yeager quips about Kaz's lack of success in keeping a low profile, and suggests that Kaz is drawing attention so that people won't think he is a spy.

Kaz apologizes for the trouble and says he'll be gone. Yeager tells Kaz that he's clueless and doesn't get out of things here. Kaz says that reminds him of home. Yeager tells Kaz that tomorrow he gets to prove himself around here. He can either become a star or bantha fodder. Kaz, Yeager, and the patrons watch starfighters flying through hoops. When Kaz asks who is in the lead, Yeager tells him that it is the Rodian Hype Fazon, who is flying the Green Ace. The announcer Jak Sivrak proclaims Fazon the winner over loudspeakers.

Kaz toys with dropping out but Yeager warns that they will drop quitters overboard headfirst. Neeku adds that there are big things that live underwater which eat little things. Kaz wants to talk to the organizer. Yeager tells him that Captain Imanuel Doza is the boss and that he's not going to let him back out. Hype Fazon climbs out of his fighter to the cheers of the crowd. His image is broadcast on a large floating projector machine.

To Kaz's horror, the announcer announces Kaz as tomorrow's contestant, saying that he's the best starfighter pilot in the known galaxy. The announcer then gets Kaz to pick his contestant, listing Hype Fazon, the former Imperial pilot Griff Halloran, Freya Fenris, Bo Keevil, and the youngest ace, Torra Doza. Kaz decides to pick Torra Doza. After Yeager, Neeku and several others in the vicinity subsequently face-palm, Kaz wonders if it was a bad decision.

Finding a ship[]

At the Tavern, Aunt Z announces that Kaz's chances of winning are now 387 to one. She predicts that Kaz's chances of exploding to smithereens are two to one. Aunt Z then gets her serving droid Glitch to run through the chances of Kaz drowning and getting eaten by fish.

Kaz tells Yeager that he needs a ship. Yeager says they have a ship. An optimistic Neeku tells Kaz they're got the Fireball. Kaz says that sounds fast, but Yeager says that the ship is called Fireball because it frequently catches fire. Neeku adds that it only explodes when it accelerates, shifts, steers, or lands. Kaz is horrified, and BB-8 beeps with concern. Yeager says it's a good ship if Neeku can get it ready. Neeku volunteers to get the Fireball ready. He says he knows they can.

At Yeager's repairs, Kaz is not impressed with the rusty and worn-out appearance of the Fireball. When Kaz asks how many times the ship has exploded, Neeku says only three times. Kaz thinks it is a disaster, while BB-8 beeps. However, mechanic Tam Ryvora disagrees with his description of the ship as a disaster, and tells Kaz he has never flown a better ship. Yeager introduces Tam as one of his mechanics.

Upon learning that Kaz is to be the pilot, Tam is upset because Yeager promised the ship to her if she fixed it. Yeager responds that the ship is not yet in the air. She tells Yeager that she is going to take a break before she says something she will seriously regret, before storming off. She clips Kaz in the shoulder and kicks BB-8.

Meeting Torra Doza[]

Kaz thinks that the Fireball is not so bad, and that the ship needs some bolts, laser cutting, and a little paints to touch up the gloss. However, one of the bolts comes out when Kaz pats a wing. Yeager opines that the ship is going to need a lot of work. He summons the astromech droid R1-J5 (or "Bucket"). Bucket slams into Kaz, who calls him a "bucket of bolts". Yeager tasks Bucket with preparing the ship for tomorrow's race.

That evening, Kaz asks Yeager what he needs to get the ship fired up. Yeager says he needs a ten pound generator range, 30 spools of dry cable, five frequency bolts of servos, "static discharge 46", power containers, and flight containers. Team Fireball are visited by Torra Doza, who marvels at the long list of parts. Neeku is surprised to see the Ace pilot, who is friendly towards her competitors. Torra says she just came here to wish her competitor good luck for tomorrow's race. Kaz says that he doesn't need luck and claims that he has had plenty of races. Torra says she is sure and tells him to be careful. She also gives Bucket a pat.

Torra tells Kaz to be careful not to explode in the first marker, something almost everyone does on their first time. She is sure it will end quickly. Torra says that nobody's survived racing against her, and that maybe Kaz will be the first. Kaz is awkward, while Neeku waves farewell. Yeager explains that Torra is the daughter of Imanuel Doza, who runs the Colossus refuel depot. Kaz thinks he has a chance of winning but Yeager tells him that he doesn't need to win but to survive. Yeager reminds Kaz that Poe assigned him on a mission and that part of the mission is not to die. Kaz agrees.

Obtaining spare parts[]

Yeager sends Kazuda and Neeku to acquire spareparts from Orka and Flix's Office of Acquisitions, which supplies starship parts. Neeku shows a pit droid G-LN their acquisition order, and the droid fetches Orka and Flix. Neeku tells them they are here to obtain parts for the Fireball. Orka and Flix burst out laughing, with Flix referring to Neeku as "one funny son of a sleemo." However, Neeku shows the acquisition order on his datapad, indicating that he means business.

Flix describes the list as a luminous one. Orka uses a levitating chair to fetch spareparts including hypernodes and three new calibrators. When Kaz asks Neeku if he has Yeager's credit chip, Neeku laughs and tells Kaz that as the pilot, he will have to pay for those parts. Kaz protests that he doesn't have money, which leads Orka and Flix to cancel the transaction. Kaz pleads for mercy and Flix agrees to wage a hundred credits on his ship. When Neeku pleads for help, Orka agrees to give him some second-hand parts in return for a fat, juicy gorg for lunch. Neeku thanks Orka for his favor.

While traveling through the Colossus marketplace, Kaz asks Neeku what a gorg is. Neeku tells him that they are tiny creatures considered a delicacy on many planets. Neeku says he developed a taste for them, and likens them to the womp rats of the sea. Kaz approaches the merchant only to discover that it is the Klatooinian Bolza Grool, whose jacket he damaged earlier. Grool wants to settle scores with Kaz, but Kaz convinces him to sponsor him in return for a gorg. Seeking a win-win situation, Grool agrees to the deal.

A time for testing[]

Kaz thinks the gorg is cute and, is perplexed at why anyone would want to eat it until the creature bites his finger. Kaz and Neeku return to Orka and Flix's shop only to find them eating. The two aliens tell Kaz that he took too long, and hand him and Neeku three crates of spare parts and junk they don't need.

Kaz and Neeku return to Yeager's repair shop where they are greeted by Tam, who is displeased by the poor quality of the junk parts. She insists that the Fireball is her ship. Yeager examines the stabilizers and thinks that they need strengthening. When Ryvora remarks that this is a mess, Kaz complains that even when he does something right, he does it wrong and storms out.

Kaz walks away and sits by a crate overlooking the sea. When BB-8 rolls up beside him, Kaz admits that he thought he could handle everything but that things got worse. Yeager watches. Kaz says that his father thought he was giving him what he wanted but says that it was only what his dad wanted for himself. Kaz says that his dad never asked him what he wanted or gave him a choice. BB-8 beeps, and Kaz replies that tomorrow it is all up to him and that he's prepared for what it takes.

A dangerous race[]

The following day, Team Fireball prepares for the race between Kazuda and Torra. Yeager tells Kaz that he will be on the other end of the Colossus. He advises Kaz that he doesn't have to race to win, and reminds him that his mission is more important. Kaz thanks Yeager for his concern but is confident.

The Fireball is lowered down a trapdoor by magnetic clamps. Torra Doza's ship, the Blue Ace, is positioned beside the Fireball. Yeager tells Kaz to fly through a series of metal rings, and that the winner is whoever gets through the final ring first. The contestants fire up their engines with Torra giving Kaz a friendly wave. At the announcer's signal, Kaz plummets but hits the jets at Yeager's advice.

He races after Torra's ship. Kaz passes through the first ring easily. Yeager warns Kaz that Torra will not hesitate to knock him out. He wants to catch up with her, but Yeager warns him not to do anything stupid and to remember his instructions to survive. As they pass through the second ring, Kaz catches up with Torra and thinks he might win. Yeager tells Kaz to stay with her because she is gaining air. Tam thinks that Kaz might have a chance of winning.

Kaz manages to accelerate the Fireball and slips ahead of the Blue Ace. However, Yeager warns Kaz not to push the Fireball any harder because she would explode. Kaz insists he knows what he's doing, but Yeager warns him he can choose between going up in flames or his mission. They fly through a third ring, but the Fireball's engines catch fire and he loses control of the ship. The Fireball crashes into a ring and plunges into the ocean.

Back on course[]

Kaz wakes up later to find himself facing Team Fireball and Torra Doza in their quarters. Yeager tells him he survived, while Neeku adds that he did so without a scratch and remarks that he is a truly amazing pilot. Tam and Yeager remind Kaz that he still lost. The magnanimous Torra says she is glad that he didn't explode. Yeager tells Kaz that he think's its time that they talked. The two walk by the crate on the platform overlooking the sea. BB-8 follows behind.

Kaz thanks Yeager for his help in surviving on Castilon and not getting thrown offside. Yeager says that Poe is an old friend and that he trusts his judgement. As a favor to Poe, he will give Kaz a place to stay while he works undercover. He says that he can earn his keep as a mechanic, but says that he doesn't want to have anything to do with his work as a spy. Kaz is grateful. Yeager says that if the First Order is truly here on Castilon, they all have difficult decisions to make.


Meanwhile, Major Vonreg's TIE Interceptor travels through hyperspace. He exits hyperspace at front of three Resurgent class Star Destroyers. A First Order comm officer tells him to transmit the clearance codes over the intercom. Major Vonreg transmits the codes, which are approved by the communications officer. The communications officer welcomes Vonreg home. He returns the officer's welcome and tells her to inform Captain Phasma that he has returned. He flies past the Star Destroyers towards Starkiller Base, which is almost complete.


"The Recruit" premiered on October 7, 2018 at 10pm on the Disney Channel, with 336 thousand viewers and a .08 ratings share.[4][5] The rest of the season aired on Disney XD.[1]


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