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"Within this group of stars lies the last refuge of the Chiss people should our forces ever be overwhelmed in battle. It is impregnable, impossible for even a determined enemy to quickly or easily penetrate, with war vessels and firepoints scattered throughout. There are also other surprises that nature itself has created for the unwary."
Aristocra Formbi[src]

The Redoubt, formally the Chiss Redoubt, was a remote star cluster that was located in Chiss space, near the Utegetu Nebula, and that contained at least ten habitable planets and hundreds of stars. Discovered over 200 years prior to 22 ABY and claimed by the CEDF, the cluster was to be used as the site of a last stand in the event that Chiss space was overrun by any foreign invader. Exploration of the Redoubt by the Chiss only began in earnest around 27 BBY. The Redoubt contained high radiation levels, and the close proximity of stars to each other made navigation difficult. There were only a few safe routes into The Redoubt, and they were all guarded by Chiss fortifications, which prevented foreign intrusions. A planetoid in The Redoubt was the resting place of the ill-fated Outbound Flight Project, which crashed there in 27 BBY.



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