"Evacuate the Regency of all staff."
―Urtya, to his aide[src]

The Regency was an underwater location on the planet Mon Cala where Regent Urtya traveled after taking a recording from Princess Leia Organa that contained the final words of King Lee-Char's to his people and the king's death at the hands of the Galactic Empire. Whilst at the Regency, Urtya sent out the recording to Fleet Captains of the Mon Cala Imperial Trade Fleet, who after viewing the recording, began revolting against the Imperials aboard their ships.[2] Shortly after, Urtya contacted Organa on the Millennium Falcon from the Regency informing her that he no choice but to act without warning as his fleet was about to be commandeered, and that he had also contacted the Rebellion, who were sending what forces they could to help. After a number of Mon Cala ships escaped from Mon Cala along with the Alliance Fleet, the Empire fired on the Regency and killed Urtya.[1]

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