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"The Relic Raiders" is the seventh episode of the second season of Star Wars Resistance. It premiered on television November 17, 2019 on Disney Channel.[1]

Official description[]

On a simple supply run, Kaz and his friends discover something ancient and unexpected. [3]

Plot summary[]

A "shopping trip"[]

The episode opens with a wide landscape shot of the Colossus' Doza Tower. Jarek Yeager is with Captain Imanuel Doza and 4D-M1N in Doza's office. Torra Doza enters the room with Kazuda Xiono, Freya Fenris, and CB-23. She asks if Captain Doza did call them. Captain Doza confirms that he did call because they are approaching a trading outpost on Ashas Ree, which is displayed on a holomap nearby. He assigns them with buying supplies using the very little money they have left. He gives them a credit disc and a list of everything they need. Fenris grumbles about being assigned a shopping job.

Yeager tells Kaz that this is the only civilization in this part of space and tells him to get the shuttle prepared and ready. Yeager tells Captain Doza not to worry. While loading supplies, Kaz heads movement and asks if it is CB. He is surprised by Eila, who says hi to him. He finds that Kel and Eila have been riding behind the hoversled.

He warns them not to sneak up on people. Kel apologizes and asks if they could come along to Ashas Rees. Kaz doesn't think it is a good idea and CB-23 beeps in agreement. Eila tells Kaz that they have been cooped up in the Colossus engineering room since they left Castilon and that they haven't seen trees, grass, rocks, and everything in a long, long time. Despite Yeager and Doza's orders, Kaz takes pity on the two children and allows them to come aboard provided they are not spotted by the other Aces. Kel and Eila are pleased and stow aboard the ship. CB-23 expresses concern but Kaz reassures her that it will be find and wonders what can possibly go wrong. CB-23 beeps only Binary.

The deserted village[]

Kaz departs in a Star Commuter 2000 shuttle while Freya and Torra escort his ship in their racers Red Ace and Blue Ace. Freya is reporting no signals and Kaz responds that they will go down and check out the planet. Descending into Ashas Ree's atmosphere, they fly through the forests and land near a village. As Kaz, Torra and Freya disembark, Kel and Eila watch from the shuttle's cockpit. The pilots are accompanied by their droids including CB-23, Torra's R23-X9 and Freya's T3-K10.

Freya realizes that the village is abandoned and wonders why. Kaz proposes fanning out to take a look around. He soon finds that Kel and Eila have left the ship. Eila asks where did everyone go. Kel observes that the entire village seems deserted. Kaz says he doesn't know but that he will find out. He tells them to stay out. Kel and Eila take an interest in several bioluminescent insects.

Kaz, Torra, and Freya soon find messages of warning written on the walls in Aurebesh and Futhork. Freya thinks they should not stay around and proposes that they split up. Kaz returns to Kel and Eila's hiding spot but finds they have moved. Kaz and CB-23 soon spot the children heading to a large stony building. Kaz and CB-23 argue about bringing Kel and Eila along before catching up with the children.

A temple within a temple[]

Before he can scold them, Kaz is mesmerized by the stony building, which he recognizes as a temple of the Force. Eila thinks they should go in. Kaz tries to voice his disagreement but Kel and Eila head inside the temple. CB-23 and Kaz follow the children inside. Kaz wants them to return to the ship. The temple has an open air circular interior.

Eila tells Kel that this place reminds her of their temple back home on Tehar. Kel remarks that it is much larger. The two children taken an interest in the black pyramid at the heart of the temple. Kel doesn't recognize the symbols around the pyramid. Eila asks if they are Jedi symbols and Kel thinks so.

Kaz admits that he does not believe in the Force or the Jedi. Eila responds that not being able to see something doesn't mean that it is not real. They soon hear a voice crying for help from the door of the black pyramid. Eila convinces Kel to help the person. Kaz and CB-23 follow them into the black pyramid, which has a series of stairs.

Kaz, CB-23, Kel and Eila find that the temple is inscribed with red hieroglyphs. Kel remarks that this temple does not look like a "temple of the Force" anymore. Kaz asks where are they. Just then, they hear the voice getting closer. Kaz doesn't think it is a good idea because they don't know who it is. Kel says there is a lot of corridors and that the person may have fallen or gotten stuck.

Into the depths of the Sith temple[]

Kel and Eila are soon separated from Kaz and CB by a blast door, whose components are in the shape of triangles. Kaz tells them to stay and don't move and that he will try and find another way around. Kaz remarks that this place feels like a tomb and CB-23 detects another life form further up.

They travel through a corridor but Kaz steps on a tile that activates a device which electrocutes him. CB-23 wakes him up and Kaz remakes that he is feeling kind of funny. A dazed Kaz follows CB-23 into a circular chamber with a black triangular relic sitting in the center of an altar.

Kaz is about to touch it when he hears a voice telling him that he is hear and asking if he can hear him. Still disorientated, Kaz thinks that the person is inside the "tiny jar." The person tells him to look for the symbol. Despite the person's objections, Kaz touches the triangular rock and falls down a trapdoor. Kaz tells CB-23 to find Kel and Eila. The droid hurries to find the two children. Kaz encounters an elderly human woman with white hair and blue tattoos inside the chamber, which is lined with red runes. She chides him for touching the stone.

Not alone[]

On the surface, Torra, Freya and their astromech droids are loading supplies onto their shuttle. Freya says they are almost finished and asks where are Kaz and the "ball." Torra contacts Kaz on her comlink but can't pick up his signal. Just then, the ship's sensors pick up three approaching ships. Freya asks Torra if her father had sent additional ships. Torra repeats her message to Kaz.

Kaz is scared of the woman and backs away from her. She grabs him by his jacket and lifts him up. The woman demands to know who he is and whether he is a spy or works for the First Order. Kaz says he is just a pilot and is trying to find his crew. Meanwhile, Kel and Eila are lost inside the Sith temple. Kel says they are lost but Eila tells him to try another corridor.

Back in the chamber, Kaz tries to convince the woman she is telling her the truth. She orders him not to move from his spot. She grumbles that Kaz is the type that talks too much and knows too little. Kaz disagrees but she orders him to be silent. Kaz asks the woman if she is an archaeologist and whether they are still in the Jedi temple. The woman tells him that they are in an ancient Sith temple, which she explains are sometimes buried beneath Jedi temples. When Kaz asks why the Jedi would do that, the woman explains that it is a process of purification but remarks "that these things always rise to the surface." The woman explains that she raised this temple to break inside. She chides Kaz for moving again since it would set off another trap.

Kel and Eila reach a dead end. Kel says they are lost and that they need a miracle. Just then, CB-23 turns up from behind. The two children are pleased to see Kaz's "Rollie", who speaks in Binary, which they don't understand. CB-23 motions for them to follow her.

Temple of Doom[]

Meanwhile, Kaz asks the woman how long she has been trapped down here. The woman replies she has been trapped down here for two days and says that the villagers fled two days after she excavated the Sith temple, believing that evil forces would be unleashed. The woman remarks that she is the fool for getting trapped down here with him. Kaz offers to help her find a way out but steps on a device, which causes the floor around them to swirl and reveal a giant grinder. Kaz and the woman manage to cling on to the edge.

As the giant grinder rises to the surface, Kaz calls Kel, Eila, and CB for help. Meanwhile, Kel, Eila and CB-23 reach the chamber, drawn, by Kaz's cries. Kel calls out to Kaz while the woman tells Kel and Eila to look at the Sith hieroglyphics around them. CB-23 motions to a hieroglyph. The woman tells Kel and Eila to look for a symbol that looks like a star.

Kaz drops his laser pointer. Eila spots the star-shaped symbol and touches it. However, it seems to have no effect. The woman tells Eila to keep pressing the symbol and tells Kel to find its counterpart and press it at the same time. CB-23 points Kel to the other star. Kel and Eila press the stars simultaneously, stopping the giant grinder. Kaz almost falls on one of the heavy machinery but the woman catches his fall. CB-23 loses a grappling line to pull Kaz safety. The woman leaps up into the upper chamber.

She remarks that despite Kaz's foolishness, her quest is going to be successful. She takes the triangular Sith relic. When Kaz asks what she is planning to do with the Sith relic, she responds that is making sure that nobody else gets it. As they leave the chamber, Kaz accidentally touches another Sith hieroglyph which causes the temple to shake. They escape the chamber as falling rocks come crashing down.They run through the corridor, dodging falling rocks and debris. The group then run along the stairwell as falling rock causes it to crumble.

First Order entanglements[]

Reaching the exit, they hear voices and movement. Kaz and the groups see that Torra, Freya, their droids and the shuttle have been captured by First Order Raiders, specialized stormtroopers who wear gray armor and helmets. The commanding officer Agent Raith orders his men to shut the droids down and wants his prisoners that if they move, they will neutralize them. Kel and Eila look grimly. Night has also fallen.

When asked if there is anyone with them, Freya claims that it is just her and Torra. When Raith asks who arrived in the other ships, Torra feigns ignorance and tells him to back off, calling him a "creep." The woman grumbles at her bad fortunes and reveals that she had escape those stormtroopers on Vargos 9. Kaz says that they have to rescue his friends.

The woman replies that those stormtroopers are First Order raiders, who hunt down relics for their leader. She tells them to follow her to her ship on the other side of the outpost. Kaz is unhappy about leaving his friends and says that she will be lucky if they haven't found her ship by now. Just then, the woman's ship blows up. Kaz says that they have to come up with a different plan.

He tasks Kel and Eila with distracting the stormtroopers while he and the “creepy old lady” rescue Freya and Torra. Kaz wonders what is the woman's name only to find she has disappeared. Kaz thinks they are on their own now. While making their way back to the landing zone, they are stopped by two First Order raiders. Kaz surrenders since he is unarmed. The second raider shoves Kel and Eila with his blaster.

They bring them to the other raiders who are guarding Torra and Freya. One stormtrooper forces Kaz to his knees by hitting him in the head with his blaster. Kaz claims that they were just picking up supplies. Raith, who wears an orange pauldron, disagrees since his scans indicate that someone has been inside the temple. He demands to know what they found.

Unleashing the Sith relic[]

Just then, they hear the old woman telling the raiders that the prisoners don't have what they are looking for but that she does. She shows them the Sith relic. The First Order raiders raise their blasters while the woman taunts them that it took them long enough to get up. Raith orders her to hand over the relic.

The woman taunts him that his precious Supreme Leader won't be happy if he returns home empty handed. Raith offers to spare the lives of the the children if she surrenders it. The woman tells them that it is theirs if they want it and activates the Sith relic, which she throws to the ground. This causes the raiders to scatter. The old woman tells Kaz and company to run into the temple.

Kaz and the others flee as the Sith relic unleashes a wave of red energy that vaporizes the First Order raiders, leaving behind charred bodies. Kaz, CB-23, Kel, Eila, Torra, and Freya emerge from the Jedi Temple. The woman explains that she has been looking for this relic for two and a half years. She remarks that she finally finds it and destroys it. She asks them what the lesson is here.

Kaz suggests it is being careful what you find in old temples. The woman disagrees and says that it is be careful who you find in old temples because they can ruin your day. Kel asks what was the Sith relic and wonders whether it was some kind of weapon. The woman tells them that it is a power source from an ancient time and one beyond all their reckoning. She wonders how she will get off this wretched world

A new friend[]

Eila invites the woman to come along with them. Torra adds that it is the least they could do. Kaz says she is welcome as long as she is not bringing any "people-vaporising power sources" with her. The woman says it will be difficult to trust her given the trouble she has place them in. When Torra asks her name, she identifies herself as Mika Grey.

When she asks them where they come from, Eila says that she comes from the Colossus. She tells them that it is a wonderful place. Eila reaches out her hand to the old woman who takes it. Freya remarks that the woman seemed like trouble to her but Kaz says that she saved their lives. He thinks they can learn a thing or two from her. They approach the shuttle where R23-49 and T3-K10 are waiting.

Kaz and company depart Ashas Ree on their three ships. Traveling home, Eila apologizes for the trouble that she and Kel caused. She says it was nice to get off the Colossus. Kaz is forgiving and says that they shouldn't walk into creepy old temples next time. Eila says maybe.

She goes to speak to Mika Grey and asks about her knowledge of the Force. The woman says she knows a bit and that she is neither a Jedi nor Sith. Mika says that the Force doesn't belong to any one person but is something that is inside everyone. She explains that we find it in different ways. Mika's words and his recent adventures causes Kaz to reappraise his disbelief in the Force. The three ships approach the Colossus, leaving Ashas Ree behind.


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Notes and references[]

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