" I know a facility. Remote, understaffed. It shouldn't be a problem to infiltrate."
―Crosshair, to Clone Force 99[2]

"The Return" is the fifth episode of the third season of Star Wars: The Bad Batch. The episode premiered on March 6, 2024.[1]

Official description[]

Tensions rise as our heroes navigate new dynamics on a dangerous mission.

Plot summary[]

Back on paradise[]


Omega and a playful Batcher on Pabu.

After awakening from her sleep, Omega enters the common area of their residence where she is greeted by Hunter and Wrecker. Wrecker gives her a fruit sent by Shep and Lyana Hazard. When Omega asks about Crosshair, Hunter replies that he is still "adjusting." Outside, Omega finds herself on the ocean world of Pabu where she is greeted by AZI. Batcher plays with several moon-yo among the rocks while Crosshair is practicing with his blaster.

Omega tells Crosshair that he needs to talk with Hunter but he insists on training. When Omega suggests letting AZI look at his hand, Crosshair insists that he is fine. Omega makes conversation with Crosshair, asking him about the skills needed to be a marksman. Crosshair says being a sniper is more than looking through a scope, it also involves knowing your surrounding environment. Crosshair is reluctant to talk to the other members of the Bad Batch because they don’t trust him. Omega says he should give them time.

Reunion with Echo[]

From the cliff above, Hunter questions their decision to give Crosshair his rifle back so early. Wrecker says that he will trust Crosshair since Omega trusts him. Omega and the other clones spot Echo’s starship, the Remora, approaching Pabu island. AZI tells Crosshair that his targeting accuracy today was 53 percent, well below his average. Crosshair groans.

At the landing field, the clones gather outside Echo's starship. Omega hugs Echo. Crosshair grumbles about not getting a hug. Echo responds that will depend on how good his intelligence is. Later that evening, Omega briefs Echo and the other clones about Tantiss Base. She recalls that she encountered former clone troopers in the detention wing but never saw what was stored in the Tantiss vault. When Echo asks Crosshair if he has anything to add, Crosshair responds that he never saw much because he was a prisoner. Echo explains that they are trying to gather as much information on Tantiss Base before making their next move.

Omega shares Nala Se’s datapad but explains that it doesn’t work. She believes that it can provide them with useful information if they can get it back online. Hunter thinks it could provide them with schematics and the coordinates of Tantiss Base itself. Echo says that Imperial encryption will be tricky to bypass in light of Tech's death. Crosshair proposes bypassing the Imperial encryption by accessing an Imperial terminal. When Wrecker asks where they will find one, Crosshair says he knows of a remote facility they could infiltrate.

Hunter says that he, Echo, and Crosshair will scout the facility while Wrecker and Omega will stay on Pabu. Omega protests about being separated again. Hunter explains that they just got her back and he doesn’t want to risk her getting captured again. Omega feels bad about the clones that were left behind on Wayland and says she must do this.

Revisiting the past[]

Later that night, Omega helps the other clones load supplies for the mission. Crosshair tells Omega not to be too upset with Hunter. While she is capable, she is still a kid. Omega remarks that she is older than him biologically. Wrecker passes Crosshair a chest containing his old armor, saying that it did not feel right to get rid of it.

Omega and Batcher accompany the Bad Batch to the snowy planet Barton IV. Echo’s ship sensors pick up no life forms and they park outside the abandoned Imperial depot. Hunter notices the base is remote but not abandoned and asks Crosshair if he has unfinished business on the planet. Batcher is stimulated by a sensor. When Hunter asks, Crosshair explains that the sensors were planted to deter raiders. Crosshair responds that the raiders have been eliminated. Before an argument breaks out between Hunter and Crosshair, Echo tells the two to calm down and focus on their mission to crack the datapad. When Omega reminds Crosshair that she advised him to speak not argue with Hunter, Crosshair blames Hunter for starting the argument.

With Batcher’s help, the clones remove the snow blocking the entrance to the depot. Inside the depot, they find several terminals. Omega finds that the depot’s power has been nearly depleted by the sensors. Echo decides they need to divert all power from the sensors to the depot. When Wrecker asks why the Galactic Empire abandoned the base, Crosshair believes that it had outlived its purpose to the Imperials.

Inside the depot, Crosshair finds the discarded helmets and armor of the fallen Clone trooper garrison stationed there. He puts the helmets on top of a crate while Hunter watches. Omega powers down the sensors and diverts power to the main building. Examining the datapad, Echo learns that more Clone troopers are being held at Mount Tantiss than they thought. Outside the depot, something notices that the sensors are down and begins approaching the base. Batcher barks anxiously while Crosshair goes outside to investigate.

Unfinished business[]

Echo and Omega focus on the data transfer while Crosshair and Hunter exit to talk. Hunter senses Crosshair is not being forthcoming and asks what he did to fall out of favor with the Empire. He asks if Crosshair betrayed the Empire like he betrayed them. Inside, Echo has completed his extraction of data from the datapad, which consists mainly of medical records of Clone prisoners. Batcher senses something outside and begins growling anxiously.

Outside, Hunter demands answers about Crosshair’s time with the Empire and pushes him. Crosshair tells Hunter that he killed an Imperial officer, emphasising that he betrayed them after they betrayed him. Crosshair says that he risked everything to send them a message from Tantiss but they ignored him. Crosshair blames Hunter for letting Omega get captured and taken to Tantiss. He accuses Hunter of being angry because she escaped with his help and not Hunters help. Before a fight can break out, they hear Batcher barking.

A giant problem[]

A giant serpentine wyrm emerges from the snow and chases the clones back to the depot. Omega realises that the perimeter sensors were used to ward off the wyrm. Echo decides that they need to restore power to the perimeter sensors. Crosshair says that there is a fuse box for the reserve energy grid at the back of the compound. One of them needs to get over there and reset the grid manually. Wrecker volunteers for the mission. Omega says that she can reactivate the defense system once the power is back. Hunter says that they need to draw the creature away from the sensors before they can reboot or they will be trapped with the creature.

Crosshair volunteers to draw the wyrm away but Hunter insists on doing it as a team. Echo says he will watch them from the tower. Exiting the depot, Crosshair and Hunter attempt to lure the wyrm away from the perimeter. The creature gives chase, causing the ground to crack beneath them. Hunter falls into a hole, which leads into a tunnel. After discussing with Crosshair, Hunter decides to use the tunnel to lure the wyrm away.

Meanwhile, Wrecker searches for the fuse box behind the compound buried beneath the snow. Echo warns Crosshair that the wyrm is pursuing him and Batcher. Crosshair makes a stand and shoots at the creature, agitating it and causing it to dive deeper beneath the snow. Wrecker manages to enter the fuse box and finds the power breaker.

Crosshair and Batcher reach the perimeter. Batcher begins digging through a weak point in the ice so that they can dig Hunter out. Crosshair uses his rifle to smash through the ice. With Omega’s guidance, Wrecker activates the navigator, restoring power. Hunter races underground towards the perimeter with the wyrm in pursuit. He reaches the hole that Crosshair and Batcher have dug. They manage to pull him out before the wyrm can grab Hunter.

Brothers reunite[]

The two clones and Batcher reach the perimeter just as Omega activates it. The perimeter fences let out a sonic wave that irritates the wyrm, driving it away. Batcher barks at the creature. Following their mission, Hunter and Crosshair return as friends. Wrecker also hugs them. Echo is pleased that the rest of the clones managed to resolve their differences peacefully. While the datapad does not yield information about Tantiss’s location, Echo reassures Omega that the information she and Crosshair provided will help him and Rex find the Clone prisoners. Echo adds that she did all she could and most importantly she escaped.

Later, Crosshair speaks with Hunter, admitting that he underestimated the Empire's malevolence. Hunter says that nobody really understood what was happening back then. Crosshair expresses regret for his past actions. Hunter says that he also has regrets but that they should keep striving to better. As birds screech, the clones depart on Echo’s starship.


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