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"The Revenge of Kybo Ren" is the eighth episode in the Star Wars: Droids: The Adventures of R2-D2 and C-3PO. Written by Peter Sauder and directed by Ken Stephenson, the episode originally aired on ABC on October 26, 1985.

Plot summary[]

Dinner and negotiations[]

The episode opens with C-3PO and R2-D2 wheeling a tray tray for King Mon Julpa's guest. Mon Julpa, the king of the planet Tammuz-an, is hosting his rival, the warrior-chieftain known as Lord Toda, to negotiate an an end to their age-old rivalry. Outside, a hooded strange attempts to climb the vine leading to the upper window. However, R2-D2 accidentally pushes the contents of the tray table out of the window. As R2-D2 and C-3PO leave, the hooded stranger climbs in through the window.

A Tammuz-an official Sollag Den presents King Julpa's charter of peace to Lord Toda. Coby tells his sister Gerin, the daughter of King Toda, that he and his pet Ingey are hungry. She explains that her brother needs to concentrate and counsels her younger brother Coby to have patience. Julpa tells Lord Toda that they need to abandon their old rivalry and unite their planet Tammuz-an against invaders like the pirate Gir Kybo Ren-Cha. Jann Tosh and Jessica Meade are seated behind King Julpa.

Lord Toda is not in a mood for peace, contesting Julpa's claim to the throne and minimizing the threat of Kybo Ren. Julpa credits Jann, Jessica and the droids with defeating Ren. Lord Toda scorns Julpa's offer for an alliance and asks why he needs the Outer Territories when he has advisers and droids. Gerin tells her father that Mon Julpa means that they need him as much as he needs them. Toda asks his daughter whose side she is on. Gerin replies that she is on the side of their planet and peace. Julpa smiles.

Toda accuses Mon Julpa of trying to trick him. This angers Sollag, who calls Toda a barbarian. A fight nearly breaks out when Toda kicks a table, prompting Jann and Jessie to get up. Mon Julpa tries to calm the two belligerents. However, the fight is quickly averted when R2-D2 brings C-3PO on the wait table into the throne room. C-3PO crashes into the dinner table. Ingey licks C-3PO, much to the protocol droid's annoyance but everyone's laughter. This helps defuse the tensions in the throne room as pearls of laughter erupt. However, Toda is still suspicious of Julpa. Gerin says she will speak to her father and promises Julpa that he will have his answer tomorrow.

C-3PO apologizes for the ruined dinner but Jann reassures him that his entrance couldn't be better. Jann tells Julpa that he does not trust Lord Toda. Julpa replies that without trust there can be no peace.

Kybo Ren's escape[]

Meanwhile, Jyn Obah, the first mate of the pirate Kybo Ren, sneaks into the palace of Mon Julpa to rescue his captain. He uses a mini-stunner on the guards and breaks Ren free. They sneak past the remaining palace sentries by disguising themselves as natives of Tammuz-an and head for the docking bay.

Meanwhile, C-3PO attempts to help Jann with his R-22 Spearhead starfighter but ends up locking the canopy. While C-3PO grumbles, Jann asks R2-D2 to see if he can help and send C-3PO to fetch help from Jessica. C-3PO briefly says hi to Gerin and Mon Julpa. While walking through the corridor, he bumps into Jyn Obah and Kybo Ren. As he walks past, he recalls seeing the pirates.

Outside, the pirates stun Mon Julpa. Gerin manages to throw Jyn into a pile of machines. She attempts to stop Kybo Ren but C-3PO interferes, allowing Kybo Ren to throw him aside. Jann manages to escape from his R-22 Spearhead fighter but Ren stuns him with a mini-stunner. He then stuns Gerin and kidnaps the princess. Mon Julpa flees with the kidnapped Gerin aboard the second R-22 Spearhead. Jessica arrives too late. C-3PO, Mon Julpa, and Jann realizes that they are in a bad predicament.

There they find Jann Tosh and Jessica Meade boarding their A-wing fighters. During a grueling fight, Mon Julpa returns just in time to witness the pirates' escape attempt. Ren zaps Mon Julpa, Jann, and Gerin with the mini-stunner. He then grabs Gerin and steals one of the A-wings. He leaves poor Jyn behind to fend for himself.

Rescue plans[]

Lord Toda is furious and wants C-3PO destroyed. Jann says that it was an accident. Jessie says that Jyn Orba knows where Kybo Ren is but is not talking. Mon Julpa believes that Jann and Jess can rescue Gerin. Mon Julpa offers to surrender himself to Lord Toda until they can return his daughter safely. Lord Toda accepts the arrangement. Before leaving, Mon Julpa tells Jess not to let any harm come to Princess Gerin since she is special to him. C-3PO blames himself for the situation but has an idea.

Jyn Obah is placed into one of the palace dungeons. C-3PO and R2-D2 visit his cell and interrogate him. C-3PO pretends to panic and tells Jyn that R2-D2 is a heartless, merciless interrogator. R2-D2 enters sporting all his tools. This has the much needed psychological effect on Jyn. C-3PO plays along, scaring Jyn. Fearing the feisty astromech droid, Jyn tells the two that Ren has taken Gerin to the swamp world known as the Bog moon of Bogden. The droids relay this information back to Jann and Jess who embark upon a rescue mission.

Rescuing a princess[]

Some time later, Kybo Ren arrives on the moon and holes up inside of a shipwrecked star cruiser. Gerin is locked in a cell that is guarded by a canine sungwa. Ren warns a defiant Gerin that if she leaves her cell, she will be eaten by the creature. Confident, he radios Mon Julpa and Toda and informs them that he will release Gerin if they agree to free all of his crew mates. Julpa warns Toda that Kybo Ren cannot be trust and says that Jann and Jess are Gerin's only hope. He warns Julpa that they better not fail.

Jann, Jess and the droids travel to the Bog Moon in two R-22 Spearheads. R2-D2 manages to lock onto Kybo Ren's signal on the moon. Back in Kybo Ren's makeshift fortress, Gerin flees her cell and manages to lock the sungwa inside her cell. However, Kybo Ren is watching through a surveillance camera and vows she won't escape the sungwas. Meanwhile, Jann, Jess and the droids land their starfighters on Bog Den.

At C-3PO's suggestion, they split up and begin searching the various levels of the star cruiser. Jess and Artoo find Ren on the bridge of the ship, but he traps them inside of a force field. Ren then picks up what might be a Beam-tube and goes off to hunt the others. Jann and Threepio find Gerin in the lower depths; she is running away from a pack of vicious animals known as Sungwas.

Gerin is pursued by several sungwa through the watery corridors of the wrecked cruiser. She reaches a dead end and climbs down to face the canines, which are able to jump from high places. Gerin arms herself with a stick and vows to face Kybo Ren. Just then, Jann and C-3PO arrive on top of a bridge. Seeking to make amends, C-3PO throws himself into the pit. Jann is distract and loses his balance on the bridge, which he struggles to cling on to. C-3PO attempts to distract the sungwa hounds and leads them through a tunnel. Gerin tells Jann they have to help C-3PO.

Kybo Ren's bargain[]

Watching through a surveillance camera, Ren boasts that they won't find their way out before the sungwas get them. He contacts Lord Toda, claiming that his rescue team has failed. Toda responds that was not his doing and blames Mon Julpa for his daughter's capture. Coby demands to know what Ren has done to his older sister. Ren says that he shares the fearlessness of his sister but not the foolishness of his father. Raising the price of the ransom, Ren demands his crew, his ship and Mon Julpa. Julpa warns Toda that Ren is not to be trusted. Even Coby says that Gerin believes in Mon Julpa and that she wouldn't want him to do this. Toda demands to know where is Gerin.

Ren says that he will reveal her location as soon as his men arrive. Unknown to Ren, he is being watched by Jessica and R2-D2. Jessie and R2-D2 try to sneak up on him but are taken out by a force field. Ren boasts that nobody sneaks up on him due to his force field. The two are then trapped in creeper vines.

Meanwhile, Jann and Gerin track C-3PO down to a pit. A bright light glows and the sungwa flee out of the pit. Venturing into the pit, they find that C-3PO managed to drive them off by removing his arm and short-circuiting their surroundings. Gerin thanks C-3PO for his courage. Jann carries C-3PO.

Elsewhere in space, Ren's crew has been released from their prison cells. Jyn Obah pilots the Dianoga and travels to Bogden with Mon Julpa as a hostage. Ren is pleased and looks forward to meeting Julpa. Back in his command center, Ren leaves Jessie and R2-D2, who are restrained by the vines. Jessie notices that Ren has deactivated his Force field. She tells R2-D2 they need to free themselves and use Ren's surveillance system to warn Jann. R2-D2 uses want his cutting tools to free himself.

While traveling through the watery corridors of the ship, C-3PO apologizes for being a burden to Master Jann. Jann is conciliatory and says they need to find their way out. Gerin says the passages look the same. Jessie contacts them over the comm system. She warns them that Kybo's crew is coming. Jann, C-3PO and Gerin hide from Kybo Ren. R2-D2 springs out of hiding and unleashes a pack of sungwas. They reunite with Jessie who leads them to a hangar.

Double-crossing Kybo Ren[]

However, the group are confronted by Jyn and the rest of Kybo's henchmen. C-3PO blames himself for their trouble. They are soon joined by Kybo Ren, who has bested the sungwa pack. Ren is delighted to see his ship back and rebuffs Jyn, who was thinking he was going to give him a hug. Gerin is upset to see that Mon Julpa has become a captive of Ren. Ren claims that he is a gift from Lord Toda. Julpa reminds the pirate leader to uphold his end of the bargain and release Gerin to her father.

Ren tells Mon Julpa that he has no intention of setting Gerin free. King Julpa replies that he is no fool and neither is Lord Toba. He opens the ship's cargo hold revealing Lord Toda and a full complement of Tammuz-an warriors. A fire-fight breaks out between the warriors and the pirates. Mon Julpa, Gerin and the droids help Lord Toda and his warriors subdue Ren and the pirates. Kybo Ren attempts to flee but trips over C-3PO's body. Julpa and Toda take Ren captive. Ren and his crew are captured once again.

Peace and farewell[]

Later, C-3PO recounts the events on Bog Moon to Coby, explaining that they kept the pirates busy while Toda and Julpa constructed a secret compartment aboard the pirate ship. Coby is amazed to know that the pirates never suspected that Toda and Julpa were hiding inside the ship. Everyone returns to Tammuz-an where Mon Julpa and Lord Toda agree to sign the charter of peace.

Jessica Meade announces that she is regrettably leaving the planet to return to Tyne's Horky. Jann is sad but Jessie says they have to follow their dreams. She explains that she has her freighter business while Jann plans to join the Imperial Space Academy. C-3PO says R2-D2 and he are sorry to see him leave. She hugs C-3PO and tells him they will keep in touch and to look after his master. Jessie also hugs Jann before he leaves. Julpa also hugs Jessie. While Jann helps Jessie load her ship, Coby asks C-3PO to recount how they captured Kybo Ren. C-3PO explains he had luck and friends on his side.



Behind the scenes[]

This episode was released on DVD in 2004 as part of the feature film The Pirates and the Prince. The English subtitles on the DVD misspell Coby's name as Koby.

This is the first appearance of the swamp world known as Bogden. This planetary location was later mentioned by Jango Fett in Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones and was featured in the video game Star Wars: Bounty Hunter. This is but one of several examples of material from the Droids and Ewoks animated series being incorporated into the films.

The shipwrecked starship found in the swamps of Bogden bears a striking resemblance to a Klingon Bird of Prey – a ship first introduced in the 1984 motion picture, Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. Whether the Droids animators intentionally designed the craft to resemble the then-recently designed Klingon vessel, or whether it is merely a coincidence is unknown.


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