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The Rig was a space station located within a remote asteroid field in the Stennes Node.[2] The station was a highly modified Core Galaxy Systems Dreadnaught.[1]


Masters Fisto, Kolar, Windu and Tiin assault the Rig.

The Rig was taken over by the Crimson Nova chapter of the Bounty Hunters' Guild during the Clone Wars, and provided a safe haven for bounty hunters and mercenaries from across the galaxy. Its prisoner storage facility was called the "Redemption Center."[2]

When Kh'aris Fenn issued bounties for Jedi Knights, Mace Windu led a strike team to disable operations on the Rig. Kit Fisto incited riots among the prisoners held hostage on the station, while Saesee Tiin caused a large explosion in the main hangar that also destroyed much of the station's supplies.[2]

Finally, the Jedi led an assault on The Nest, the Rig's central command center, and saw to the downfall of Mika and her bodyguard Harll.[2]



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