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The Ring was a residential district of the city Bartyn's Landing on Lamaredd. Initially used as an overcrowded area to host the many "indentured servants" of the city, it would eventually improve in condition.


C. 529 BBY, Hugo Bartyn, an agent of Outer Rim Oreworks Company, was assigned as Administrator of the mines of the planet Lamaredd. Bartyn had noticed that Lamaredd was also rich in seafood, and he intended to build a fishing town from which he could export the delicacies without any interference from ORO.

Using his own savings, Bartyn bought a beat-up Hoersch-Kessel LH-3010 capital freighter from some Neimoidian traders and used mining equipment to blow up parts of it, creating the skeleton of the coastal town. The outer area of the ship, reminiscent of a circumference without one segment, became "the Ring", the area of the city where the fishermen would live.

Initially, Bartyn forcefully recruited aliens from several amphibious species, including Chagrians, Iskalonians, Mon Calamaris and Quarrens, and forced them to live in that undersized area, in very poor living conditions.

Eventually, c. 517 BBY, Bartyn was forced to deal with the Sailor's Union and open unused parts of the Ring to aliens. He also allowed a number of aliens to settle outside the Landing, which improved the habitability of the Ring.

Five centuries after Bartyn, the Ring was still a residential area, but the quality of life there had improved, even if it still had several slum neighborhoods. Many inhabitants of the Landing used their personal skimmersubs to travel through the lower levels of the Ring.

In 29 BBY, a well-liked member of the town council of the city secretly frequented the Ring to enjoy the local licentiousness and spice. During one of these visits, this person was murdered, and local Security Chief Mix Liddell began an official investigation.


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