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"The School follows its own will…but someone must ever be the first to swim."

The School was a world wide organization on the planet Iskalon which consisted of all the various underwater species that resided on the world. The School served as the government of Iskalon, and rule was established by the will of the people. The School believed greatly in the principle of cause and effect and was extremely hesitant to act in an aggressive manner, as the action might have undesired effects on their world.[1]



The School was first formed during the days before the Old Republic when several water breathing species were driven off their home planets by worldwide cataclysms. Spacefaring benefactors arrived on these worlds and helped relocate their populations to another water world. Eventually, seventeen distinct species called Iskalon home, but to unite them, the concept of the School was created.[2] While the organization was technically a group with no leader, an unofficial head of the School would direct the groups actions based on the overall will of Iskalon. Although the School was entirely made up of displaced persons, it maintained an extremely friendly disposition towards outsiders and any visitors to their world.[1]


In this fashion, the School eventually created fully supported underwater cities that were connected to the surface by tank/landing ports. This system allowed the School to communicate and interact with species that could not breathe or live underwater. Likewise, the School would sometimes don water tanks and enter the cities and landing ports to make visitors feel more welcome.[1] Unfortunately, the School's peaceful way of life was not always returned in kind. Around 4 ABY, the School came into contact with the Galactic Empire who wished to subjugate the water world. Although the School sent delegates to try to negotiate with the Empire, their diplomats were murdered for their "presumptuous attempts at diplomacy".[1]

Frightened for the fate of the School, Primor, the first to swim for the group, opened up negotiations with the Rebellion in hopes that they might be able to combat the ruthless Empire's goals. Unfortunately, as soon as the Rebellion had made contact with the School, the Empire sent a large missile from the nearby world of Gamandar to destroy the School's first most underwater city of Pavillion believing that the action would crush all further resistance. The explosive created a massive tidal wave[1] which demolished Pavilion and killed Primor.[3]

As it turned out, Primor's daughter-in-law, Kendle had betrayed the arrival of the Rebellion diplomats to the Empire in exchange for a guarantee of safety towards her immediate family. The Imperial missile has been in part an attempt to destroy the Rebellion delegation made up of Rebel heroes Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, Chewbacca, and Lando Calrissian.[4] As a result of the death of Primor, Kendle tried to assume command of the School, but due to the efforts of the Iskalonian warrior Kiro, her treachery was revealed. Kendle was killed by a wild Chiaki shortly afterward, and the School began to despair that they were now without a leader. However, Kendle's husband Mone assumed command in his father's place and vowed to take the school deep underwater away from the horrors of the Galactic Civil War.[4]


"And when you return to the planets of the Airbreathers, tell your fellow Rebels that none of them is welcome here…I am the son of Primor, and the School will follow me. I shall lead it into the depths…there shall be no more Pavillions, no more tanks, no more living in two worlds. Not so long as there is an Empire."

The terrible tragedy of the Iskalon effect had a profound effect on the School. No longer outgoing and friendly, the people became suspicious and hostile towards outsiders for the deaths that they had caused. The death of his father and the betrayal of his beloved turned Mone into a hardened leader who wanted nothing to do with any airbreathers. For the School and for himself, Mone decreed that they would make no more underwater cities or continue relations with outsiders, and he brought the School into a state of deep isolation.[4]

Although Mone had asked for no outsider to disturb the School, it did not deter more unsavory beings from searching the planet for valuables that had been abandoned after the disaster. Mercenaries such as Rik Duel found the destroyed city of Pavillion easy pickings for salvaging operations. However, the School fought back against these operations, luring the wild Chiaki to the intruders, and if that did not scare them away, the School would fight the trespassers away with deadly force.[5] Around the same time that the School was dealing with this threat, the Empire was dethroned at the Battle of Endor. Remembering Mone's final words, the Rebellion sent Luke Skywalker to see if the School would join in the new Alliance of Free Planets. However, the School had become even more isolationist since the disaster, and they believed that any interference from outsiders could bring about the same disaster as before. Although Kiro decided to leave the planet and travel with Luke, the School decided to remain in its isolationist state.[5]


"When the Nagai first came here, and began building their evil tower and speaking of the strategic importance of Iskalon's location…and enslaving our people…that was when we needed our exiled hero most…and that is when Kiro came back."

Despite the hostile stance that the School had decided to take, it did not keep them from being involved in galactic conflicts. The strategic location of Iskalon made it ripe for invasion, and the first conflict weathered by the Alliance of Free Planets forced the School back onto the galactic stage. The Nagai warriors allied with the remnants of the Galactic Empire invaded Iskalon and began to enslave members of the School for work on a permanent base there.[6] Although the School tried to fight back, the killer determination of the Nagai led to the slaughter of many of the School. Under siege and out of contact with the Alliance, it was only a matter of time until the School would have to submit or be destroyed completely. Luckily for the School, their former planetary defender in Kiro returned just in time to lead a strong defense against the invaders. The combat methods that Kiro had learned with the Alliance proved him to be an invaluable asset to the School, and he began to become somewhat of a legend among the School. Kiro's success against the invaders turned the pessimistic outlook of the School into one of hope, and when the Alliance arrived on Iskalon, Mone and the School were quick to welcome them with open arms.[6]

During the Battle of Iskalon, Mone was captured by the Nagai, but the efforts of the Alliance and Kiro's battle skill dealt a terrible blow to the Nagai. The Nagai's base of operations was obliterated in the battle, and the invaders were forced off of the world. Although the School was now safe for a time, Kiro opted to remain with the group to ensure their protection.[6] The fate of Iskalon and the School is unknown but their isolationist state seems to have dissolved after resolution of the Nagai invasion.[6] However, the Iskalonians decided not to join the New Republic.[7]



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