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"I don't know what to do with this file. Listening to it just now, I was tempted to melt the whole suit of armor down. If my ancestors had known that Mandalorians in my day could be so full of deceit, they'd have killed their neighbors before they could breed."
―Rohlan Dyre[src]

The Secret Journal of Doctor Demagol was a audio memoir kept by Antos Wyrick, a Mandalorian scientist better known by his adopted name, Demagol. The memoir was a simple compilation of journal entries made by the doctor to document his actions and the events around him during the early days of the Mandalorian Wars. Also included in this record were his recollections of a number of events he was involved in prior to the wars, as well as several notes on his childhood, his personal life and relationships, and his philosophies on the Force and the role of the Mandalorians. Demagol made the initial records into the audio recorder of his Mandalorian helmet, but later used the helmet of Rohlan Dyre after he was forced to assume the man's identity so as to avoid capture by forces of the Galactic Republic. Following Doctor Demagol's death on Osadia, Rohlan Dyre reclaimed his helmet and discovered his impostor's records. Although Dyre was tempted to destroy the memoir to erase the memory of Demagol's actions, which were historically condemned by other Mandalorians, he instead added an addendum to the record in which he explained the flaws of Demagol's philosophy.


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