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The Shadow Syndicate is the fourth expansion of the Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game, released on September 24, 2009. It adds more than 200 new playable cards and more than 20 new loot cards to the game, bringing the total number of cards in the game to more than 1,400. The new loot cards include the Air-2 racing swoop and the ability to combine several loot items and create the AT-AT house. The new playable cards feature vehicle units that can:

  • Grant additional movement bonuses to deliver units to battle quicker
  • Move multiple units at once
  • Redeploy units from one quest to another to either save potentially doomed units or reinforce others
  • Play during combat to help your defending units

In addition, this expansion introduces new Expertise Trait Cards to the game. Unit cards with the new Expertise trait, such as the Leia Organa card, increase combat stats over time and allow players to acquire other benefits as they reach certain thresholds in their stats.

The story mode of this set, represented in scenarios, puts the players in the service of both an illicit Rebel swoop-racing operation led by Dash Rendar, and the sinister Prince Xizor as he attempts to steal Rebel prizes for his own benefit. With increasing pressure on trade routes from the Empire, the Rebels are using swoop racing to hide their movements of much-needed military vehicles from the Empire. Intent to discover the new Rebel tactic, the Emperor has tasked the Falleen Prince Xizor to uncover the Rebel activities. Using tips from his Black Sun agents, Xizor's attention focuses on the team of star driver Kimmi Chyler, who has hired legendary Corellian freelance smuggler Dash Rendar to provide transport. Knowing their cover to be exposed, Dash and Kimmi make a valiant break to deliver the new vehicles to the Rebels before Xizor and his Black Sun minions can seize the shipment for themselves.

Card listEdit


Nautolan: a new playable avatar species

  1. Battlemind
  2. Control the Force
  3. Force Jump
  4. Force Protection
  5. Force Repulse
  6. Guardian of Justice
  7. Guardian of Peace
  8. Honor Life
  9. Instrument of Meditation
  10. Telepathy
  11. Honor Life
  12. Weapon of Defense
  13. Councilman's Robe
  14. Fourth Generation Lightsaber
  15. Grand Healer's Robe
  16. Jawa Ion Pistol
  17. Multipocket Belt
  18. YLK-37R Nova Courier
  19. Evasive Action
  20. Flow of the Force
  21. Force Blinding
  22. Sacrifice
  23. Simple Solution
  24. Wookiee Defense
  25. Angry Wookiee
  26. Ewok Dancer
  27. Flash Speeder
  28. Jawa Technician
  29. Logray
  30. Luke Skywalker
  31. Singing Mountain Huntress
  32. Singing Mountain Sentinel
  33. Sister Chastina
  34. V-35 Courier
  35. Wookiee Sentry
  36. Youngling
  37. Evasion
  38. Gunner Strike
  39. Pathfinders
  40. Reckless Stimulation
  41. Reckon Mission
  42. Scrounging Mission
  43. Secure Landing Zone
  44. Spec Force Training
  45. Task Force Assault
  46. Weapons Drill
  47. Wilderness Fighting
  48. Wraith Op
  49. Alliance Needler Carbine
  50. Medic's Belt
  51. Rebel Insignia Hologram
  52. SpecOps Field Agent Pack
  53. Survival Knife
  54. Y-wing
  55. Acquisition Run
  56. Dropship Deployment
  57. Field Promotion
  58. Overland March
  59. Scan-Com Intel
  60. Urban Combat
  61. 8th Division Brigadier
  62. 8th Division Lieutenant
  63. 8th Division Staff Corporal
  64. Airen Cracken
  65. Alliance Admiral
  66. AV-21 Landspeeder
  67. C-3PO
  68. Leia Organa
  69. Rebel Cadet
  70. SpecOps Major
  71. T-47 Airspeeder
  72. Wedge Antilles
  73. Blockade
  74. Crack Down
  75. Enforcement
  76. Fire Support
  77. Imperial Intelligence
  78. Internal Affairs
  79. Investigation
  80. Rule by Fear
  81. Sleeper Agents
  82. Surveillance
  83. Tarkin Doctrine
  84. Vader's Fist
  85. Belt of the Spy
  86. Imperial Insignia Hologram
  87. Model 22T-4 Hold-Out Blaster
  88. Scout Trooper Gloves
  89. Shock Trooper Leggings
  90. Stalker
  91. Alpha Strike
  92. Bombing Run
  93. Brainwashing
  94. Breakthrough
  95. Interrogation
  96. Superior Numbers
  97. 419th Infantry Brigadier
  98. 419th Infantry Commander
  99. 419th Infantry Corporal
  100. 419th Infantry Logistics Officer
  101. 419th Infantry Major
  102. Admiral Okins
  103. Aratech 74-Z Speeder Bike
  104. AT-AT
  105. AT-ST
  106. Black Hole Stormtrooper
  107. General Nevar
  108. Ysanne Isard
  109. Alter the Force
  110. Battle Meditation
  111. Force Bolt
  112. Force Storm
  113. Give In to Your Anger
  114. Know Victory
  115. Manipulate the Force
  116. Power of the Dark Side
  117. Sith Alchemy
  118. Sith Apprentice
  119. Telekinesis
  120. Whirlwind
  121. Belt of the Sith
  122. Curved-Hilt Lightsaber
  123. Dark Apprentice Robe
  124. Devastator
  125. Imperial Guard TIE Interceptor
  126. Robes of the Storm Caller
  127. Chain Lightning
  128. Dark Temptation
  129. Deadly Sight
  130. Force Leap
  131. Force Tempest
  132. Path of Anger
  133. Darkwalker Guardilol
  134. Darkwalker Systol
  135. Darkwalker Technick
  136. Darth Vader
  137. Lava Skiff
  138. Lord Nyax
  139. Nightsister Patrol Leader
  140. Nyax Fanatic
  141. Nyax Servant
  142. Nyax Visionary
  143. Sith Speeder
  144. Trienial
  145. Best Deal Ever
  146. Conspicuous Consumption
  147. Power Spirit
  148. Rising Spirit
  149. Single File
  150. Tusken Hospitality
  151. Witch Blade
  152. Chance Cube
  153. Small Pocket Belt
  154. Standard Boots
  155. Swoop Helm
  156. Tusken Cycler Rifle
  157. White Thranta Katana
  158. YT-1300 Light Freighter
  159. Repo Man
  160. Runaways
  161. A Speeder for Me
  162. Tusken Recon
  163. Card Up Your Sleeve
  164. Corellian Gambit
  165. Double Deal
  166. Dread Strike
  167. Improv
  168. Lethality
  169. Take Cover
  170. Bantha-II Cargo Skiff
  171. Dash Rendar
  172. Guri
  173. Kimmi Chyler
  174. Lonay
  175. Swoop Gang Enforcer
  176. Swoop Gang Punk
  177. Swoop Gang Rogue
  178. Xizor
  179. XP-38 Landspeeder
  180. Zephyr-G Swoop

Fixed CardsEdit

  1. Ben Kenobi's Book
  2. Black Sun Attack
  3. Mos Espa Race
  4. Under Cover
  5. Agrilat Swamp Circuit
  6. Kor Vella Ambush
  7. Rebel Sympathizer
  8. Sore Looser
  9. Bothan Traitors
  10. Bureau Mission
  11. Lok Marathon
  12. Sabacc Revenge
  13. Gang Warfare
  14. Hunt Down and Destroy the Jedi
  15. Narmle Memorial Rally
  16. Jedi Sneak
  17. Bacta Kit
  18. Rebel Assault Chestplate
  19. Lightsaber Duelist's Ring
  20. Anakin's Helmet
  21. Bothan Bola Carbine
  22. Immense Gemstone Necklace
  23. Smuggler's Delight
  24. Stinger
  25. Virago
  26. Chyler's Swoop
  27. Outrider

Promo CardsEdit

Luke Skywalker avatar SWGTCG

Luke Skywalker avatar

  1. Jix
  2. Arden Lyn
  3. Maximilian Veers
  4. Luke Skywalker
  5. Han Solo
  6. Darth Vader
  7. Leebo
  8. Jawa Sandcrawler
  9. Zan Pike
  10. It's a Trap!
  11. Barabel Hunter
  12. Mirax Terrik
  13. Zu Pike
  14. AEG-77 Vigo Gunship
  15. The Shadow Syndicate Choose A Loot

Loot cardsEdit

  1. Air-2 racing swoop
  2. AT-AT Blueprint
  3. AT-AT Head
  4. AT-AT Statuette
  5. Breakthrough
  6. Cybernetic Arm
  7. Death Star Hologram
  8. FG 8T8-Twin Block2 Special Podracer
  9. Galactic Hunter Painting
  10. Jabba's Roasting Spit
  11. Klorri-clan battle shield
  12. LCD screen
  13. Malfunctioning Moisture Vaporator
  14. Mustafar Diorama
  15. Naboo Signaling Unit
  16. Nightsister Feather Backpack
  17. Scurrier Pet
  18. Starship Hangar
  19. Varactyl Armor
  20. Welcome House Sign
  21. XJ-6 Airspeeder
  22. Theater Poster: A Forbidden Love
  23. Luke Skywalker Statuette
  24. Lightsaber Techniques Painting
  25. Emperor's Royal Guard Greeter
  26. TIE Fighter Chair
  27. Trench Run
  28. Ceremonial Travel Headdress
  29. Senate Guard Greeter


List of notable artists who provided original art for the fifth game set.

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