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The Slice was a wedge-shaped section of the galaxy which began at the edge of the Core Worlds and extended through the Colonies, the Inner Rim, the Expansion Region, the Mid Rim, and even the Outer Rim Territories. The tip of the Slice was known as the Arrowhead, where modern civilization had been founded.[1] It was roughly bounded on either side by the Perlemian Trade Route and the Corellian Run. After these two major trade routes were established, the systems of the Slice were rapidly developed as colonists followed the two routes and migrated into the Slice in search of habitable worlds.

Major planets[]

This list includes those planets directly on a superhyperroute bordering either end of the Slice.

Jedi Civil War[]


During the Jedi Civil War which started in 3959 BBY with the surprise attack on Foerost. Revan and Malak launched a massive campaign through the Northern edge of the slice. Assumably to essentially divide the Republic in half and weaken their ability to defend itself.


Behind the scenes[]

Prior to the creation of a full map of the galaxy, the Slice was depicted as being much smaller than currently; sources stated that it contained under a thousand settled planets, and less than 1% of the galaxy. While creating the map, Daniel Wallace found that those numbers could not be reconciled with his starting info, and he ultimately had to reject them.[3]



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