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A blue-bladed lightsaber was owned by the Smuggler. It was created by one of 4 Jedi (Mususiel, Zubain Ankonori, Khandra or Nuhj). After the four were defeated by the Empire, it was damaged, and was locked in a Jedi Vault alongside other possessions. Later, it was found by a scoundrel, who, with training from Shelish and Xiath, learned to wield it,[1] as well as having Force powers

Behind the scenesEdit

Lightsabers and Force moves were added to Star Wars: Uprising in the Dec. 15 update. In order to get one, the player would have to embark on a mission only accessible after 100% completion of the story, and gaining enough holodiscs to get access to Xiath. If the player completed all dark side missions, the lightsaber would be red-bladed instead. The player could, however, complete both light-sided and dark-sided missions, making him a Gray Jedi.

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