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The Spike was a massive, cylindrical pulse hammer initially intended to be used against sub-crustal military bunkers. Built by Galactic Solutions Industries, the weapon was deemed unfit for this purpose due to the immense and violent pressure unleashed on its occupants when its payload would fire. The costly weapon proved less than desirable for prospective buyers but found a new rationale when the organization, The Hyland Organization for Rakghoul Neutralization (THORN), discovered the use of underground warrens by rakghouls. The CEO of G.S.I and founder of THORN, Addalar Hyland, quickly adapted the machine to displace soil and rock to allow the entry of a temporary shaft equipped with a turbolift into subterranean rakghoul territory. Upon entry into the hollow lairs beneath the ground, the apparatus would then release a bevy of navigational markers that scanned the tunnels for expeditionary use by THORN.

The Spike was deployed in King's Pass on Alderaan during the Alderaan Rakghoul Resurgence, in order to create an access to the rakghoul tunnels.[1]

It was also deployed in the Dune Sea on Tatooine and in Labor Valley on Corellia when the rakghoul plague resurfaced on both planets.


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