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The Star Wars 2 is the second issue of an eight-issue adaptation of the original 1974 rough draft screenplay for George Lucas's Star Wars franchise, titled The Star Wars. The second issue was released on October 2, 2013.

A variant cover, featuring a Ralph McQuarrie image, was also released on the same date.[2]

Publisher's summary[edit | edit source]

The Empire is poised for an attack on the peaceful world of Aquilae, and only Jedi General Luke Skywalker seems concerned. When King Kayos is killed, Jedi in training Annikin Starkiller is ordered to find Princess Leia, while Skywalker sends his only squadron against the Empire's powerful new battle station!

  • Official eight-issue adaptation of George Lucas's original rough-draft screenplay for Star Wars!

Opening Crawl[edit | edit source]

After his youngest son is killed in an attack by a Sith Knight on the fourth moon of Utapau, Jedi Kane Starkiller and his surviving son Annikin decide to return to their homeworld of Aquilae.

On Aquilae, the king and his council debate signing a treaty with the New Galactic Empire-unaware that General Darth Vader is already preparing to attack. Believing there is still time to find peace, the royal family sends Princess Leia away to school.

Arriving on Aquilae, Kane Starkiller is reunited with fellow Jedi General Luke Skywalker. Kane begs Luke to take Annikin as his apprentice, and reveals that he is dying. But the discussion is interrupted by word of something huge moving through space toward Aquilae...

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