The Star Wars Intergalactic Passport is a booklet in the style of a real-life passport published by Ballantine Books in 1983. The passport was designed and illustrated by Charles R. Björklund,[2] and was primarily created as a commercial version for the limited edition Intergalactic Passport that was issued as backstage passes for the development of The Empire Strikes Back, due to their massive popularity.[3]

It contains pages for information about the passport owner, empty pages for passport stamps, several pages of seals of various destinations for cutting out and pasting onto the visa pages, as well as general advice about traveling the galaxy.

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At Last!

You can travel through time and space to the most fabulous spaceports in the universe...

Mos Eisley and Tatooine from STAR WARS

Hoth and Bespin from THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK

Endor and Jabba's Palace from RETURN OF THE JEDI

Special Port of Entry seals inside will allow you to enter these exciting places and more with The Star Wars Intergalactic Passport. Don't leave your planet without it!


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  1. This is implied by the reference to X-Wings in the identification information section of the Passport, which became famous after the Battle of Turkana where they saw their formal debut. In addition, some of the stamps reference Alderaan as if it were still in existence, implying that the passports were issued prior to the planet's destruction at the hands of Tarkin and his Death Star's superlaser.
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