The Star Wars Poster Book was written by Stephen J. Sansweet and Pete Vilmur and published on October 13, 2005. It contains the posters of all six Star Wars movies, some of the earlier video games, and various promotional items.

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For the first time ever, here are 350 of the best posters—some instantly recognizable, others delightfully obscure, all in full color—from Stephen J. Sansweet, the ultimate Star Wars collector, and Peter Vilmur, a top poster collector.

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George Lucas himself spearheaded the design of the early Star Wars movie posters.

He envisioned characters in action poses, brimming with movement, visually popping out of the poster's confines. He suggested the now-famous Star Wars logo type should look "fascist" and the poster's color schemes be vibrant yet mysterious. In short, Lucas wished to return to the golden age of poster design. Over the next several decades, Lucasfilm accomplished that and more, generating thousands of visually unique and iconic posters for six Star Wars films. Collected here in one stunning volume are 350 of the most amazing Star Wars movie posters—some famously identifiable, some extremely rare, many completed hand-illustrated and -painted. Considered to be some of the greatest of their time, these foreign and domestic posters range from surreal to ultra-realistic, from campy to darkly serious—Darth Vader's head exploding into a shower of camera parts in a poster from Poland; young Anakin Skywalker casting a large, ominous Sith shadow; C-3PO and R2-D2 selling Star Wars shoes; Luke and Vader engaging in mortal battle within the Death Star. Stephen J. Sansweet, the world's foremost collector of Star Wars memorabilia, and Peter Vilmur, a top poster collector, are the perfect guides through this unexplored corner of Star Wars history, offering behind-the-scenes stories, insightful quotes from the poster artists and designers, and, for the serious collector, a comprehensive rating scale of more than 2,000 Star Wars posters along with a bootleg identification guide.

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