The Star Wars Show is an Emmy Award–winning series of behind-the-scenes YouTube videos produced by that give official news regarding upcoming Star Wars media and events. It was first teased on May 10, 2016[5] and premiered on May 11, 2016.,[1] with an episode airing every Wednesday (unless interrupted by a hiatus) at 12 p.m. Pacific Time. The show is hosted by Andi Gutierrez and Anthony Carboni, who replaced former co-host Peter Townley in January 2017.[3]

On August 4, 2016, the first episode of The Star Wars After Show, a weekly series where members of Lucasfilm discuss weekly Star Wars happenings with the hosts of The Star Wars Show, aired on the Verizon YouTube channel.[6] In 2019, The Star Wars Show won a Daytime Emmy Award for an Arrested Development sketch with Ron Howard.[7]



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Episode Title Original Airdate
1 "Duncan Jones, Best of Star Wars Day and Celebration News"[1] May 11, 2016[1]
2 "Chvrches, Games at Celebration, Star Wars in Japan"[8] May 18, 2016[8]
3 "Chewbacca Mom, Rogue One Character Reveal, A Star Wars Birthday Party"[9] May 25, 2016[9]
4 "Dennis Muren, Star Wars Table Top Games, and Star Wars Fan Film Awards News"[10] June 1, 2016[10]
5 "Finding Dory Co-Director Angus MacLane, ILMxLAB News, and More"[11] June 8, 2016[11]
6 "New Star Wars Video Games, Han Solo #1 Preview, and Nick Swardson"[12] June 15, 2016[12]


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