The Star Wars Sketchbook is a reference book that was published by Ballantine Books in September 1977. The book collected many of the sketches created by Joe Johnston for the movie, Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope. It also included behind the scenes and in-universe information for each vehicle and vessel.

Publisher's summaryEdit

This was the beginning of the most powerful, fantastic, mind-boggling sights ever put on film!

Shows how the incredible equipment was developed. Here, in their early stages, are:

  • The Death Star
  • The Millennium Falcon
  • The Life Pod
  • The TIE fighter
  • The Sandcrawler
  • The X-wing fighter
  • The Rebel Blockade Runner
  • The Y-wing fighter
  • The Imperial Star Destroyer


Along with Joe Johnston's sketches, the book discusses various aspects of the creation of Industrial Light & Magic's vehicle models. This includes the fact that the Millennium Falcon was developed past its original concept of what became the blockade runner.