"The Starfighter Stunt" is the twelfth episode of the first season of the animated micro-series Star Wars: Forces of Destiny. The episode takes place during Star Wars: The Clone Wars. It was first released as part of the first special on October 1, 2017 and it was released on Youtube on October 4.[2]

Official description[]

While Ahsoka teaches Padmé how to pilot, they come under attack by a droid starfighter.

Plot summary[]

Padmé saved Ahsoka from a droid fighter.

In space, Padawan Ahsoka Tano is teaching Senator Padmé Amidala starfighter combat maneuvers. Both women are flying a pair of N-1 starfighters. Tano's ship is yellow while Amidala's ship is silver. R2-D2 is also riding in the astromech socket of Padmé's starfighter. Tano tells Amidala she is getting better but that she needs to keep up with her. The two fly their starfighters past an asteroid. However, a modified Vulture droid is hiding and lying in wait under the asteroid and pursues them. R2-D2 spots the droid and warns Amidala and Tano. The two lead the droid starfighter on a pursuit over a nearby comet.

When Amidala asks how they can defeat the droid fighter, Tano says that droids can't improvise and that they must do something unexpected. The Vulture droid fires a green sonic wave at Amidala's starfighter. Tano shields Amidala's fighter by flying into the path of the sonic wave. She is struck unconscious but survives. While Tano's ship drifts in space, the droid fighter continues the pursuit and manages to damage one of the engines of Amidala's fighter. Amidala tells R2-D2 to put out the engine fire.

Taking Tano's cue to improvise, Amidala flies the N-1 fighter inside the comet. She then resurfaces and sneaks up on the droid fighter from behind and shoots it down. The droid fighter crashes into the comet and explodes. Amidala then contacts Tano over the intercom. Tano is alive but has a headache from the sonic boom. Amidala tells her not to worry because she blew up the droid. While Amidala is surprised at her starfighter skills, Tano reassures her friend that she has always had a good instinct. Amidala thanks her and the two head home.




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