"The Stranger" is the seventh episode of the first season of the animated micro-series Star Wars: Forces of Destiny. It was released online on July 9, 2017.[1]

Official description[]

Jyn comes to the aid of a little girl bullied by stormtroopers.

Plot summary[]

The girl thanks Jyn for rescuing Tookie.

In the streets of Garel City, Jyn Erso is buying a fruit from an Ortolan merchant when she hears two stormtroopers walking by. The stormtroopers confront a little girl, who is stroking her cat Tookie and tell her that she is in violation of Code 310. The girl protests that the Tooka-cat is all that she has but the stormtrooper orders her to hand over the cat and when she refuses, he snatches it out of her hands and shoves her aside. Jyn, seeing the situation, throws her fruit at the stormtrooper and tells him to "pick on someone his own size." Jyn kicks the first stormtrooper to the ground. She then hits the second trooper with a stick and flees with the cat. While fleeing through the narrow streets, Jyn is pursued by stormtroopers, who fire their blasters. She shoots at a coolant pipe and takes advantage of the leaked gas to flee into an alleyway. The stormtroopers are joined by two more troopers. In the alleyway, the Tooka-cat licks Jyn's face. Jyn and the cat hide beside a rubbish bin and she tells the cat to be quiet but it just meows at her. As the stormtroopers approach their position, she shoots a drainage hatch with her blaster, causing the troopers to fall into the gutter below it. One of the stormtroopers tries to cling on to the surface but the Tooka-cat pushes him down. Jyn and the cat watch over the fallen stormtrooper and the cat responds with gratitude. Later, Jyn returns Tookie to the little girl, who asks Jyn her name. Jyn reveals to her that her name is Jyn Erso before walking away, a stranger in the night.




Notes and references[]

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