The Survivor (French: La Rescapée) is the third installment in the Star Wars Resistance chapter books series, a series of French language junior novels written by Vanessa Rubio-Barreau that adapt episodes of Star Wars Resistance Season One. The Survivor was published by Hachette Jeunesse on June 9, 2019 and adapts the Star Wars Resistance episode "Signal from Sector Six".[1]

Publisher's summary[]

During a trip into space with Poe Dameron, Kaz detects a distress signal: a ship has been attacked by pirates! Without hesitation, the two pilots fly to the aid of any survivors and find a young humanoid, whom they decide to bring back to the Colossus. But who is she really? And especially, which side does she belong to? The young spy would do well to stay on his guard…[1]




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Notes and references[]

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