A coin depicting the Tiger and the Worm.

The Tale of A Tiger and A Worm was the recounting of the Black Bha'lir's feud with the Hutt Empire's Ramesh clan. Only one member of the Black Bha'lir's Tribunal was ever assassinated in the society's long history. In retaliation, the Black Bha'lir destroyed the Ramesh clan and took control of the Omman Minor system.[1]

On Omman Minor, the head of the Ramesh clan refused to pay the Black Bha'lir docking taxes on a bulk freighter docked at the Meril Power Station. In an effort to resolve the situation, the Ramesh invited a member of the Tribunal to their headquarters to discuss the issue. During the visit, the Bha'lir member was assassinated. The Hutts believed that such an action would cripple the Bha'lir, panicking them and possibly even triggering the downfall of the society.[1]

The Bha'lir's response was swift; they sent the Ramesh a gift of a rare black Bha'lir cub. The Ramesh saw the offer as capitulation, and gathered their clan to plan how to best use their new smuggling organization. However, the Bha'lir had surgically implanted Trauger gas into the cub's lungs. At the meeting, the gas was released, wiping out the Ramesh clan and sending a clear message to another planning on challenging the society.[1]


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