The Three Jetties was a district of the city Bartyn's Landing in Lamaredd. Built by the locals, it became the favorite docking area for trawlers.


The fishing city of Bartyn's Landing was built c. 529 BBY using a Hoersch-Kessel LH-3010 capital freighter as a basis. The founder dismantled the bulkheads to create piers and then populated the town with a first generation of fishermen, the First-Wavers.[1]

However, the descendants of the First Wavers decided to create an alternative port-in-the-port, later known as The Three Jetties. Eventually, it became the port of choice for most of the fishing boats.[1] Besides, visitors from other places coming by sea commonly entered the town through the Three Jetties instead of using any of the bigger ports.[2]

Places of interestEdit

One important place in the Three Jetties was the Noloh Gunga Fuel Station, an offshore meeting place for independent ships and site of Noloh Gunga Bongoform, one of the few local industries not belonging to the Bartyn family.[1]

On the contrary, the Bartyns did own and enjoyed the Three Jetties Gourmet Restaurant, which was placed in the same area to the sailors' chagrin.[1]



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