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"The Totem Master" is the sixth episode of the second season of Ewoks. Written by Bob Carrau and directed by Dale Schott, the episode originally aired on ABC on October 4, 1986.

Plot summary[]

The Totem Master[]

While the Ewoks juiced the annual dangleberry fruit, Wicket decided that the job was beneath a young warrior like himself. A nearby traveler, known as the Totem Master, overhears Wicket grumbling. Latara gets a bucket stuck to her bottom. Teebo frees her but the barrel crashes on his head. When Teebo removes the barrel, he finds the Totem Master standing nearby.

The Totem Master greets the Ewoks and asks them for something to drink. Princess Kneesaa offers him some dangleberry juice. In return, the Totem Master offers them a totem pole, which Wicket takes an interest in. Kneesaa warns Wicket that they shouldn't receive a gift from unknown creatures. The Totem Master claims that the totem poll will protect their village from evil. Despite Kneesaa's warnings, Wicket accepts the totem pole.

Theft and kidnapping[]

After the traveler left, Wicket carried the totem pole back to Bright Tree Village by himself. That night, while the Ewoks slept, the traveler went to the village and used his magic ring on the totem pole to bring the totem creatures to life. Once free, the creatures robbed the village and gave their loot to their "Totem Master." When Teebo saw this, he wanted to warn Chief Chirpa, but the Totem Master stopped him and used his magic ring to take over Teebo's mind and make him one of his slaves. Wicket briefly awoke during the night and saw some of these events, but he figured it was only a dream, and so he went back to sleep.


Kneesaa and Wicket disguising themselves as totems.

The next morning, the Ewok tribe discovers that they have been robbed of their possessions. Latar reports that three pins, a bone brush, two baskets, two painted gourds and a beautiful acorn necklace are missing. Kneesaa points out that the necklace belongs to her. Logray confirms that the Sunstar is missing. Malani reports that her older brother Teebo is missing. While Chief Chirpa tasks the older Ewoks with finding Teebo, Wicket realizes that what he saw the previous night was no dream.

He, Kneesaa, and Latara set off to find Teebo and their belongings. The three Ewoks soon find the Totem Master gloating over his spoils. Wicket regrets falling for the Totem Master's scheme. Kneesaa spots that Teebo has been transformed into a totem that sits at the top of the totem. The Totem Master throws out Latara's acorn necklace, prompting her to confront him. However, the Totem Master uses his magic ring to turn her into a totem slave as well. He adds Latara to his collection.

Kneesaa is alarmed but Wicket shushes her. They decide that they need to get the magic ring. The two follow the Totem Master's wagon with Latara using her lasso to enter in the vehicle and then helping Wicket aboard. The Totem Master decides to travel to the Strutter village, hoping to fool the villagers. Wicket and Kneesaa resolve to stop the swindler before he can cause more harm.

Showdown at the Strutter village[]

The Totem Master visits the Strutter village, where the avian Strutters are obsessed with mirrors. The Totem Master offers them the totem pole, claiming that it would make their village the talk of Endor. The Strutters admire the totem. Wicket and Kneesaa also disguise themselves by sitting on top of each other above the totem. The Totem Master notices the totem is taller than usual but is not suspicious.

That night, Kneesaa and Wicket tried to stop the Totem Master by dropping a bale of hay on top of him. The Totem Master uses his magic ring to summon his slaves from the totem. He orders them to bring him everything. Wicket and Kneesa drop the bale but the Totem Master quickly recovers. The Totem Master attempts to enchant them with his ring but they escape. The Totem Master sends his enslaved minions after them. The two Ewoks dodge a centipede-like creature but run into the enslaved Teebo and Latara, who capture them.

The Totem Master attempts to enslave Wicket and Kneesa. However, Wicket spots a mirror and uses it to deflect the energy beam back on the Totem Master himself, thereby placing him under his own spell and turning him into a totem. The Master's ring falls of his hand and shatters on the ground, freeing the slaves from his curse. The other creatures he enslaved celebrate their new-found freedom. Latara and Teebo reunite with Wicket and Kneesaa.


Wicket says that the Totem Master won't be messing with them anymore. Wicket promises not to take any gifts from strange creatures. The next day, the four young Ewoks return to Bright Tree Village village with all of the tribe's stolen belongings in a wagon drawn by a bordok. Chief Chirpa is pleased that the little ones are safe while Malani is delighted to see her older brother. Latara is happy to have her stuff back but Teebo opens a large sack, causing them to slide down. Teebo laughs while the others grumble.



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Latara hugs Princess Kneesaa and Teebo hugs Wicket after being saved by them.

Princess Kneesaa in action with her grappling hook.



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