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The Tower of Alistan Nor is the third episode of the second season of LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures.[1]

Official description[]

Looking for inspiration, Rowan journeys to Alistan Nor where he finds an abandoned city of Jedi and M-OC.[1]

Plot summary[]


Following the Force vision, Rowan Freemaker relates his vision to the Mon Calamari starship builder Quarrie. Quarrie's Lothal astromech droid BG-81 plays back images of various starships but none of them match the description of the Arrowhead. Rowan uses the Force to assemble a model of the ship out of various spare parts. Roger, who is carrying spare parts, is also present. Rowan explains that the ship was fast and protected by a huge Kyber crystal and had an embersteel blade in front, but loses concentration and the model falls apart. However, Roger doesn't understand Rowan's vision and only sees a pile of junk.

Rowan says his mind is not clear and cannot recreate it. Quarries claims that Rowan has not seen anything with a sense of style and craftsmanship. He tells Rowan about Alistan Nor, an ancient city of great beauty where the greatest minds in the galaxy looked for inspiration. Rowan wants to go with Quarrie but Roger tells them to wait and dismisses Rowan's model as a piece of junk.

The Emperor's favorites[]

Meanwhile, at the Imperial Palace on Coruscant, Darth Vader briefs the Emperor Palpatine about his operation to get new crystals from Vakharon to power up the second Death Star. The Emperor however wants to check up on M-OC and contacts him via hologram. The Emperor has outfitted M-OC with a Double-bladed spinning lightsaber, which M-OC prefers to wield as two blades. M-OC remarks that he could have succeeded on Tibalt had he had a lightsaber.

The Emperor regards M-OC as his favorite hunter droid but M-OC responds that the Imperial database states that he is the only hunter droid, making favorites irrelevant. A jealous Vader counters that he could also be his least favorite hunter droid. The Emperor tells Vader to zip it and asks about his progress in hunting down Rowan. M-OC replies that he is searching the Imperial database for salvage sites. The Emperor is pleased and tells M-OC to continue. After the hologram conversation, the Emperor remarks that M-OC is not easy to have a conversation with. Vader agrees and the Emperor stresses that he is only concerned that M-OC delivers Rowan to him.

Borrowing the StarScavenger[]

Aboard the Home One, Kordi Freemaker delivers a hologram presentation to the rebel crew members about energy efficiency. She explains that turning off the lights has saved them enough power to power every astromech droids on the ship. Before Kordi can finish, Rowan sneaks in and signals to her. In the corridor, he tells her that he is going to Alistan Nor to "save the galaxy." Rowan has packed his lunch but Kordi tells him to check with Zander Freemaker. Kordi resumes her presentation and proposes five minute showers to conserve water. Everyone turns to look at Admiral Ackbar.

Meanwhile, Zander is repairing Grayson's X-wing starfighter. Grayson opines the ship belongs to the scrap heap but Lieutenant Valeria advises patience. Zander extracts a cracked coolant compensator from the X-wing and tells him his ship will fly. Valeria praises Zander but Rowan interrupts to tell his brother about his planned trip to Alistan Nor. Quarrie tries to interject but Zander is not interested. Still, Rowan manages to get permission for him and Quarrie to hang out on the StarScavenger. Zander tries to convince Valeria to let him fly but she tells him that he is better with a "wrench in his hand."

Rowan, Quarrie, and Roger strap into their seats aboard the StarScavenger. When Roger asks if they are going to Alistan Nor, Rowan confirms this is the case but that Kordi and Zander can't come. When Quarrie says he is not a pilot, Rowan decides to fly the ship. The StarScavenger departs but knocks into several other ships. Quarrie remarks that it is too late for him to fly while Roger says it is too late for him to get off. Rowan takes the ship into hyperspace.

Back at the Home One, Zander asks Kordi about her presentation and she says it went well. Zander tells Kordi that Valeria regards him as her best mechanic but expresses frustration he is still not allowed to fly anything but the StarScavenger. Zander and Kordi then discover that Rowan has taken the ship to Alistan Nor.

Journey to Alistan Nor[]

Rowan takes the StarScavenger to the planet Alistan Nor, which is surrounded by three asteroid rings. Roger is stuck to the bridge's metal door. While passing through one of the asteroid rings, the Imperial probe droid XJ9-GM02 reports their presence to M-OC, who departs on the Tracker I. Back on Coruscant, Sidious tells Vader not to be jealous of M-OC because they have a special relationship as Master and apprentice while M-OC is just a tool. Vader does not believe Sidious. M-OC then contacts them via hologram with news that the probe droid XJ9-GM02 has detected the StarScavenger above Alistan Nor's planet. M-OC heads to Alistan Nor to investigate.

After landing, Roger tells Rowan that he flies like Zander but not in "a good way". Quarrie introduces Rowan and Roger to the city of Alistan Nor, which has been abandoned and reclaimed by the jungle. When Rowan asks isn't where Alistan Nor where great minds come for inspiration, Quarrie replies that the city has been abandoned a long time ago and says that inspiration can come from any direction. Roger is pessimistic. He and Rowan head the roars of gundarks. Roger tells Rowan that they made a horrible mistake coming here as a gundark watches from the shadows.

Meanwhile, Kordi and Zander talk about borrowing a ship. Shortly later, the klaxons ring and Admiral Ackbar orders the rebel pilots to get to their ships. Kordi and Zander watch as the rebel fighters depart for a sortie. With no transportation available, Zander and Kordi decide to rebuild one of Zander's Z-wings but make little headway.

Back on Alistan Nor, Rowan playfully throws a centipede at the unhappy Roger, who wants to go home. The trio then stumble upon gundark footprints and encounter a pack of gundarks, who hear Roger's voice. Quarries and Roger flee while Rowan leads the gundarks on a chase with his lightsaber. He cuts down several columns to slow down the packs. Rowan also uses the Force to collapse one of the columns that another gundark is standing on. He is surrounded by two more but uses the Force to construct an improvised cage made from stone pillars.

Exploring the Tower[]

Rowan then rejoins Quarrie and a pessimistic Roger, who thinks they are still not safe. They crawl through a tunnel that leads to the Tower of Alistan Nor. The travelers enter a cylindrical hall at the base of the tower. Quarrie tells Rowan that the Force Builders were an ancient order of Jedi devoted to creating fine style and architecture and starships. They created the tower and the city of Alistan Nor. As they climb up the stairs, Roger gives Quarrie a piggy back ride and jokes about adding transportation to his list of skills.

Meanwhile, M-OC arrives at Alistan Nor's planet in his starship Tracker I and vows to hunt down the Freemakers. Back at the tower, Rowan, Roger, and Quarrie reach the top. When Quarrie asks Rowan what he sees, Rowan sees a Force vision of Alistan Nor in its glory days as a Jedi city. Roger can't see but Quarrie responds that what Rowan sees is not for their eyes. Rowan also experiences a vision of the Arrowhead and finds the inspiration to build the ship. Roger hears the roar of engines.

Duel in Alistan Nor[]

M-OC arrives in the Tracker I and blasts a column. Rowan, Roger, and Quarrie narrowly escaped being crushed by falling debris. Roger tells Rowan his dream has become a nightmare as M-OC proceeds to blast them. The trio fall from the ramparts but Rowan manages to cling on to a vine. He also uses the Force to stop Roger and Quarrier from plummeting to the ground. M-OC lands his ship and flies his rocket boosters towards Rowan. Rowan fends off the hunter droid with his lightsaber and saves Quarrie and Roger from falling to their deaths.

Realizing that Rowan has trouble focusing and multi-tasking, M-OC proceed to harry the boy with blaster bolts. Rowan uses the Force to hurl Quarrie and Roger towards a vine they can cling on to. Not intimidated, Rowan fights of M-OC with his lightsaber. M-OC deploys his own lightsabers and mocks Rowan. While clinging onto a vine, Rowan parries with the hunter droid. M-OC fires his weapons at the tower, causing debris to fall. M-OC cuts Rowan's vine but Rowan manages to use the Force to grab another but drops his lightsaber. M-OC taunts his defenseless enemy. However, Rowan causes a balcony to fall on top of M-OC, crushing him. The hardy droid however survives and returns only to be grabbed by a pack of gundarks. Rowan compliments his own "can-do" spirit.


Back at Home One, Zander and Kordi finish assembling their "Ugly" starfighter. Before they can depart to find their joyriding brother, Rowan returns and crashes the StarScavenger into their ship. Rowan apologizes for not being able to reach the brakes. When Kordi asks where he has been, Rowan says nowhere but reluctantly mentions his encounter with M-OC. When Zander and Kordi confront him for taking the StarScavenger, Rowan points out that they gave him misleading instructions. The siblings reconcile with the older two admitting they were partly to blame.

Quarrie tells Kordi and Zander that Rowan is the last of the Force Builders. In Quarrie's workshop, Rowan assembles a model of the Arrowhead, the ship from his vision. Zander, Kordi and Quarrie finally realize Rowan's vision. Quarrie says that they will need various items including embersteel blades, a Farium fusion conduit, a proton suspension housing, an energy matrix activator, and a bantha–sized Kyber crystal. Kordi and Zander think it will not be easy getting hold of these ancient items but Rowan replies that saving the galaxy will not be easy.

Imperial entanglements[]

M-OC manages to blast his way free of the gundark pack and rebuild himself. He then reports to the Emperor and Lord Vader about his encounter with Rowan. However, the Emperor and a sneering Vader warn him to perform better the next time. Vader then heads off to check on the progress of the second Death Star. The Emperor tells M-OC that Vader delivers results. Vader visits the Imperial officers and inquires about their progress in installing kyber crystals from Vakharon into the second Death Star.

One of the officers tells Vader that they found no crystals on Vakharon but only glass. Vader hurls him out of one of the Imperial Palace's towers; the Imperial Palace was once the former Jedi Temple. Vader tells the two remaining officers that it was a disappointing answer and asks which of them has a better one.


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