"Insider takes a look at the Kenner action figures that didn't make it to your toy box."
―The Toys That Never Were[src]

The Toys That Never Were was an article written by Chris Fawcett that appeared in Star Wars Insider 92. Including pictures of prototypes, it showcases ten figures/figure sets that were conceived by the Kenner toy company during the 1970s and 1980s but which never made it into production.

Profiled figures[]

Prototypes of Chewbacca's family

  • Rocket Fett - A famous unproduced figure of Boba Fett that was initially made available through a mail-in offer. Several months before its release, a child choked to death on a missile fired from a similar Battlestar Galactica toy, and Rocket Fett was ultimately shelved. Nine variants of the figure are known to exist.
  • R1-G4 - An action figure of R1-G4 went unproduced, but Fawcett asserted that it was not publicly known why.
  • Accessory figures - A set of accessories available for the heroes similar to an existing "survival pack" went unproduced.
  • Luke Skywalker in robes - Very little is known about a figure of Luke Skywalker in plastic-sculpted robes that didn't make the cut.
  • Unproduced Power of the Force - Kenners' original Power of the Force toyline ended after one wave, resulting in a number of figures going unreleased.
  • 2nd Series Ewoks - After a line of action figures based on the television show Ewoks, a second line was planned that was set to include Chief Chirpa, Paploo, Morag, Weechee, Chituhr, and Bondo. Many samples of these figures exist, but they were never mass-produced.