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The Vow of Silver Dawn, titled 《白银誓约》 in the original simplified Chinese, is a canon web-novel written by an author under the pseudonym "His Majesty the King." Announced in 2019, The Vow of Silver Dawn was written to incorporate Chinese culture to tell an authentic Star Wars story that would resonate with teenagers. Its chapters began to be released online on China Literature's Qidian web-novel platform on December 17, 2020 and concluded with chapter 324 on September 21, 2021. The story is set during the High Republic Era, in 200 BBY.

The web-novel follows a teenage Jedi Padawan Sean as he journeys through the Aakaash system, located far from the Jedi Temple on Coruscant he was familiar with. Adapting to the local culture, such as chopsticks and the native tongue, Sean realizes that the corporation ruling the Aakaash system is corrupt to the core; separated from his Jedi Master, Mostima, by the authorities, Sean works with local businessman Li Yu and his group of mercenaries to bring freedom to those whose individual rights were oppressed by the state-run corporate system and to find his master.

Publisher's summary[]

Original simplified Chinese:


An English translation:

The energetic, youthful Jedi Padawan Sean meets true darkness for the first time while investigating a murder in the remote and independent Aakaash system. He is separated from his master, resisting the rising evil alone. When his Jedi training and beliefs are challenged, he sets foot on a journey of self-discovery, hoping to bring peace and justice to this star system.

Notes on translation and transliteration[]

Official and unofficial[]

The web-novel was published in the simplified form of written Chinese.[1] Matt Martin of the Lucasfilm Story Group gave the official English title of The Vow of Silver Dawn on Twitter,[5] while a promotional video for the web-novel confirms the canonical spelling of "Sean," the novel's protagonist.[6] Begamor and Aakaash's spelling were confirmed in the Star Wars Galaxy Map,[7] with Mostima, Jamie Brasson, Nan Holi, Loongren, the Silver Knights, and the Land & Sky Corporation being confirmed as well in the 2023 reference book Star Wars: Timelines.[8] All other translations and transliterations provided by Wookieepedia are unofficial and conjectural.

Translating and transliterating the content and words of the simplified Chinese–written web-novel into English for usage across Wookieepedia articles requires a standardized format, which is detailed as follows. It is assumed that the web-novel is read in Mandarin Chinese—the spoken Chinese language that is widely used in mainland China in conjunction with simplified characters as the written form. Therefore, for example, 陈 is transliterated as "Chen" based on the Mandarin pronounciation, rather than another Chinese language such as Cantonese, where 陈 (written as 陳 in traditional Chinese) is pronounced as "Chan."

Characters being referred to by the Chinese personal pronouns 他, 她, and 它 are assumed to correspond to the English pronoun sets he/him, she/her, and it/its. There are a few instances of regional-specific Shanghainese terms in the web-novel. A very few words in the web-novel appear to have been censored, leaving blank spaces or asterisks amidst the rest of the text.

Transliterating names[]

Personal names[]

Each Chinese character, in the logosyllabic sense, is spoken with one syllable. Rather than translate the meaning of words, Chinese names are converted to the pinyin format, which is the standard romanization for Mandarin in mainland China and beyond, albeit without diacritics denoting tones (e.g. 安平 converted to An Ping, rather than Án Pǐng). Although 南鹤礼 in pinyin is "nán hè lǐ," Star Wars: Timelines names him as "Nan Holi."

Particularly relevant to formal writing where individuals are sometimes addressed by only their surname, Chinese names begin with the surname, as opposed to the European convention of ending with a surname. It is assumed that only the first character of a Chinese name is the surname, rather than having compound surnames. For example, Zhuang Yuanying is sometimes referred to as "Zhuang," her surname. For consistency, Chinese names with more than two syllables in the forename (e.g. Zhuang Yuanying) have their romanized forename grouped into one single group of letters (e.g. Yuanying) instead of being sorted into groups per the number of syllables (e.g. Yuan Ying or Yuan-ying).

However, names clearly derived from English are romanized and treated per English language conventions (e.g. 莫斯提马 and 杰米·布拉森 are Mostima and Jamie Brasson, respectively, based on the spelling provided by Star Wars: Timelines).

Interpretative romanizations[]

夏 has a variety of meanings and therefore it is simply romanized as "Xia" and capitalized since it is used as a proper noun or surname, such as the Xia capital and the Xia family. 龙人 can be translated as "dragon people," but Star Wars: Timelines uses the romanized form "Loongren." Loongren, as with 龙人, does not have a separate plural form since Chinese does not distinguish plural nouns using inflections such as the suffix "-s" in English.

When the Mandarin pronunciation corresponds with existing English Star Wars terminology (e.g. 科洛桑 in pinyin is "kē luò sāng," which resembles Coruscant; 米思罗尔 in pinyin is "mǐ sī luō ěr," which resembles Mythrol), they are assumed to refer to the corresponding subjects. Generally, English "r," "t," and "th" sounds do not exist in spoken Chinese (e.g. "r" and "th" sounds in English are typically substituted with what would be in English "l" and "s" sounds, respectively). Additionally, when the Chinese words in a new name have little meaning of their own, the sounds are transliterated into the the Latin script with the assumption that it is pronounced in a form of standard English, therefore producing anglicizations with conjectural spelling and capitalization (e.g. 卜哈 in pinyin is "bo hā," which could be anglicized as "boohar"). Transliterations could be combined with translations; since the web-novel uses 卜哈猫 and 猫 is the word for cat, it could be referred to as a boohar cat.

Ancient Chinese[]

The web-novel incorporates classical terms derived from the "Old Chinese" language, such as 乾 and 坤 in 乾坤集团. 集团 is a modern term for a company or corporation, and the reference book Star Wars: Timelines refers to it as "Land & Sky Corporation." In the context of Chinese philogophy, specifically the nearly three-millennia-old text I Ching, 乾 roughly refers to force or heaven, while 坤 roughly refers to flow or land. Additionally, the web-novel is set in 乾星系, alternately named 乾坤星系, where 星系 is the term for a star system. However, Star Wars: Timelines refers to it as the Aakaash system. Nevertheless, 乾坤, when used in other contexts, is translated as "Land & Sky," for example in Land & Sky currency. When separated, 乾 is translated as "Sky," for example in the Sky series engine model, while 坤 is translated as "Land," for example the Aakaash system's capital planet, Land. Other parts of the Aakaash system are named 兌, 離, 震, 巽, 坎, and 艮, which in the context of I Ching roughly corresponds with Lake, Fire, Thunder, Wind, Water, and Mountain, respectively.


The web-novel frequently uses Chinese idioms derived from Chinese poetry over the millennia. Their literary meaning is dependent on the context of their usage and may not be apparent in prose, but the following list and the "Behind the scenes" sections of relevant articles may attempt to explain such idioms.

  • 红杏出墙 (red apricots reaching beyond the wall): refers to the disobedience of customs in chapter 61. The red apricot squad (红杏小队) was named after this phrase. It is traditionally written as 紅杏出牆, originating from a[9] Southern Song (1127–1279) era poem by 葉紹翁 (Ye Shaoweng)[10] titled 遊園不值. As the title suggests, it describes an unsuccessful visit to a garden; it was closed, but he saw some red blossoms of spring (apricots) reaching out of the wall.[11] The phrase 紅杏出牆 later became an innuendo for sexual affairs.[9]
  • 请君入瓮 (may thou enter the jar): refers to luring another person into a trap of their own device in both the title and prose of chapter 104, from Sean's perspective regarding Xia Xi. It is traditionally written as 請君入甕 and refers to a conversation between two Tang era secret police officials during Empress Wu's reign (690–705) about how to extract a confession—one suggested threatening to cook the person inside a jar, prompting the other official to use that tactic against him.[12]

Plot summary[]

A dictator, conspiracies, and the Silver Dawn[]

During the High Republic Era, in 200 BBY,[4] Jedi Padawan Sean and his teacher, Master Mostima, are sent to the planet Begamor to uncover the corrupt nature of its ruler and representative in the Galactic Republic's Senate, Jamie Brasson. After successfully infiltrating Begamor's Presidential manor and completing his mission, Sean is sent to investigate the murder of Nan Holi alongside his master by the Jedi Council.


Sean, Jedi Padawan

Nan Holi was an executive member of the corporation that ruled the largely independent Aakaash system in the Oplovis sector, far from the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Nan was an advocate for his star system to further integrate with the Republic despite the local populace's independent tendencies. While Nan Holi studied the Force extensively and was cautious for his own security, the businessman was killed at his own secluded estate, which Sean and Mostima inspect. The two Jedi are briefly detained by Xia Yan, the Land & Sky Corporation Security Bureau's leader. Xia wanted the Jedi to leave and drop their investigation, though Mostima threatens to kill herself, which would result more Jedi being sent to investigate the Aakaash system. Xia is thus forced to detain the Jedi, and he chooses to detain them in Nan Holi's villa. During their stay, however, the Jedi duo are separated by a pirate raid on Nan's estate, and Sean is forced to handle the conspiracy himself. Meanwhile, weary of the Jedi Order and the Republic, the ruling corporation of the system works to frame the Jedi for Nan Holi's death in the goal of ensuring their hold to power.

Sean is rescued from the pirates by the Silver Dawn, captained by Li Yu and White, leaders of the Silver Knights. Indebted to Li and sought by the system's authorities, Sean, concealing his identity as a Jedi, decides to work as a Knight to pay off his debts, biding his time before leaving to rejoin Master Mostima. The Knights, a group of mercenaries who mainly work to support their community back home in the wastelands of the planet Wind, invite Sean to the elite red apricot squad, named after a local phrase which meant disobeying customs. Sean thus works alongside group leader An Ping, master sniper Lu Nan, the medic Xu Bo, and the expert mechanic Zhuang Yuanying. Together, aboard the ship red apricot, they pursue a lost Silver Dawn shipment of xuanming, a deadly biological hazard to be used as the core raw material of a new biological water-purifying device.

The slaves, the Dragon, and the shipment[]

After a chaotic visit to the space station named Fire, red apricot squad traces the shipment to the Blue Dragon, the most powerful paramilitary force in the system, which had been allowed to take the biological hazard by the station's masters. While the squad realizes that they have been manipulated by the ambitious manager of the station, Zhang Jincheng, in his attempt to bring down the Blue Dragon pirates, Sean boosts red apricot squad's morale by suggesting that they place the blame of recent misfortunes on the manager after raiding the Dragon. Seeing that the Blue Dragon was affiliated with the star system's corrupt authorities through the contact Chief Ning Tao, an official of the Security Bureau, An Ping leads red apricot squad in an attempt to capture the official on the asteroid Lake 4399 and ransom him to the Dragon for the return of the xuanming.


Sean was sent to investigate a murder in the Aakaash system.

Just before the raid on Lake 4399, Xu Bo tells Sean that sparing enemy lives may jeopardize the entire operation and result in their deaths. Xu Bo also speculates that the elite Security Bureau guards protecting Chief Ning Tao may all be corrupt officers, as such would be the type of people Zhang may employ for his secret dealings. While Xu Bo further adds that the enemies they are about to face may all be innocent of any crimes, and that to kill them would be to become a murderer of innocents, Xu Bo states that what matters is one's choice between the dichotomy of whether to always be a pure, good person, or to be a person who can act to achieve things. Finally, the medic Xu Bo states that the more experienced a doctor, the more errors—sometimes lethal—they would make, and that there is one type of doctor who never makes an error or accidentally kill their patients, always remaining cleared of any wrongdoing: a doctor who never acts.

After killing multiple squads of security guards and a group of high-ranking associates of Chief Ning Tao, red apricot squad captures Zhang and finds out that he was holding slaves to fulfill his and his men's sadistic pleasures. While the mission was a success, Sean's disguises were useless in every turn of his attempt to infiltrate Zhang's stronghold. Xu Bo explains that the reason for Sean's failure was that he was good-looking; by rule of thumb, corrupt evil-doers had ugly faces. An Ping then forces Zhang to contact the Blue Dragon, telling them to come to the base with the xuanming in hand. Thus, the dragon head, their leader, personally arrives at Lake 4399, receiving a warm welcome from their friends amongst the Security Bureau forces.

The dragon head returns the xuanming to red apricot squad and leaves, though not before destroying several vials of the Land & Sky Corporation's dark yellow blood, an invaluable substance rumored to grant immortality. With Zhang's jurisdiction now responsible for massive losses of the corporation's assets, Zhang is left to die at the corporation's hands. Before red apricot squad could leave Zhang's base aboard their ship, however, Sean hires them to rescue the twenty-seven slaves who would be otherwise left to die at the base. To rescue the slaves, red apricot squad requires their cooperation. However, the slaves were established by the system's authorities to be dead and thus could not reclaim their old identities or rejoin their loved ones.

Freedom, letting go, and profits[]

While some slaves remained skeptical of whether the squad would truly rescue them or did not desire a new life, some other slaves were determined to live, for where there is life, there is hope. All the slaves eventually agree to be rescued from Lake 4399. To rescue the slaves, red apricot squad also requires the assistance of Zhang, who reluctantly agrees to help after Li Yu offered to smuggle him out of the Aakaash system to safety afterwards.

After loading the goods stored in Zhang's vault on the asteroid onto an armored freighter containing the twenty-seven slaves, red apricot squad, with Zhang piloting the armored transport, battles an elite squadron of Blue Dragon starfighters in space aboard the red apricot. The squad and their transport destroy most of the Blue Dragon forces, though Sean discovers that Zhuang Yuanying is a non-human while treating her injuries. Red apricot returns to the home of the Knights of Silver Dawn on Wind, and Zhang circumvents Wind's satellite defense network to allow for the Land & Sky Corporation–marked armored freighter to follow suit.

The slaves are set free to find new lives for themselves in the abandoned wastelands of Wind, though Sean realizes that they have lost everything but their lives. While the Jedi Padawan was uncertain of what to say to the survivors, Li Yu arrives to reassure them that Wind's abandoned area is free of the Land & Sky Corporation's evils of violating individual rights, and offers work for the survivors so that they may build up enough capital for themselves to live in whatever way they choose, reigniting their hope. Li Yu also honors his deal with Chief Ning Tao, respecting his property rights and allowing him to take his 23.14 million credits. As part of their deal, Li also gives Zhang a ship ticket to the Republic Core Worlds.

Li ushers Zhang to a nearby hostel and detains him there before the eyes of Sean, exclaiming that the Land & Sky Corporation official was scum for enslaving other individuals, which would have granted Zhang ten death penalties and 200 years of imprisonment in courts. Sean also deduces that letting Zhang—whom he refers to as a "Land & Sky Corporation thug"—go would imperil the Knights' position in the wastelands of Wind as the local population would be displeased. Li asserts, however, that while the majority of the population may oppose letting go in a poll, if he ignores the population's expressed wishes and decides to do so, at least half of the population would back him on-site. Li explains with confidence that many people trust him more so than themselves. Li also states that while killing Zhang would fulfill a democratic, collective wish of the majority people and also give them 23 million credits, letting Zhang go would tell everyone in the Aakaash system that the Knights of Silver Dawn can help those wishing to escape the system. While Sean was confused, Li stated that it was simply the truth; any corrupt, oppresive organization would inevitably hurt those within it, prompting such victims—however much corrupt themselves—to tear down the entire party.



Desperate for news of his Master, Sean snuck into Chief Ning Tao bedroom at night for news on the Aakaash system (a nighttime scene pictured).

Sean realizes that letting go would cause more Land & Sky Corporation victims such as Zhang to have a change of hearts; to rebel against the authorities and lead to their demise. Li assures the teenager that he was only looking out for his own long-term profits, encouraging a change of hearts within the corporation to increase the likelihood of more business opportunites with deserters such as Zhang. Later at night, Sean secretly visits Zhang in search of answers regarding the status of the Aakaash system.

Sean asks whether Xia Yan had any conflicts with the Nan family, and is told that the Xia family had always competed against the Nan family, but by a millennia-old custom, Aakaash system politics forbade war between the four great families of the ruling corporation. Sean also learns that Xia Yan listened to no one but the Xia family's elder council, which elevated Xia to his current position as the Security Bureau leader in the first place. Additionally, while seeking information on Master Mostima, Sean learns that even Zhang, the Security Bureau Lake branch branch leader, had not heard of the pirate attack on the Nan Holi villa.

Together, Sean and Zhang deduce that the only possible culprit behind the pirate attack on Nan Holi's villa would be a member of the Nan family. Zhang tells Sean that the culprit could have been Nan Yujin, though a guard enters Zhang's room soon after, taking him to his ship off-world. Sean was thus forced to leave to evade detection, and the Jedi Padawan returns to red apricot squad's base. There he is met by Li Yu, who reveals that he knows, though does not care for, Sean's secret of being a Jedi who antagonized a high-ranking member of the Land & Sky Corporation. Li emphasises that he rescued Sean not for his status, but for his skills and character, and further reveals that Sean's next job is to escort an anonymous individual—secretly Nan Moyou, the daughter of Nan Holi—from Wind to the planet Land's Xia capital, the capital city of the Aakaash system, and that that individual is privy to information regarding the other Jedi involved in the pirate attack on the Nan family villa.

Ferrying the mysterious client, the Silver Dawn—with Li Yu, White, Sean, and the ship's crew aboard—travels from Wind to Land with a detour through the Lake asteroid field, which was personally chosen by the client. Sean attempts to make contact with the client, though the latter remains inside her cabin. The crew thus speculates that the two were lovers, drawing connections between their mission to rescue Sean at the Nan family villa and the present situation to form a logical possibility that their client is a scion of one of the four ruling families of the Land & Sky Corporation, yet is barred from marrying Sean for his relative lowliness. While Sean has nothing to say about such speculation, he found leads in certain points raised by the crew. The Silver Dawn is ambushed in the Lake asteroid field soon afterwards, and Sean is dispatched to maintain the ship as a mechanic.




While saving the Silver Dawn by replenishing lost coolants, Sean encounters the mysterious client and, openly using the Force, saves her from wiring that had come off the walls due to the fighting. The battle is eventually won, and the client asks Sean to open a metal box that was electronically sealed. When Sean forcefully opens it though the Force, the client suddenly takes away the box and retreats to her quarters. There, she is contacted by Li Yu, who asks for her progress with Sean. Nan Moyou states that she thought Sean would not provide the answers she seeks, and tells Li that the only option going forward is to find the other Jedi. Afterwards, since the Silver Dawn was attacked on a route personally chosen by Nan, Li invites his client to join him in interrogating three captured ambushers.

After revealing that the attack was organized by He Shan of the Vermilion Birds, the captives are mercilessly executed on the spot by Li in revenge for two of his men dying during the previous battle, shocking Nan. However, Li states that each and every member of the Knights of Silver Dawn are family, and raises the point that she might do the same to the people who murdered her beloved father. Li further rationalizes that, since the laws of civilization would not protect his people, killing the captive pirates was the only option to protect his people. Sean watches on in secret as White brings out the next batch of captives.

The next three captives reveal that while the Vermilion Birds' attack was led by He Shan, their presence was orchestrated by an outsider. Li gathers that the outsider is Nan Moyou, who admits her part in hiring the pirates to ensure her safety while aboard the Silver Dawn. Nan also expresses her anger that she was betrayed by the pirates, who attacked the Knights of Silver Dawn and nearly killed her. In particular, one of the captives who were executed was Nan Zaizhou, Nan Holi's secretary who was Moyou's uncle figure. Moyou also expresses puzzlement as to why Zaizhou, who was wealthier than her, risked his own life to betray her. Li abruptly interrupts Moyou's thoughts, asking how her father died. Nan replies that she does not know, which was the reason why she hired the Knights of Silver Dawn to investigate the Nan family estate to gather evidence, and expressed her regret that the only evidence is a box that no one could open. Li awkwardly changes the subject, and announces that the interrogation is over. However, one of the captives pleads for his own survival by offering further information.

As the captive stepps forward, he recognizes Nan as the heir to the Nan family and asks if she was the one who hired the Vermilion Birds to disturb Land & Sky security on Lake 9527—the location of the Nan family villa. While Li rants about the ruling class' incompetence, Nan reveals that she contacted the Vermilion Birds through the late, treacherous Nan Zaizhou, which would explain why all of the Vermilion Birds pirates know of her identity. After Li prompted him to continue, the captive said that the pirates only attacked the Silver Dawn in pursuit of Nan since she owed them payment for the Lake 9527 job. While Nan insists that she fulfilled the payment, Li asks White to investigate the status of the overdue money, and White reports that the money is being withheld by the Nan's bank because her processing fee had expired. Nan to fulfill her contract with the Vermilion Birds, and the situation is settled in peace.

Trust and power[]

Trust and family[]

The Silver Dawn lands on Land, and Li Yu and Sean discuss the Nan family as Nan Moyou departs for a Land & Sky Corporation meeting about her inheritance. Li explains that the Knights and the Nan family work together for mutual benefit, which leads Li to hope that the Nan family's new leader would not be unwilling to continue working with the Knights. Should the Knights be robbed of their ally, Li plans to bring down the Land & Sky Corporation's headquarters, the skytop, with him. While Li recognizes that a peace provided by threat is a fragile peace at best, and that his plan may be opposed by some of his Knights, Li states that a good leader never surrenders to people's opinions, and that a leader should withstand people's opposition to do the right thing. Li elaborates that as an outlaw, one should never expect to be protected by the rules of civilization. Li also states that he wishes the Knights to become a legitimate organization, though he teaches Sean to be practical and focus on what is closer ahead, such as the Nan family succession and the people around him. Li Yu then tells Sean that he, having saved everyone aboard the Silver Dawn during the previous battle, has become part of the family of the Knights of Silver Dawn, and is responsible for helping to repair the embattled Silver Dawn.

After spending an entire day repairing, Sean is told by Li Yu of a new lead on the events on Lake 9527. In the Xia capital, Li had talked to a survivor of the pirate raid there, and the survivor revealed that all of the colleagues he had lost contact with were located inside the Nan family villa during the raid. Li thus deduces that the Land & Sky Corporation is attempting to cover up a secret that occurred inside the villa. Li also informs Sean that he is high up on the internal, non-public wanted list of Land & Sky security, accused of killing Nan Holi. While Sean wishes to be smuggled out of the Aakaash system as Chief Ning Tao did, Li strongly warns against it, stating that the Hutt Kong Zhang, who helped the chief escape the system, is secretly in league with the system's ruling corporation. However, as the Silver Dawn departs Land, Li raises the possibility that the Knights may be able to help Sean escape the Aakaash system.


A member of the Hutt species; a Hutt provided smuggling routes out of the Aakaash system.

Meanwhile, Nan Moyou rests in a hotel in the Xia capital after a long conference on skytop regarding her inheritance. She is visited by her uncle Nan Yujin, and while she had enjoyed a happy childhood with Yujin, Moyou forces herself to assess the situation with logic instead of emotion and decides that Yujin is not to be trusted. Yujin, who had just returned from Muunilinst to hear that his brothers Nan Holi and Nan Qianyu have died and that Moyou endured a pirate attack, expressed concern for Moyou. While Moyou resists the urge to embrace her uncle's kindness, she accepts his help, determined to gain his support in reclaiming her inheritance. Probing the seemingly selfless Yujin, Moyou asks if her recollection that Yujin disliked handling family business matters was true. Yujin replies that he simply disliked working with his brother, Nan Holi.

Yujin elaborates that, during their childhood, he disliked being ordered around by Holi. And while Holi managed the family business and kept it afloat, Yujin was free to do as he liked, drawing Holi's envy that Yujin was free to have the time and effort to make Nan Moyou happy by gifting her a Mon Calamari toy. While Moyou remains suspicious of Yujin for steering her emotions, she agrees to his proposal that they travel to skytop and acquaint with the corporation's ruling board of directors in preparation of taking over as the Nan family leader.

The foundation of power[]

On skytop, Nan Moyou expresses her desire to bring justice for herself as the rightful heir of the Nan family. However, Yujin states that justice does not matter in the Land & Sky Corporation; there is no justice amongst the four great families, which has ruled the Aakaash system for over two millennia. Moyou then asks what is important. Yujin replies that wisdom only makes one calculating, focusing on gains and losses and in pursuit of so-called justice—yet justice itself rocks the very heart of the foundation of the corporation's rule. Ergo, the people of skytop would value a person's subjective will more so than their wisdom.

Moyou does not comprehend Yujin's words, and so the latter further states that the core of power is the dismissal of calculating gains and losses, the disregard of justice and axioms, and to do as one desires; what is spoken, the law follows. To take power, one must simply act. Yujin tells to Moyou remember that the four great families have a monopoly over power, and reminds her not to become a puppet of power. Yujin further reminds Moyou that Nan Holi, as a member of the corporation's board of directors, was directly involved in corruption, having pocketed public funding to build his family villa. While Moyou was reluctant to accepts Yujin's words, she follows his lead and listens to his advice as they traverse the corridors of skytop.

The two meet Nan Qiwen, an elderly member of the board of directors' secretariat. At his request, Qiwen gives Yujin a classified copy of the minutes of the previous day's board of directors' meeting. Yujin then meets with Chen Lu of the board of directors, who was also a leading member of the Chen family and the manager of the recent meeting agendas. Yujin asks Chen to grant Moyou attendance at the board's conferences and Chen agrees, arranging a nonvoting seat for Moyou. After parting with Chen, Yujin recommends that Moyou stay at the Xia capital to gain influence with the four families' elders, although Moyou, choosing to rely on only her power, decides to return to Wind, the Nan family's headquarters. Before she leaves, Yujin asks how Nan Zaizhou, who he thinks would be more protective of Moyou, is faring. While still shocked by Zaizhou's betrayal, Moyou finds the question to be unavoidable as Yujin was her lone supporter.

Realizing that news of Zaizhou's betrayal would spread sooner or later, Nan Moyou tells Yujin that Zaizhou had arranged a pirate ambush to assassinate her and froze her bank account. She also tells Yujin of the recent incidents that befell herself, and both of the Nan family members find the fact that the elder council tolerated the "accidental" death of Nan Holi and the attempted assassination of Moyou suspicious. By virtue of the Silver Dawn's surprising victory over the pirate ambush in the Lake asteroid field, Moyou and Yujin decide that the Knights of Silver Dawn were their most powerful ally. While the Nan family should not put any trust in their business partners—and the Knights are no exception—Yujin says that they must allow the Knights to get near—though not enter—the family's inner ring of power to gain their trust.

A combination of work and rest[]

Training Room Kamino AtG

A combat simulation room; Sean sparred with An Ping in one such type of room.

At red apricot squad's base on Wind, Sean is given two weeks of mandatory rest—rest had become mandatory as some Knights had the tendency to overwork themselves to death. An Ping also explains that most people hate it when one amongst them excels in their work, and that doing so in a company would undermine the benefit of the collective whole of the group as its boss would demand that the whole group follow the outstanding member's lead to work harder. While Sean does not understand An Ping's logic, he is invited to spar with An Ping. An Ping dislocates his limbs to prioritize speed and extend his reach, which would surely kill even a Jedi if An Ping had a dagger in hand. Sean realizes that he underestimated An Ping's skills, and that the captain's moves are as deadly as they are unpredictable.

After Sean's cookery lesson–turned–brawl with Lu Nan in the kitchen regarding Lu's poor cooking techniques, Xu Bo argues with Lu Nan regarding her violence against Sean. When Xu Bo mentions how Little An's sense of taste was lost to food poisoning at Lu Nan's hands, Xu Bo is shot in the chest. While Little An is the subject of psychological trauma for Lu Nan, Lu had the blaster bolt on a non-lethal setting to prevent killing her team mates. Amidst the awkward silence, Sean asks who Little An was.

However, the heated, blaster-raised response that was expected from Lu Nan by the other members of red apricot squad never surfaced. Instead, Lu Nan directed the question back at Sean, asking who he was. Sean is left speechless, and Lu Nan invites him to train handling a blaster downstairs. While the two left, An Ping and Xu Bo speculate that Lu Nan's unusual response was due to Sean's resemblance to Little An, who was Lu Nan's little brother and who left Lu in a decade-long state of madness. Xu Bo further points out that unlike An, Sean bore no blood relation to Lu Nan, suggesting a growing romantic relationship between Sean and Lu Nan. Xu Bo and An Ping thus spy on Sean and Lu Nan in the training grounds below.

Below, as An Ping poises to stamp Xu Bo in the eye with his middle finger for suggesting a romantic relationship between Sean and Lu Nan, the two spies are spotted by Lu. After exchanging unpleasantaries with the two, Lu Nan sends them away and continues training Sean. In the evening, Lu Nan tells Zhuang Yuanying that Sean was not to be let out of the base per Li Yu's orders. The squad speculates that Li did not want Sean to hear of bad news from Lake 9527, and deduces that Sean only joined the Kngihts of Silver Dawn to use its intelligence network for news of a person lost on Lake 9527 whom he cared about. The next day, as part of his martial arts course, An Ping offers to teach Sean about the inner self to balance his fighting techniques. Sean eagerly accepts, seeing that the idea resonates deeply with Jedi teachings. However, Lu Nan swears at the notion, thinking that it is idiotic and feeling gravely disappointed by Sean.

Secret of the dragons[]

Hidden lair[]

"Are there no laws in the Aakaash system?"
―Sean, astounded by the fact that a mega-corporation close to the government conducted inhumane experiments on people[13]

On the third day of training, Zhuang Yuanying takes Sean to the lowest level of the base. A factory, the level contained Sky Three, a starship engine model that was designed by North River Freight 700 years ago and was the most common ship engine in the Aakaash system. Zhuang teaches Sean how to modify an otherwise ruined Sky Three into a smaller yet functional engine. When Sean does the modification himself, he enters a trance-like state in the Force, although he is disturbed by the collapse of Zhuang Yuanying, who fell to the ground unconscious, breathing violently.

Zhuang reawakens and storms off to the deepest level of the base. Sean follows, although he is thwarted by the base's automatic defense system. However, the remainder of red apricot squad joins Sean and deactivates the system, leading Sean to the base's deepest level. To Sean's astonishment, he finds a medbay containing lumps of flesh as well as several dragon-like individuals—who share Zhuang's characteristic of possessing two horns on the forehead. Zhuang herself was inside, sleeping by one of the medpay's red-orange containers, which are filled with nutritional fluid.

An Ping explains that the medbay had served as a retreat for Zhuang Yuanying for over a decade, and that Zhuang suffered from traumas as a subject of experiments, although she had been rescued by Gu Zheng, the former leader of red apricot squad. While An Ping and the other squad members pick up Zhuang and turn to leave, Sean realizes that the equipment in the medbay bore labels of Xia Moist Pharmaceuticals, a company closely connected to the Aakaash system's government. Astounded by the fact that such a mega-corporation conducted inhumane experiments on people, an angered Sean questions if there were actually any laws in the star system.

Red apricot squad find Sean's naïve question to be ludicrous, although Sean goes on to elaborate that while he understands laws may be ineffective in solving issues, issues would only increase if everyone abandoned them. While Sean concedes that acting outside of the system of law is necessary when the law is ineffectual, people must always uphold the bottom line of the law, regardless of vigilantes' benevolence. Despite Sean's speech, red apricot squad remain unconvinced, having already lost faith in the Aakaash system's system of law. As they move on, An Ping tells Sean that the laws of the star system will not protect Zhuang Yuanying; by law, Zhuang could not enjoy full individual rights—the peaceful life she has now is inherently criminal, and they themselves are complicits in helping a fugitive.

Philosophy of rights[]

"She is a living person. Why can't she have individual rights?"
"Why indeed. Without a doubt, it's because the ones who make the law do not wish to see little Zhuang's people to have rights. Plus, you say little Zhuang is a living person, but precisely in Aakaash system, little Zhuang does not count as a real, meaningful person."
―Sean and An Ping, regarding the restrictions on Zhuang Yuanying's very existence in the Aakaash system[14]

Sean and An Ping continue to discuss the Aakaash system authorities' restrictions on Zhuang Yuanying's very existence. Sean remains skeptical, and points out that while Zhuang only featured two horns, there were countless other aliens of much stranger appearances in the galaxy; the slithery Anacondans are allowed to live on Fire, which is under the Land & Sky Corporation's jurisdiction as well.

Yet An Ping refutes Sean's argument, sarcastically asking whether Sean is suggesting that a living being's rights should be decided based on the closeness of their appearance to humans, with Anacondans being used as a contradictory example. The captain further states that whether a life-form or a group deserves rights or not cannot be decided by one person. Who gave Sean such authority? An Ping argues on: Sean, in determining that Zhuang deserves rights with righteous anger, reached such rash decisions as to destroy Zhuang's medical equipment; such ways are little different to those of dictators and tyrants. Sean sees that An Ping is correct—the power to determine whether a life-form deserves rights rests, unfortunately in the case of the Aakaash system, in the Land & Sky Corporation.

Sean then queries why would the corporation wish to persecute such a person as Zhuang Yuanying, and is met with a Lu Nan–esque mocking laughter from An Ping. Such an act greatly discomforts Sean, who feels as though all of his thoughts remained within another's control; as if the conversation was rehearsed, with himself playing but a complementary role. An Ping then replies that there is no need for a reason in persecuting a race. Or rather, any one reason is enough to persecute a race. While the Aakaash system has a population of a hundred billion, there are very little non-human inhabitants outside of Fire. Sean and An Ping rule out the possibility that the system is far too remote, and the captain explains that the people of the star system simply do not like foreigners.

Many of the system genuinely believe in resisting foreign ideas. Despite prosperity brought by closer ties with the Republic, historical practices do not disappear, and so while species from abroad are treated as guests, the Aakaash system's natives were never liberated. While Sean states that such discriminations are in breach of Republic values and suggests that Republic intervention would solve the issue, An Ping interjects, expressing disappointment in Sean's faith in the Republic to shine its light on the shadows of the Aakaash system's corruption; where there is light, there is always darkness.

Sean admits that the Republic is imperfect, and knows in his heart that the Republic must have knowledge of the racial persecution occurring in its allied system—and yet does nothing about it. Without his master, Sean realizes that he must solve the situation by himself. An Ping hammers in his point: as beings of similar status as monkey-lizards, the Loongren, even if set free by Republic legal mandate, will remain precious testing material for Xia Moist Pharmaceuticals, and as a mega-corporation, they will not let go; measures, such as seemingly innocuous contracts signed at birth and laws that allow the reclamation of anyone attempting to breach said contracts, are in place to ensure continual control over those people's lives as medical supply. Ultimately, the Aakaash system's laws are in place to restrict individual freedoms and rights. The Padawan, having naïvely believed in the system of law, is left torn and undecided.

A long-oppressed people[]

"Loongren. Half-native life-forms of the Aakaash system. Innate force of evil. Encounters not known."
―A centuries-old folk culture entry for the Loongren[15]

Feeling that the secrets of Zhuang Yuanying and her people are tied to his investigation of the Aakaash system, Sean delves into the underground base's database for information on the Loongren. Data show that the people were active long before colonists first arrived, and reliable records of them gradually decreased to zero three centuries past. With horns on the head and supernatural physical prowess, the Loongren once served as religious leaders in the early phases of colonization, telling fortunes, making offerings, and praying for rainfall, leaving a legacy of legends and folklore amongst the colonists, such as the Loongren summoning winds and rains and controlling the weathers of entire worlds.

The records also reveal that as the colonists' civilization evolved, the Loongren were ostracized from society and blamed for misfortunes. The people were gradually persecuted by the colonists, long before the time of the Land & Sky Corporation. Sean thus determined that as long as the wheels of history continue to repeat itself, even the dismantling of the corporation would not stop the persecution of the Loongren. Sean thus travels to a nearby tavern named Omnivore in the wastelands of Wind in search of more information about the Loongren.

Meanwhile, Li Yu gathers in a Xia capital tavern that just over a month ago, a man with the blessing of the Xia family walked into the bar and hired the Vermilion Birds to assassinate Nan Moyou. The man, Nan Zhaizhou, provided detailed plans, and claimed that he worked for the Ma family—one of the four great families—and the plot had received clearance from the company board of directors beforehand. However, Li thinks that the story was made up, since he heard in two taverns and a bar droid gave an exceptionally spirited and detailed account of the deal. Li then decides to relay his findings word-for-word back to his client, Nan Yujin; Li believes that Nan wanted a false account. White points out that the information holds grave significance for Nan Moyou and the Nan family, asking Li whether he wanted to side with Nan Yujin or Nan Moyou. As Li argues with White, he claims that Nan Moyou had decided to trust Nan Yujin, and that none of them had a choice in letting the matter play out.

Li then meets with Chen Xuangan, a renowned information broker of the Aakash system's underworld who traded solely with information rather than material goods. Taking a Zhurong model through the Xia capital with White, Li enters a decrepit tavern and meets a Gotal—a rare sight in the star system since a group of Gotals disappeared in the Fire space station around a hundred years ago with no logical explanation from the Land & Sky Corporation. Li asks for the status of the survivors from the pirate raid on Lake 4399. The Gotal immediately replies that most of the servants are alive, under house arrest. Li speculates that the servants who have seen some of the state secrets in the villa's basement would not be allowed to leave freely, and he presses the Gotal on a "special" person who was at the raid. The Gotal then shows Li the latest Xia capital news report: Land & Sky security believes that Nan Holi's murderer was the Jedi Master Mostima, sent by the Galactic Republic.

In the Omnivore bar, a gruff miner recounts the little knowledge he had of the Loongren when he lived in the city, with the dragon-like people being frequently assaulted by rocks on the streets. He was typically unenthused by the Xia capital news, feeling cynical about the news channel constantly chiming false positivity about the Aakaash system when many people were relegated to the wastelands in reality. While the miner thought the news of Nan Holi's murder inquiry was pointless and boring given the utter irrelevance of whoever was in power to the lower classes of society, Sean watched the news intently. A patron walked toward the television to switch channels but felt an immense fear as he approached and left the place instead; the news continued playing even when no one at the bar wanted to watch it. The news broadcast shows Mostima in the uppermost floor's conference room in the Jade City Hotel, seemingly cooperating with the state investigation, and insinuates that Nan's death was orchestrated by foreign forces, given his family's prominence in the financial order within the star system. Sean leaves the bar in a hurry, overhearing in dread as the broadcast mentions that the Jedi Master had received assistance from the Knights of Silver Dawn.

Quest for Mostima[]

Back to Fire[]

Li Yu returns to the red apricot squad's base to hear that they had failed to keep track of Sean; the Jedi had disappeared in the wastelands of Wind, evading the Knights of Silver Dawn. The Padawan speculates that the news report either indicates that the Knights of Silver Dawn had a hand in his Jedi Master's false testimony; or is a sign that the Land & Sky Corporation has knowledge of his involvement with the Knights and threatens to quash the group unless Sean surrenders himself. Additionally thinking that the state media is "brainwashing" the populace to believe in their slander of the Republic, Sean plans to stow away to the Xia capital's Jade City Hotel and find his master alone. The Jedi left without saying goodbye to the Knights, wanting to eventually meet them again.

Hiding on the Great camel-head class cargo ship Bountiful Harvest heading to the Xia capital, Sean overhears the crew's chatter and learnt that he was hiding amidst illicit cargo, including smuggled weapons and intellectual property–violating knock-offs of medicininal substances produced in the wastelands. The Padawan believes that he has been caught in a trap by the Knights. Indeed, he meets an individual strong in the Force and connected to the dark side who claimed that they had been hired to bring Sean alive to the space city of Fire so that he may rejoin his detained Jedi Master and allow the corporation to complete its business and return the pair to Coruscant. The bounty hunter threatens to to start killing the innocent passengers outside the cargo bay unless the Jedi locks himself back into the box in which he had been hiding and throws what Sean thinks to be a thermal detonator; however, it is a false detonator, instead playing a popular, festive Huttese jingle. All the while, Sean is taunted by his opponent, but the Padawan attempts to remain calm and emotionally unaffected, using his lightsaber to damage the ship's systems. However, as crew members enter the cargo bay ostensibly to fix the ship, one of them incapacitates Sean.

Security Bureau Director Xia Yan speaks with the assassin—who is named Xia Xi and is his brother—but they are interrupted by news of the ship's failing engines. While Sean modifies the Sky Three engine with the help of the agent and the ship's engineer, Tang, the ship's captain had been reminded of an old Aakaash system idiom that means when the powerful fight, ordinary people suffer. He had brought his daughter along for the trip and was paid a lowly wage as an employee of the Security Bureau, resorting to smuggling between Wind and Land. Nevertheless, he and his crew cooperated with the young Jedi to fix the ship and were unwilling to heed Xia Xi's order to re-capture Sean. Xia stabbed a crew member as a threat, but Sean managed to subdue the agent and convince the crew to let him crash the ship into the space city of Fire's least prosperous district, Dark Sky district nine.

The crashed ship is surrounded by troops led by Xia Jiang, who find that Xia Xi had let Sean go after a brief scuffle in which the agent stole the Padawan's lightsaber. The agent tells his brother, Xia Yan, via comlink that the only way to counter the young Jei is not by direct force but by exploiting his cleverness and to show him the price of his pursuit of justice—before he could form a clear understanding of the full picture like his master and become another impenetrable enemy. Xia Xi claims that he had allowed Sean to reach Fire because the conditions there would be optimal in planting the seeds of doubt that he hoped would eventually crumble the Jedi's worldview. The Security Bureau chief agrees and tasks his brother with handling Sean, and the agent, with the effect of his mad blood wearing off, is taken to the prestigious Nirvana hospital in Dark Sky district two by Xia Jiang's forces despite their reluctance to help the man who had allowed a starship to crash into the space station. They had been threatened by Xia Xi, such as hinting at sending a bomb to the deputy Luo Ming's girlfriend after reciting from his thoughts of reuniting for their anniversary at 422 Pacific Street, Yellow Sky district seven.

The doctor[]

Sean quickly discovers that a bounty of twenty million units of the Aakaash currency has been placed on him, with corporate security and mercenaries guarding Dark Sky district nine's checkpoints to the most populous Dark Sky districts eight and seven. While hiding in a dump, Sean has a vision of his past in a courtyard of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Someone was helping him to learn to walk, and he was waved over to a pavilion by a person there—an unforgettable face asks Sean if he remembered them. Sean awakes from his dream to someone who has been treating his injuries for three days. The Jedi sees a middle-aged wanderer he likens to an artist in a small cave with belongings gathered from all nine districts; the person urges Sean to drink the congee they had made for him while it was hot. The person introduces himself as Wang Yi, a doctor who believes in saving lives as a duty who had been living as a hermit in the wastes for five years, deeming those that focus on the bounty to be greedy gangsters.

Wang brings Sean to the food court of Dark Sky district seven and had Ma's soup, run by a Gungan and authentically cooking in big pots with poor quality tinned bantha meat. The pair briefly meet Wang's daughter, Wang Lu, and the Jedi realizes that the doctor has been remaining optimistic while living in the wastes on Fire because he could still see his largely estranged daughter. Sean then parts ways with Wang to stay in the district, overhearing a pair of Mon Calamari shipwrights debating about whether to leave Fire, where they have found employment repairing hangars, and move to Land, where the North River corporation are setting up a heavy industry company but where they would receive less equal treatment. The Mon Calamari then discussed the seeming retrenchment of civil order on the space city, including their witness of armed thugs serving as law enforcement officers forcibly taking away a homeless man despite the cries of Wang Lu.

Sean then makes his way to district two, where the Nirvana hospital is located, intending to save the doctor who saved him by tracking a speeder to the private clubhouse of Wang Lu's stepfather, Lei Yongxun. The newly appointed director of the Nirvana hospital, Lei is a prominent figure whose father is the director of Xia Moist Pharmaceuticals and a member of the Lei family of Thunder, which is allied with the Nan family. Xia Jiang confronts Lei about Wang Yi's abduction, calling the act out of order. Later, Lei himself is abducted by Sean, who attempts to interrogate the man about Wang Yi's location. The Jedi mimicked the tactics of Xia Xi, exploiting the director's fear despite knowing that this was the way of the dark side. They traveled to a warehouse in Yellow Sky district three.

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112 Hidden 暗藏 February 24, 2021 [109]
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119 Escape route 逃生路径 March 1, 2021 [116]
120 Missed 漏算了 March 2, 2021 [117]
121 Eye-opener 开眼界 March 2, 2021 [118]
122 Do not pursue the hapless 穷寇莫追 March 3, 2021 [119]
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124 Impenetrable 无懈可击 March 4, 2021 [121]
125 Exchange 交接 March 4, 2021 [122]
126 Dark Sky district nine 天玄九区 March 5, 2021 [123]
127 In the dump 废墟之中 March 5, 2021 [124]
128 Dream March 6, 2021 [125]
129 Duty 天职 March 8, 2021 [126]
130 In recovery 恢复中 March 8, 2021 [127]
131 A great guy 妙人 March 9, 2021 [128]
132 Eat all you want 食为天 March 9, 2021 [129]
133 Soup 杂煮 March 10, 2021 [130]
134 Daughter 女儿 March 10, 2021 [131]
135 Two five years 两个五年 March 11, 2021 [132]
136 Never hesitate 绝不迟疑 March 11, 2021 [133]
137 Lei Yongxun 雷永勋 March 12, 2021 [134]
138 Mind trick 触心 March 12, 2021 [135]
139 Threat 威胁 March 13, 2021 [136]
140 Giving up 放弃抵抗 March 15, 2021 [137]
141 District three 三区 March 15, 2021 [138]
142 Irretrievable 第142章 无可挽回 March 16, 2021 [139]
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161 Disappear forever 第161章 永远消失 April 2, 2021 [158]
162 Bodyguard 第162章 保镖 April 3, 2021 [159]
163 Murderer 第163章 杀人真凶 April 4, 2021 [160]
164 Authentic 第164章 真实可信 April 6, 2021 [161]
165 Unintentional work 第165章 无心工作 April 7, 2021 [162]
166 Bomb in the restaurant 第166章 餐厅里的炸弹 April 8, 2021 [163]
167 Special person 第167章 特殊的人 April 9, 2021 [164]
168 Have enough 第168章 已经玩够了 April 10, 2021 [165]
169 Foolish intimidation is meaningless 第169章 虚言恫吓已经毫无意义 April 12, 2021 [166]
170 Dark history 第170章 黑历史 April 13, 2021 [167]
171 Open the door first 第171章 先开门 April 14, 2021 [168]
172 Eighteenth 第172章 十八号 April 15, 2021 [169]
173 Focus 第173章 专注 April 16, 2021 [170]
174 Afterword 第174章 后话 April 17, 2021 [171]
175 Recycle 第175章 回收 April 19, 2021 [172]
176 Duty 第176章 本分 April 20, 2021 [173]
177 Staff 第177章 职员 April 21, 2021 [174]
178 Unknown information 第178章 不明信息 April 22, 2021 [175]
179 Go further 第179章 更进一步 April 23, 2021 [176]
180 Calm down 第180章 冷静一点 April 24, 2021 [177]
181 Courage 第181章 魄力 April 26, 2021 [178]
182 Allegations 第182章 指控 April 27, 2021 [179]
183 Years of layout 第183章 多年布局 April 28, 2021 [180]
184 No leeway 第184章 没有余裕 April 29, 2021 [181]
185 Invalid hostage 第185章 人质无效 April 30, 2021 [182]
186 Strong in the outside world 第186章 外强中干 May 1, 2021 [183]
187 Vicious 第187章 人心恶毒 May 3, 2021 [184]
188 Life's ups and downs 第188章 人生的起落无常 May 4, 2021 [185]
189 Over the line 第189章 过线 May 5, 2021 [186]
190 Matter within 第190章 分内之事 May 6, 2021 [187]
191 Hurt 第191章 伤 May 7, 2021 [188]
192 For what 第192章 为了什么 May 8, 2021 [189]
193 Brainstorm 第193章 动脑 May 10, 2021 [190]
194 No choice 第194章 别无选择 May 11, 2021 [191]
195 Don't be a conspirator 第195章 不要做阴谋家 May 12, 2021 [192]
196 Always win undefeated 第196章 常胜不败 May 13, 2021 [193]
197 Awakening 第197章 苏醒 May 14, 2021 [194]
198 An unrecognizable old friend 第198章 面目全非的故人 May 15, 2021 [195]
199 The landlord 第199章 房东 May 17, 2021 [196]
200 Optimism 第200章 乐观 May 18, 2021 [197]
201 Time issue 第201章 时间问题 May 19, 2021 [198]
202 Approaching 第202章 临近 May 20, 2021 [199]
203 Heroes 第203章 英雄 May 21, 2021 [200]
204 Troublesome 第204章 嫌麻烦 May 22, 2021 [201]
205 Lead the way 第205章 带路 May 24, 2021 [202]
206 Expectation of friends 第206章 对朋友的期待 May 25, 2021 [203]
207 Die again 第207章 再死一次 May 26, 2021 [204]
208 Lower body 第208章 放低身段 May 27, 2021 [205]
209 To idle about 第209章 守株待兔 May 28, 2021 [206]
210 Newcomer 第210章 新人 May 29, 2021 [207]
211 Investors 第211章 投资人 May 31, 2021 [208]
212 Come again when you have time 第212章 有空再来 June 1, 2021 [209]
213 Media person 第213章 媒体人 June 2, 2021 [210]
214 The role of the media 第214章 媒体的本职 June 3, 2021 [211]
215 Supernatural powers 第215章 神通不断 June 4, 2021 [212]
216 The last level 第216章 最后一关 June 5, 2021 [213]
217 Professional ethics 第217章 职业操守 June 7, 2021 [214]
218 Meticulous 第218章 一丝不苟 June 8, 2021 [215]
219 Tracking all the way 第219章 一路追踪 June 9, 2021 [216]
220 The Plan Has Changed 第220章 计划有变 June 10, 2021 [217]
221 Anonymous account 第221章 匿名账户 June 11, 2021 [218]
222 Good alive 第222章 活着真好 June 12, 2021 [219]
223 I'm fine 第223章 我没问题 June 14, 2021 [220]
224 See once 第224章 一面之缘 June 15, 2021 [221]
225 Again 第225章 再来一次 June 16, 2021 [222]
226 Of course 第226章 理所当然 June 17, 2021 [223]
227 Silent 第227章 鸦雀无声 June 18, 2021 [224]
228 Who is the wicked 第228章 谁是恶人 June 19, 2021 [225]
229 Family gathering 第229章 家族聚会 June 21, 2021 [226]
230 Upright 第230章 光明正大 June 22, 2021 [227]
231 Veteran 第231章 元老 June 23, 2021 [228]
232 Nervous preparation 第232章 紧张备战 June 24, 2021 [229]
233 The Jedi Is By My Side 第233章 绝地在我身边 June 25, 2021 [230]
234 Coexistence 第234章 同流合污 June 26, 2021 [231]
235 Tit for tat 第235章 针锋相对 June 28, 2021 [232]
236 Preemptive 第236章 先发制人 June 29, 2021 [233]
237 Unimpeded 第237章 畅通无阻 June 30, 2021 [234]
238 Move forward 第238章 临阵腾挪 July 1, 2021 [235]
239 Aftermath 第239章 余波不止 July 2, 2021 [236]
240 Passing by 第240章 擦肩而过 July 3, 2021 [237]
241 Strong aid debut 第241章 强援登场 July 5, 2021 [238]
242 This Is Not An Accident 第242章 这不是意外 July 6, 2021 [239]
243 Shock 第243章 惊变 July 7, 2021 [240]
244 The only way 第244章 唯一的办法 July 8, 2021 [241]
245 Calm 第245章 坦然 July 9, 2021 [242]
246 Fully armed 第246章 全副武装 July 10, 2021 [243]
247 Stray dogs 第247章 流浪狗 July 12, 2021 [244]
248 Advantage 第248章 优势 July 13, 2021 [245]
249 Pick a side 第249章 选边 July 14, 2021 [246]
250 Dead end 第250章 末路 July 15, 2021 [247]
251 Liwei 第251章 立威 July 16, 2021 [248]
252 Get one's wish 第252章 如愿以偿 July 17, 2021 [249]
253 Stabbing 第253章 捅刀 July 19, 2021 [250]
254 Rules 第254章 规则 July 20, 2021 [251]
255 Two Choices 第255章 两个选择 July 21, 2021 [252]
256 Relic 第256章 遗物 July 22, 2021 [253]
257 Delivery 第257章 送货上门 July 23, 2021 [254]
258 The Truth 第258章 真相 July 24, 2021 [255]
259 Loongren 第259章 龙人族 July 26, 2021 [256]
260 Ambition 第260章 宏愿 July 27, 2021 [257]
261 The Meaning of Legacy 第261章 遗产的意义 July 28, 2021 [258]
262 The Value of Hostages 第262章 人质的价值 July 29, 2021 [259]
263 Nan Yujin, You Speak 第263章 南于瑾你说话啊 July 30, 2021 [260]
264 After the Carnival 第264章 狂欢之后 July 31, 2021 [261]
265 Unexpected Reinforcement 第265章 意外的援兵 August 2, 2021 [262]
266 Cornerstone 第266章 基石号 August 3, 2021 [263]
267 Lose it all 第267章 一损俱损 August 4, 2021 [264]
268 A Dead End 第268章 一条死路 August 5, 2021 [265]
269 A way out 第269章 一条生路 August 6, 2021 [266]
270 Long-term Investment 第270章 长线投资 August 7, 2021 [267]
271 Emergency 第271章 紧急状况 August 9, 2021 [268]
272 Why crazy 第272章 为何而狂 August 10, 2021 [269]
273 New Conditions 第273章 新的条件 August 11, 2021 [270]
274 Express one's own opinion 第274章 各抒己见 August 12, 2021 [271]
275 Fame and fortune 第275章 轻名重利 August 13, 2021 [272]
276 This Is Silver 第276章 这就是白银 August 14, 2021 [273]
277 This Is The Jedi 第277章 这就是绝地 August 16, 2021 [274]
278 This Is The Cornerstone Number 第278章 这就是基石号 August 17, 2021 [275]
279 Put away your sympathy 第279章 收起你的同情心 August 18, 2021 [276]
280 The Sad and Unbreakable Truth 第280章 颠扑不破的可悲真理 August 19, 2021 [277]
281 Slave Ship 第281章 奴隶船 August 20, 2021 [278]
282 Bottom deck 第282章 底舱 August 21, 2021 [279]
283 Neighbors 第283章 邻居 August 23, 2021 [280]
284 Prophet 第284章 先知 August 24, 2021 [281]
285 Loyalty 第285章 尽忠职守 August 25, 2021 [282]
286 Do evil 第286章 作恶 August 26, 2021 [283]
287 Absurdity and Inevitability 第287章 荒谬与必然 August 27, 2021 [284]
288 Wave by wave 第288章 逐波 August 30, 2021 [285]
289 Behind the scenes 第289章 幕后主使 August 31, 2021 [286]
290 Go to Zhubo 第290章 前往【逐波】 September 1, 2021 [287]
291 Take a vacation 第291章 休假 September 2, 2021 [288]
292 Betrayal 第292章 背叛 September 6, 2021 [289]
293 Blue Justice 第293章 蓝色的正义 September 11, 2021 [290]
294 One hundred secrets and one sparse 第294章 百密一疏 September 17, 2021 [291]
295 Take advantage of the chaos 第295章 趁乱起事 September 19, 2021 [292]
296 Overlook 第296章 俯瞰 September 20, 2021 [293]
297 Friends hard to find 第297章 知音难求 September 21, 2021 [294]
298 Irreplaceable 第298章 无可取代 September 21, 2021 [295]
299 Complain 第299章 诉苦 September 21, 2021 [296]
300 What people want, the undercurrent is raging 第300章 人心所向 暗潮汹涌 September 21, 2021 [297]
301 Export 第301章 出口 September 21, 2021 [298]
302 Goodbye 第302章 再见 September 21, 2021 [299]
303 Smooth sailing 第303章 一帆风顺 September 21, 2021 [300]
304 Close to the door 第304章 临门一脚 September 21, 2021 [301]
305 Secret passages 第305章 密道 September 21, 2021 [302]
306 The Unremembered History 第306章 无法被铭记的历史 September 21, 2021 [303]
307 On the Train to the End 第307章 通往终点的列车上 September 21, 2021 [304]
308 Disaster Prophecy 第308章 灾厄预言 September 21, 2021 [305]
309 Disaster 第309章 灾厄 September 21, 2021 [306]
310 Fighting Opportunity 第310章 战机 September 21, 2021 [307]
311 Domination of the Battlefield 第311章 统治战场 September 21, 2021 [308]
312 Fall short 第312章 功亏一篑 September 21, 2021 [309]
313 It's time to get to the front of the stage 第313章 是时候走到台前了 September 21, 2021 [310]
314 Don't be arrogant 第314章 不可妄自尊大 September 21, 2021 [311]
315 Do not ask 第315章 不追问 September 21, 2021 [312]
316 Sudden Elders 第316章 突如其来的长辈 September 21, 2021 [313]
317 Aftermath 第317章 善后处理 September 21, 2021 [314]
318 I can't change my words 第318章 改不掉的信口开河 September 21, 2021 [315]
319 Negotiations 第319章 谈判 September 21, 2021 [316]
320 The End of the Long Journey 第320章 漫长旅途的终点 September 21, 2021 [317]
321 Powerless 第321章 无能为力 September 21, 2021 [318]
322 Unbearable Justice 第322章 不可承受的正义 September 21, 2021 [319]
323 The Vow of Silver Dawn 第323章 白银誓约 September 21, 2021 [320]
324 The Force be with you 第324章 原力与你同在 September 21, 2021 [321]


"So it's very much a traditional development process and really finding out a sort of a cultural balance between what's gonna make this a unique expression of Star Wars that really speaks to the Chinese audience. And we really wanted to work with them to bring, you know, Chinese aesthetics and value and reference points into the fiction a way that resonates, so it was definitely unique and it was a lot of back and forth but it was a real opportunity to flex what Star Wars could be."
―James Waugh[6]

《白银誓约》 was written in simplified Chinese by an author under the pseudonym 国王陛下 (His Majesty the King),[1] with cover illustrations by Huang Hai under the pseudonym 艾儿天空.[2] It was announced by the People's Republic of China's biggest online publishing publisher, China Literature—a subsidiary of the state-affiliated technology company Tencent that maintains the Shanghai-based web-novel platform Qidian.com—and Disney's China branch on behalf of Lucasfilm at a media event in Shanghai,[16] being attended by various speakers, including the author, Lucasfilm's Vice President of Franchise Content and Strategy, James Waugh,[6] and China Literature's CEO. The event was reported by Chinese state media on October 16, 2019[17] and later by the United States' Variety magazine on October 18. Recent Star Wars films had been underperforming in the Chinese market since audiences had little connection with the franchise, with the original films being released in the 1970s and 1980s when China was just recovering from the Cultural Revolution and had few Western imports. The stated aim of The Vow of Silver Dawn was to boost engagement with Star Wars in China, and its release coincided with the publication of forty Star Wars novels translated into Chinese on the same online platform in the lead up to the release of the film Star Wars: Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker in December of the same year.[16]

The English title The Vow of Silver Dawn was confirmed by Matt Martin of the Lucasfilm Story Group when asked on Twitter in 2020.[5] The Vow of Silver Dawn aimed to incorporate Chinese culture to tell an authentic Star Wars story that would resonate with teenagers. James Waugh also said in a promotional video for the web-novel that the story takes place toward the end of the pinnacle era of the Galactic Republic and the Jedi, around fifty years before the events of the 1999 film Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace,[6] which is set in 32 BBY, thereby placing the story around 82 BBY. However, the 2023 reference title Star Wars: Timelines changed the placement of The Vow of Silver Dawn to 200 BBY. Timelines also revealed some English names of the web-novel's characters and settings.[8] The promotional video also features Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy, Executive Vice President and General Manager Lynwen Brennan, and a brief introduction by Waugh to the Lucasfilm Story Group, who made sure that the story could align with the wider Star Wars mythology.[6]

The first three chapters were released online on December 17, 2020,[1] and the final chapters were published on September 21, 2021,[3] on the Mid-Autumn Festival.[18] As of March 2024, the web-novel's webpage on Qidian.com claims that it contains 863,000 words and has received 405,500 recommendations via the platform's recommendations system. An on-site award also indicates that an accumulation of 50,000 users adding the web-novel to their collection was achieved on January 11, 2021.[1]


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